A Complete Guide on Managing Disney Plus Subtitles

January 19, 2024

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Watching movies and shows on Disney Plus is an immersive experience, with high quality video and audio. However, subtitles can enhance viewing, especially for those hard of hearing. Fortunately, Disney Plus makes it easy to turn subtitles on or off across platforms like Roku, Smart TVs, mobiles, and more.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about managing Disney Plus subtitles.

Overview of Disney Plus Subtitles

Disney Plus offers subtitles and closed captions for a wide selection of its movies, shows, and documentaries. This allows viewers to read dialogue and audio cues on-screen.

Subtitles are available in over 25 languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and more. Most titles on Disney Plus support subtitles, with a few exceptions.

Enabling subtitles is straightforward on every device. We’ll cover device-specific instructions in detail later.

Benefits of Using Subtitles

Here are some of the benefits of enabling subtitles while streaming Disney Plus:

  • Understand Dialogue Better: Subtitles help grasp every word, especially if there’s too much background noise or audio isn’t clear.
  • View Discreetly: Turning subtitles on allows viewers to watch quietly without disturbing others, like sleeping family members.
  • Learn Dialogue: Since song lyrics aren’t always clear, subtitles help follow along. Viewers trying to learn a language can also benefit.
  • Enhance Accessibility: Those with hearing disabilities can fully enjoy content by reading dialogue as subtitles.

How to Enable Subtitles on Different Devices

Disney Plus is available on many streaming platforms, right from Smart TVs to mobiles. Here’s how to turn subtitles on or off on popular options:


Follow these steps on your Roku device:

  1. Select the Disney Plus movie/show and start playing it
  2. Press * or the up/down arrow keys on the remote to open options
  3. Choose “Audio & Subtitles” > Subtitles > turn On/Off
Roku Audio & Subtitles

Alternatively, enable device-wide subtitles under Accessibility Settings:

  1. Go to Home Screen > Settings > Accessibility
  2. Open Captions and set mode to On/Off
Roku Captions

Smart TVs

Here are the steps for major Smart TV brands:


  1. Launch Disney Plus app and play title
  2. Press Enter on LG Magic Remote and pick CC icon
  3. Choose subtitle On/Off

You can also change accessibility settings:

  1. Press Home button and open Settings
  2. Choose Accessibility > Subtitles
  3. Turn subtitles On/Off
Lg Tv Subtitles


  1. Open Disney Plus title
  2. Press up arrow key twice to open language box
  3. Select Audio & Subtitles > Subtitles > On/Off
Samsung Audio & Subtitles

Sony Bravia

  1. Press Home button > Settings > Digital Setup
  2. Open Subtitle Setup
  3. Select subtitle preferences
Samsung Digital Setup

Vizio SmartCast

  1. Use remote to access Menu > Closed Captions
  2. Toggle subtitles On/Off
Vizio Smartcast Closed Captions

Likewise, issues where Disney Plus is not working on Vizio Smart TV or Roku devices can prevent subtitles from displaying correctly.

Game Consoles


  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility
  2. Pick Closed Captions option
  3. Enable/disable Display Closed Captions
Playstation Closed Captions


  1. Launch Disney Plus on Xbox
  2. Press right bumper on controller during playback
  3. Choose CC from menu > pick language > On/Off

Mobile Devices


  1. Open Settings app > Accessibility
  2. Tap Subtitles & Captioning
  3. Toggle Closed Captions/subtitles On/Off
Iphone Closed Captions


  1. Launch Settings > Accessibility
  2. Open Caption Preferences
  3. Turn On/Off subtitles
Android Caption Preferences

Streaming Sticks

Amazon Fire TV Stick

  1. Start Disney Plus movie/show
  2. Press up button on remote to open options
  3. Navigate to Subtitles > turn On/Off
Amazon Fire Tv Stick Subtitles


  1. Cast Disney Plus to TV
  2. Click menu icon during playback
  3. Choose Subtitle & Audio
  4. Select On/Off option under Subtitles
Disney Plus Subtitles



The steps are the same whether accessing Disney Plus on Windows, Mac or web browsers:

  1. Launch Disney Plus movie/TV show
  2. Click menu icon on top right
  3. Open Audio & Subtitle options
  4. Turn subtitles On or Off
Disney Plus Subtitle Web

For Apple TV users, guides like Disney Plus on Apple TV and troubleshooting Disney+ issues are handy references.

Changing Subtitle Language

Disney Plus allows changing subtitle language easily. Just follow these universal steps:

1. Press menu/options during Disney Plus playback

2. Select “Audio and Subtitles” > Subtitles

Disney Plus Changing Subtitle Language 1

3. Choose preferred language from list

Disney Plus Changing Subtitle Language 2

4. Supported languages appear depending on title

Some exotic fonts/scripts may have limited support. But major world languages are available.

Adjusting Subtitle Appearance

Besides enabling subtitles, Disney Plus allows customizing their text style. Follow these steps:

1. Turn subtitles on through steps outlined before

2. Access menu/options again

Disney Plus Adjusting Subtitle Appearance 1

3. Choose Subtitle Styling or Caption Style

4. Select text color, font, background, size etc.

Disney Plus Adjusting Subtitle Appearance 2

5. Adjust until subtitles are comfortable to read

Appearance controls vary across devices but offer the same core adjustments.

Troubleshooting Disney Plus Subtitles

Despite Disney Plus’ reliability, users sometimes face subtitle issues:

Subtitles Get Turned Back On

  • Check app settings has subtitles disabled
  • Turn off device-wide subtitles in Accessibility
  • Uninstall/reinstall Disney Plus app

Subtitles Out of Sync

  • First try restarting playback/app
  • Check for app/OS updates
  • Enable frame rate matching if available

Subtitles Unavailable

  • Verify internet connection is stable
  • Close and re-launch Disney Plus app
  • Check if title supports subtitles at all

In rare cases, contacting Disney Plus support is needed if troubleshooting doesn’t resolve subtitle problems.

Problems with Disney Plus sound not working and audio out of sync can also affect subtitle timing.

FAQs about Disney Plus Subtitles

Can I customize subtitle font and color?

Yes, Disney Plus allows changing subtitle text style like font, color, background, size etc. Access Subtitle Styling from options menu.

Why do Disney Plus subtitles keep turning back on?

If subtitles won’t stay turned off, disable them in Accessibility settings. Also uninstall and reinstall the Disney Plus app.

Do all movies/shows on Disney Plus have subtitles?

While most titles support subtitles, a few don’t. Limited rights can restrict subtitles being available.

How many languages are supported for Disney+ subtitles?

Disney Plus subtitles are available in over 25 languages including Spanish, French, Portuguese and more. Language support varies per title.

Can I use Disney+ subtitles to learn a language?

Yes, enabling Disney Plus subtitles in languages you want to learn, like Spanish or French, is helpful for vocabulary and comprehension.

In conclusion, Disney Plus makes enabling closed captions and subtitles a breeze across all major platforms including Roku, Fire TV, game consoles, iOS, Android and more.

The streaming service even allows customizing subtitle text style. So enhancing your viewing experience is in your hands!