How to Fix Disney Plus Not Working or Loading on Apple TV

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Disney Plus Not Working On Apple Tv

Getting the dreaded Disney+ loading screen and errors? Learn 17 tips to troubleshoot Disney+ problems on Apple TV to get back to streaming your favorite shows.

Having issues getting Disney Plus working on your Apple TV? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Lots of users experience the frustration of the Disney+ wheel endlessly spinning instead of showing content.

In this comprehensive troubleshooting guide, you’ll learn 17 effective fixes to try when Disney Plus won’t load or play on Apple TV. We’ll cover quick tricks like closing and reopening the app all the way up to factory resetting your device.

Follow these Apple TV Disney Plus fixes below to resolve error codes, lag, app crashes, and get Disney+ working again!

Check If Disney Plus Has an Outage

Before troubleshooting problems with Disney+ on your Apple TV, first go check Downdetector to see if there’s an outage.

Downdetector Disney Plus

With over 118 million global subscribers as of 2024, heavy traffic can occasionally cause Disney Plus server issues. Site outages typically last under an hour.

While you can’t fix Disney+ server outages, at least you’ll know it’s a temporary widespread issue instead of your device. Be patient, take a break, or switch to other streaming apps in the meantime.

Confirm Your Internet is Working

Next, confirm the Disney Plus app issues are not being caused by internet connectivity problems with your Apple TV.

Go check a site like to test your overall download speeds. For streaming, you’ll want speeds above 25 Mbps (Megabits per second). If your internet is very slow across multiple sites and devices, contact your Internet Service Provider.

Alternatively, disconnect and reconnect to your Wi-Fi network on Apple TV. Go to Settings > Network > Wi-Fi to select and reconnect to your network. Slow speeds? Try switching wireless channels on your router, or use a Wi-Fi analyzer app to detect interference issues.

Select The Wi Fi Network

You can also try connecting your Apple TV directly to your router with an Ethernet cable instead of using Wi-Fi as a test.

Once you’ve confirmed general internet connectivity is fine, continue troubleshooting the Disney Plus app itself next.

Close and Reopen Disney Plus App

Before getting too complex, try quickly force closing the Disney Plus app and reopening it. This refresh often fixes random app glitches and quick memory leaks.

To close Disney Plus app on Apple TV:

  1. Go to the app switcher by swiping down from top of Apple TV remote touchpad
  2. Swipe left to highlight the Disney+ app
  3. Swipe up on the remote pad to close Disney Plus app
  4. Press menu button again to reopen Disney Plus
Apple Tv Force Close Running Apps

Still getting the spinning wheel or errors? Okay, let’s dig deeper into troubleshooting…

Update Software and Disney Plus App

Just like your iPhone or computer, your Apple TV also needs occasional software updates for bug fixes, speed boosts, and new features.

Go to Settings > System > Software Updates to check you have the latest tvOS version installed. If not, run the system update first. Give your Apple TV a quick restart after updating too for good measure.

Next, check the App Store for any available Disney Plus updates:

  1. Open App Store on Apple TV
  2. Go to Updates section
  3. Install any Disney Plus update shown
Apple Tv Open The App Store

App and OS updates often resolve Disney+ connection issues and playback failures. Fingers crossed this does the trick!

Lower Video Quality for Disney Plus

Getting the Disney Plus loading screen for an extended time before videos play? This buffering is usually caused by a weak or overloaded internet connection.

You can reduce buffering delays by lowering the streaming resolution quality under Disney Plus settings:

  1. Go to your Profile icon
  2. Select App Settings
  3. Choose Playback Quality
  4. Set to Standard Definition instead of 4K HDR
Lower Video Quality For Disney Plus

This bandwidth adjustment lowers data usage significantly. But if videos still get stuck buffering, continue troubleshooting…

Check out essential Disney+ settings to configure for the optimal viewing experience on Apple TVs.

Delete and Reinstall Disney Plus

Over time, corrupt app data or cache files can slow down streaming and cause Disney Plus crashes. Deleting and reinstalling the app gives you a fresh start.

