How to Turn Off Closed Caption on Peacock TV?

December 2, 2023

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So, you’ve been enjoying your favorite shows on Peacock TV, but those closed captions are driving you nuts? Don’t worry, this article has got you covered. In this guide, we will discuss how you can effortlessly turn off the closed captions on Peacock TV.

What is Closed Captioning?

To start off, let’s understand what closed captioning is. Closed captioning (or CC) is a text version of the spoken part of a television, movie, or computer presentation.

The Importance of Closed Captioning

Closed captioning can be incredibly useful for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, as it allows them to follow along with the dialogue and other crucial audio elements.

Pros and Cons of Closed Captioning

While closed captions can be immensely helpful, they are not always necessary or wanted. Some people find them distracting, or they can even block important visual elements on the screen.

How to Turn On & Turn Off Closed Caption on Peacock TV?

User-friendliness is one of the most important factors when comparing streaming services. Subscribers to Peacock TV benefit from a straightforward user experience.

As a result, the option for accessing the subtitles is marked. To view a Peacock TV movie on your PC browser, here are the steps:

01. First, switch on your PC. After that, you should enter the credentials of your Peacock TV profile to sign in. To do that, you should use a web browser of your preference.

Sign In Peacock

02. After that, you can choose a title to stream.

choose a title to stream

03. After that, you can move your cursor to any place on the screen. You can then select video playback modes.

select video playback modes

04. You should reach the base of the screen (left corner) of your browser’s window. Then, you should click on the “Comment” icon (subtitles). Then, when you hover the mouse over it, it will turn into yellow color.

Peacock Subtitles

05. Once you do that, you will see a popup menu. That will show both Audio & Subtitles. At this stage, you can select “English.” If not, you can choose “Off.”

Some of these titles might also come with the “Spanish” language. However, most of these titles are available in the “English” language.

Turn Off Closed Caption on Peacock TV

In general, the changes made will take effect in approximately 30 seconds. If the subtitles don’t appear, you will have to refresh your web browser. Then, you should check again if that works.

Note: It is possible to turn off the video’s subtitles or turn it on even after pausing the video. The changes will still take place.

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How to Turn On & Turn Off Closed Caption on Peacock TV using an iPhone?

The mobility of streaming services like Peacock TV might be a big advantage of using them. Assume that you install the Peacock app (iOS) from App Store. In that case, you will be able to access all of the excellent material from anywhere at any time.

Without headphones, though, it may be difficult to monitor what is being said in the dialogue. Subtitles can occasionally become a source of irritation on the screen.

There’re the actions to follow if you wonder how to turn off the closed caption on Peacock.

01. First, you should open the Peacock TV app for iOS. Then, you can start the content you intend to watch.

Peacock App

02. You can simply bring the playback option using a simple tap. These options can be opened from the base of your screen.

Peacock playback option

03. Now, you should tap on the “Text bubble” option. Then, you can switch off the active subtitles. And that’s how to turn off closed caption on Peacock. The same method can be used to turn on the subtitles.

Turn Off Closed Caption on Peacock TV using iPhone

Once again, please allow up to 30 seconds for the changes to take place.

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How to Turn Off Closed Caption on Peacock TV using Android?

In this section of our article, let’s learn how to turn off closed captions on Peacock TV using Android. So, if you are an Android user and wonder how to turn off the closed caption on Peacock, keep reading.

Before everything else, you should download the Peacock TV app on your Android and open it. You can download it through Google Play. After that, you should sign in using the credentials.

Then, turn the subtitles off by following the instructions below.

01. First, you should open the Peacock TV app on your Android device. After that, you can launch content as you wish.

02. You can then pull the playback option up using the finger.

03. After that, you can simply tap on the option that appears as a text bubble. You can then turn it off. If you want to turn it on, you can follow the same path and turn it on.

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Are You Using an Apple TV? Here’s How to Turn Off Closed Caption on Peacock

Many individuals intend to watch Peacock TV on their Apple TV. Are you among them and wonder how to turn off the closed caption on Peacock? If so, you can simply follow the steps below and turn off the subtitles.

01. Before everything else, you should tap “Select” on the remote of your Apple TV.

Apple TV Remote

02. After that, you can see many options on the screen. It is always possible to change subtitles and audio language as you wish.

