Hulu Subtitles User Guide – How to Turn On Closed Caption on Hulu?

December 1, 2023

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Hulu subtitles or Hulu captions can become priceless if you are trying to watch a movie without headphones.

If the place is pretty noisy, you will have problems hearing the dialog, even with headphones. This is exactly when knowing how to turn on the closed caption on Hulu becomes handy.

Hulu Subtitles User Guide

Whether you’re using its mobile app, web service, or other streaming devices, this article covers it. So, let’s go ahead and read it out.

The Functionality of Hulu

Hulu may be accessed from a variety of devices. Also, up to five more users can use one account under their own username and password. Although each profile is unique, there are no additional fees to pay for them.

Every profile has its viewing history and set of suggestions. Even children may have their own Hulu account, which allows them just to watch stuff that’s appropriate for them.

Hulu’s whole library is available for free and without restriction. Authentic contracts with content providers allow Hulu authorization to post material from various networks. That’s why it is so popular.

Disney, Fox, Showtime, BBC America, TLC, ABC News, CBS, Animal Planet, Freedom, etc., are among the networks represented.

Using Hulu for streaming requires a paid subscription. Some content isn’t included as default. However, it may be purchased for an extra fee if you choose to include it. Hulu also charges an extra cost if you wish to eliminate the advertising from the service.

How to Get Hulu Subtitles on Its Website?

Well, Subtitle settings are found under a menu titled Subtitles or Captions & Subtitles. That should be chosen depending on your device to stream Hulu content.

The platforms and the app you choose to view Hulu will impact how you get to that menu.

That said, you can learn how to turn on the closed caption on Hulu using the website.

  • To get started, go to Hulu and start watching a movie or episode.
Get Hulu Subtitles on Its Website
  • Make sure you’ve got your cursor pointing to the right.
got your cursor pointing to the right
  • Make your selection from the menu called Subtitles
Select Subtitles Menu
  • Do you want to customize the subtitles? If so, you may do so here by clicking on the link named Settings
Customize Subtitles Menu
  • When you’re done, click “OK” to exit and close the window.

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How to Get Hulu Captions or Hulu Subtitles using the Hulu App?

These steps show how to enable closed captions for Hulu if you’re using Hulu for Android or iOS. There are some differences between these instructions and those found on the internet, though.

Playback controls appear on the Hulu app when you tap the screen while viewing a show.

  • Select the gear in the upper-right corner.
Select the gear icon
  • To enable subtitles, flip on the box next to it.
Enable Subtitle on Hulu
  • If there are many language options, select the one you like below the switch.
Select subtitle language

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How to Turn on the Closed Caption on Hulu on a Streaming Device

Some devices, such as the fourth generation of Apple TV and subsequent models, have a particular, system-wide method. That is used for turning on closed captions independent of which app is used.

Otherwise, you’ll need to follow these instructions to get Hulu to work on game consoles and Amazon Echos. These instructions become handy for Chromecasts and other devices that support the service.

These are basic guidelines. Moreover, the specific procedures you must do may vary depending on the hardware model you use.

  • To activate your remote, press the Up button. However, if the remote comes with a touchpad, just swipe down.
  • To access the Settings option, press or slide once more.
press the Up button
  • Select Captions and Subtitles from the drop-down menu.

Note: On certain devices, this option may be referred to as Subtitles.

  • Subtitles can be enabled by selecting On and then selecting a language from the drop-down menu. This is true if more than one choice is available.
Turn on the Closed Caption on Hulu on a Streaming Device

So, that’s how to turn on the closed caption on Hulu if you are using their website to view content.

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Activating Hulu Subtitles if You Are Using an Older Device

A few older devices cannot stream Hulu using the most recent version. Assume that you look at the options accessible through the Hulu home page.

In that case, you can know which version of the service you are experiencing. It is possible to identify shows and movies to watch later on the new one. That will display on a tab named My Stuff if you use the new one.

In the “original” version, you’ll notice a section labeled “Watchlist.” Most newer devices, such as the fourth-generation Apple TV or later, will utilize the more updated version. And you’ll need to follow the instructions in that section instead.

To enable captions in the traditional Hulu application, follow these steps. The original Hulu application may still be used by businesses and hardware.

  • Apple’s 3rd Gen Apple TV set
  • Some LG TVs and LG Blu-ray players
  • Some of the base stick models introduced by Roku
  • Samsung’s Blu-ray and TVs (some of the models are excluded)
  • TiVo DVR units
  • Some of the TV units are manufactured by Vizio.

Below are the steps to turn on Hulu captions or subtitles on such older devices.

  1. Press the Up key on the remote to evoke the playback controls.
  2. Then, you should press the Up key once again to see more settings.
  3. To bring Hulu captions up, select the option called “Captions.”
  4. After that, you should choose a language to display the respective video’s captions.

What is the Process You Should Follow to Disable Hulu Captions or Subtitles?

Once you’ve turned on subtitles, you may turn them off by going to the Captions and Subtitles menu. And the steps you should follow might depend on the device you’re using. So, mentioned below is how to do that.

  • On the respective website or the mobile application: Choose the Settings option from the drop-down menu.
  • If you are using a different device, here is what you should do. Just choose Captions and Subtitles from the drop-down menu.
choose Captions and Subtitles on Hulu
  • Once you have reached that menu, select Off from the drop-down menu.
Disable Hulu Captions or Hulu Subtitles

And that’s how to disable Hulu captions.

Can You Have Hulu Subtitles in Different Languages As Well?

As of this writing, the only languages available for subtitles for Hulu are Spanish and English. Also, not every television episode or movie will be available in both languages.

When you access the menu dedicated to Subtitles following the procedures above, you can see a list. And that list displays the languages that are currently available.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Hulu Subtitles 

Now, look at the most frequently asked questions about Hulu captions. These questions and answers will help you get a clearer picture of Hulu subtitles.

What steps should I take to synchronize Hulu subtitles and audio?

Audio synchronized improperly with the playing video is a typical occurrence in the video. It’s so prevalent that Hulu does have a special help page dedicated to it, which includes useful recommendations.

You can use these recommendations if you encounter this problem with your Hulu device. The good news, however, is that this is only a momentary hiccup in most cases.

What steps should you follow to change an audio’s language?

When watching videos, click on the Settings icon (it appears like a gear). That will bring up the controls for the video’s playback. If the movie you’re viewing is available in various languages, you may choose the language you want.

However, some movies are presented in only one or a few languages. Keep that in mind when you are looking for a language.

Can I change the subtitle language on Hulu?

Yes, Hulu allows you to select the preferred language for subtitles. You can choose from a range of available languages.

Can I adjust the font size of the subtitles?

Certainly! Hulu provides options to adjust the font size and style of the subtitles to suit your viewing comfort.

How can I troubleshoot out-of-sync subtitles on Hulu?

If the subtitles are out of sync, try restarting the video or refreshing the page. If the issue persists, contact Hulu’s customer support for further assistance.


Subtitles are a valuable feature on Hulu, providing accessibility and enhancing the viewing experience for a wide range of users. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can easily turn on subtitles and customize them according to your preferences. Enjoy your favorite shows and movies on Hulu with the added benefit of closed captions.