On Apple TV, go to your Home Screen. Then:

  1. Highlight Disney Plus app icon
  2. Press and hold select/play button
  3. Choose Delete App option in pop-up
Delete Disney Plus On Apple Tv

Next, open the App Store, search for Disney Plus, and reinstall a clean version.

This Disney+ app reset forces all new data to download and often resolves quirky software glitches.

To track down missing titles, check your Disney+ viewing history which has moved to the Disney Bundle accounts hub.

Sign Out and Back Into Disney Plus

Sometimes your user account config can get corrupted, blocking access to Disney Plus media libraries.

Simply signing out and signing back into the Disney Plus fixes account conflicts without losing your profiles or watch history.

  1. Go to your Profile icon in Disney Plus
  2. Choose Log Out
  3. Sign back into Disney+ account
Log Out Disney Plus

If it works, resume watching Disney Plus on Apple TV! If not, let’s confirm your connectivity next…

If Disney Plus displays content in the wrong language changing it is quick.

Check Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb

It seems simple, but don’t forget to disable Airplane Mode on your Apple TV. Having connectivity in flight mode disabled blocks all network access for Disney Plus app.

Go to Settings > Network then turn Airplane Mode off.

Also check if Do Not Disturb is enabled under Settings > General. This blocks notifications which could conflict with streaming apps. Toggle off DND mode too.

Restart Your Apple TV

Did you try turning it off and back on again? Restarting your Apple TV refreshes system memory, ends background processes, and reconnects network modules.

To quickly reboot Apple TV 4K or HD:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select System
  3. Choose Restart
Apple Tv Restart

Give it a minute or so after boot up to reopen Disney Plus app. This classic restart fix is effective in renewing transient glitches.

Reset Your Apple TV

If restarting alone didn’t help Disney Plus problems on Apple TV, try a more robust reset option:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose General
  3. Select Reset
Apple Tv Reset
  1. Pick Reset and Update
Apple Tv Reset And Update

This resets your Apple TV back to factory settings without fully wiping it. Your apps and accounts stay installed for convenience.

After resetting, launch Disney Plus app and see if streaming works properly again.

Use Ethernet Instead of Wi-Fi

Unstable Wi-Fi connections can disrupt Disney Plus streaming, even if general internet browsing seems fine on Apple TV.

Switching to wired Ethernet instead of wireless Wi-Fi is an easy way to test. Using a physical network cable boosts speeds, reduces latency and prevents dropouts.

Simply connect an Ethernet cord from your router LAN port to the Apple TV port. Then under Settings > Network, choose Wired connection.

Apple Tv Ethernet

This hardwired setup provides max network throughput for smooth Disney+ HD and 4K UHD streaming. Consider upgrading your Wi-Fi if you continue getting wireless issues.

Factory Reset Apple TV

If all else fails, the nuclear option to fix persistent Disney Plus problems is completely factory reset your Apple TV.

Warning: This erases all settings, accounts, and stored app data.

Factory reset instructions:

  1. Go to Settings > System > Reset
Apple Tv Reset 1
  1. Select Reset All Settings
Reset All Settings On Apple Tv

You’ll have to set up Apple TV like new, sign into accounts, reconfigure settings, and reinstall apps afterwards.

But this total wipe has the highest probability of resolving even stubborn Disney+ glitches or crashes long term.

Now enjoy your fresh start with Disney Plus on Apple TV!

Disable Location Services

As a long shot troubleshooting step, consider disabling Location Services for the Disney Plus app on your Apple TV.

The app uses location to check mobile device streaming access and detect VPN connections across regions. But bugs with GPS positioning can confuse Disney Plus authorization.

To turn off location access just for Disney Plus app:

  1. Go to Settings > Apps > Disney Plus
  2. Select Location
  3. Choose Never Allow

Now retry loading Disney+ content without location checks interfering.

Turn Off Automatically Update Apps

Frequent Disney Plus automatic updates in the background can possibly corrupt app file data on some Apple TVs.