03. You can now navigate to the option called “Subtitles” using the remote to proceed. After that, you can turn it off. If it is turned off and you want to turn it on, you may do so.

That’s how to turn off the closed caption on Peacock on an Apple TV.

Besides, if your Peacock TV is not working, here are the fixes to try. These solutions will get your favorite source of entertainment to work in no time.

How to Turn Off Closed Caption on Peacock using a Smart TV?

Now, let’s learn how to turn off the closed caption on Peacock if you are using a Smart TV. Newer smart TVs are compatible with the Peacock application.

Also, some of them are powered by a specific operating system, such as Roku, Amazon Fire, and Android TV. Others, like the webOS of LG and Tizen of Samsung’s Tizen, have their proprietary operating system. Other units use Android TV OS, Fire TV OS, or Roku OS. They continue to function and update depending on the OS app store.

Nevertheless, the devices that utilize exclusive OS devices ultimately cease upgrading their pre-compiled programs and become necessarily useless. It’s true that Samsung and LG also make televisions that run on Android or other operating systems.

However, that’s not the objective of this specific article. The idea is that the Peacock app behaves the same way regardless of its operating system. The method of controlling it, on the other hand, may change depending on the type of remote. 

It makes no difference if you have an LG, Samsung, or Panasonic smart TV. That means the UI of the app is the same. There is a single difference between accessing subtitles on Peacock TV and other television services. That is the location of the “Menu” or “Select” button.

When it comes to functionality, the LG TV remote is pretty similar. It has an “OK” button found in the middle. This specific button allows you to switch to the subtitles area on Peacock TV.

Finally, subtitles are an absolute must-have feature while watching a foreign movie or when you’re in a noisy place. Regardless, even with English-language movies and TV shows, movie subtitles often become a necessity.

They help you keep track of what is happening in the story. Furthermore, assume that you’re watching anything in the middle of the night. You surely don’t want to wake anyone up. In that case, subtitles might be a lifesaver for everyone involved.

Subtitles were accessible and manageable with relative ease through the Peacock streaming service, on the whole. Regardless of your device, subtitles are always available if you require them to be displayed. The procedure is the same every time. It is just the controls that are different when it comes to managing the subtitle settings.

Note: What Makes Closed Captions Different from Subtitles?

Using subtitles, you can see the spoken languages in movies, commentaries, TV shows, etc. For example, dialog spoken on TV shows, people’s talk in movies, and other vocal dialog are visualized with subtitles.

Also, commentary, advertising, etc., and other similar vocal films are all displayed using subtitles. Closed captioning is intended for deaf or hard-of-hearing people. More importantly, it provides more than just voice-to-word translation.

In addition, CC provides textual data on ambient noises like heavy rainfall. Loud applause, humming, dogs barking from a distance, and so on are other examples. Also, closed captions display human noises such as Over here, Mark, Stop, Wait, and so on.

Closed Captions even provide animal sounds like a loud whine, soft squeak, etc., apart from many other sounds. When music is playing, closed captions will display note symbols or something like soft music playing. Also, Closed captions come into play when a character makes a certain noise.

In other words, the closed caption feature will tell you what and when it is happening. CC describes the majority of visually related sounds but not just the ones that are spoken. So, even in a very noisy environment, you can know what’s going on in the video.


What devices support Peacock TV?
Peacock TV is available on various devices, including iOS and Android devices, Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox, and select Smart TVs.

Why can’t I turn off closed captions on Peacock TV?
There may be an issue with your app or device. Try restarting your device, updating the app, or contacting Peacock TV’s customer service.

Can I customize closed captions on Peacock TV?
Yes, Peacock TV allows you to customize the appearance of closed captions, including font, color, and size.

Is closed captioning available in languages other than English on Peacock TV?
As of now, Peacock TV only offers closed captioning in English.

Is Peacock TV free?
Peacock TV offers a free tier with ads, as well as premium tiers at different price points for ad-free viewing and access to additional content.


So, that’s how to turn off closed caption on Peacock TV. Apart from that, we explained what it is and how it works. Please let us know if you have any other doubts related to this matter. We appreciate your precious input.