You can stop autoupdates as a test:

  1. Go to Settings > Apps
  2. Select Automatically Update Apps
  3. Toggle switch off
Apple Tv Automatically Update Apps

Then manually update Disney Plus only when necessary to avoid background glitches.

Create New Apple ID

In very rare cases, your Apple account configuration itself related to App Store, iCloud, Game Center, and Media can conflict with Disney Plus authorization or streaming.

As a last resort, you might need to create an entirely new Apple ID just for using your Apple TV after factory resetting:

  1. Go to Settings > Accounts > iTunes & App Store
  2. Select Sign Out
  3. Choose Create New Apple ID
  4. Enter details for new account credentials
  5. Sign into App Store then redownload Disney Plus
Create New Apple Id

Setting up fresh Apple ID removes any corruption on previous account that could cause Disney+ login problems or video errors.

Contact Apple Support

If all the troubleshooting steps here don’t resolve Disney Plus issues on your Apple TV, contact Apple Support directly for further assistance.

Apple’s technicians can help diagnose if hardware, software, authentication, or account problems are disrupting Disney Plus app on your device after troubleshooting.

If needed, Apple Support can facilitate warranty service requests, returns, exchanges or repairs.

Contact Disney Plus Support

You can also directly contact the Disney Streaming Services support team for personalized help getting Disney Plus working smoothly on Apple TV again:

  • Online Support Site – Get 24/7 self-help on Disney’s Help Center site
  • Chat – Talk to a Disney Plus advisor online
  • Phone – Call the Disney Plus support line at (888) 905-7888

Explain your Apple TV troubleshooting steps attempted and error messages seen. Disney Support can reset accounts, offer streaming adjustments if needed, or escalate technical issues affecting services on end.

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Key Takeaways and FAQs

Congratulations, you now have comprehensive troubleshooting tips and Disney Plus Apple TV fixes to quickly resolve loading, lag, crashing, and playback problems. Bookmark this guide as reference to maximize uptime!

  • Check Disney Plus Status site during outages
  • Lower streaming resolution quality fixes buffering
  • Restart device and reset Disney Plus app to refresh
  • Update Apple TV OS and Disney Plus app version
  • Factory reset Apple TV completely removes corrupt files
  • Contact Apple or Disney Plus support lines for extra help


Why does Disney Plus keep buffering on my Apple TV?

Frequent Disney Plus buffering is generally caused by internet connectivity issues, leading to delayed streaming latency. Try wired Ethernet, upgrade your Wi-Fi router, reduce Disney+ resolution, or adjust quality of service settings on your network.

Why does Disney Plus crash on Apple TV?

The Disney Plus app crashing unexpectedly is typically caused by outdated software needing updates, corrupt data files, memory leaks, or configuration conflicts. Troubleshoot by resetting the app, updating Apple TV OS and Disney Plus, restarting, or factory reset if crashes persist.

Why does Disney Plus say unable to connect on Apple TV?

Disney Plus displaying it’s unable to connect points to authentication errors with your account, payment problems, or network/server outages. Check your internet connection first. Sign out and back in to Disney Plus app to refresh authorization. If you get VPN detection messages, disable your VPN then reopen Disney+. Still having Disney Plus connection issues? Contact support for account troubleshooting assistance.

How can I improve Disney Plus streaming quality on Apple TV?

Optimizing Disney Plus streaming depends on your internet speeds, home network setup, and Apple TV model capabilities. For best video quality, upgrade to fast broadband plans above 100 Mbps, use updated Apple TV 4K models, enable auto HD & Dolby settings in Disney Plus, and connect your Apple TV directly to modem using Ethernet cable. This avoids Wi-Fi bottlenecks, boosts throughput, and maximizes 4K HDR Disney Plus streaming performance.

We hope this ultimate troubleshooting guide for fixing Disney Plus problems on Apple TV saves you from frustrating error messages and loading issues! Now you can confidently fix crashes, lag, quality, and connectivity problems across tvOS models using these 17 tips.

Bookmark and share this Disney+ Apple TV troubleshooter as a handy reference to spend less time diagnosing problems – and more time streaming all the Disney Plus movies and shows you love. Enjoy!