How to Clear Your Watch History on Disney Plus: The Complete Guide

January 9, 2024

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Wondering how to delete your Disney Plus watch history? With over 160 million global subscribers, Disney’s popular streaming service offers an endless catalog of movies, shows, and originals.

But like other platforms, Disney+ tracks everything you watch to make recommendations. For some, this self-updating watch history can get cluttered with titles they’d rather keep private or simply no longer care to see.

So is there a way to clear your recently watched queue on Disney Plus? Let’s dig in…

Can You Remove Your Disney+ Viewing Activity?

Disney Plus Watch History

Unlike Netflix and Hulu, Disney+ currently does not have an option to view or delete your full watch history.

While inconvenient, this isn’t too surprising given the platform’s relative infancy compared to veteran streamers. There are workarounds, but no direct way to erase every Disney+ title you’ve ever viewed.

However, you can remove individual items one-by-one from the Continue Watching row on your homepage. This section shows unfinished movies, episodes, and series you’ve recently watched.

Below I’ll explain different methods to curate your Continue Watching queue, plus steps to delete your entire user profile if you want a completely fresh start.

Method 1: Remove Titles Individually

You can delete Disney+ titles from Continue Watching by following these steps:

  1. Log into Disney+ and go to the Continue Watching row on your homepage.
  2. Hover over a title’s thumbnail that you wish to remove.
  3. Click the “X” icon in the top corner to delete that entry.
  4. Repeat for any other titles you want gone from the list.
Disney Plus Remove Titles Individually

This allows precise control to prune your Continue Watching queue one-by-one. However, it can be tedious if you have many watch history entries built up over time.

Let’s look at more efficient ways to tidy up your homepage.

Method 2: Skip to the End of Videos

Here is another handy trick to remove Disney+ titles from Continue Watching:

1. Select the video you want gone from your viewing history.

Skip To The End Of Videos 1

2. Skip or fast forward to the very end past the credits.

Skip To The End Of Videos 2

3. The title should then disappear from your queue.

Skip To The End Of Videos 3

However, it only works on a per-title basis. Binge watchers with long queues may need to use another blanket solution, like fixing Disney Plus loading errors.

Method 3: Remove All Titles from Your Watchlist

Disney+ also offers a Watchlist feature to bookmark content for later viewing. You can bulk remove videos from your Watchlist as follows:

  1. Go to the Watchlist tab at the top of Disney+.
  2. Click the checkmark icon on videos you want eliminated.
  3. The title will be removed instantly from the Watchlist.
Disney Plus Remove All Titles From Your Watchlist

Purging your entire Watchlist provides a fresh start and may also prune some Continue Watching entries. But it’s still not a catch-all delete viewing history option that platforms like Netflix offer.

For the nuclear option, read on!

Method 4: Delete Your Profile

The most definitive way to erase your Disney+ watch history is:

  1. Delete your profile
  2. Create a brand new profile
  • This will completely reset your viewing activity, suggestions, and Continue Watching list
  • It also removes saved preferences and restarts any viewing progress

Before taking this drastic step, consider creating a secondary temporary profile just for wiping your slate clean. This avoids losing your primary profile’s configurations and viewing progress.

Here is how to add and delete other profiles from your Disney+ account:

1. Click your profile icon → Edit Profiles

Disney Plus Delete Your Profile 1

2. Select your profile

Disney Plus Delete Your Profile 2

3. Click “Delete Profile” to remove secondary profiles

Disney Plus Delete Your Profile 3

With great power comes great responsibility. Use this tactic judiciously!

Now let’s recap the key takeaways on eliminating your Disney+ watch history.

Key Takeaways: Clearing Your Disney Plus Viewing Activity

  • Disney+ lacks a full watch history view or deletion option
  • You can individually remove titles from Continue Watching
  • Skipping to the end clears an entry from Continue Watching
  • Deleting your Watchlist also eliminates those viewing history entries
  • Fully resetting your profile erases all watch activity, but has downsides

Despite some platform limitations compared to veteran streamers, you’re now equipped to tailor your Disney+ profile. Continue Watching is the priority area to curate based on the techniques here.

Still have questions? Check out this Disney+ watch history FAQ.

FAQ: Disney+ Viewing History Questions

Does Disney+ have a watch history or viewing activity page?

No. Unlike Netflix and Hulu, Disney+ currently does not let users view their full watch history or recently watched list. The closest option is the Continue Watching row.

Can I permanently delete my Disney+ viewing history?

No, there is no direct way to erase your full Disney+ watch history. However, you can remove individual titles from Continue Watching or delete your profile to reset everything.

Will Disney+ add a watch history deletion feature someday?

Potentially. Users have requested this missing functionality, but Disney+ has not announced plans to allow viewing history deletion yet. Given enough demand, it seems reasonable they would add it.

If I delete my profile, can I recover my watch history?

No. Deleting your Disney+ profile permanently erases all viewing activity and watch history. There is no way to recover it later, which is why creating a secondary profile is recommended first. You can also try troubleshooting Disney Plus issues on Samsung Smart TVs if you run into playback problems.

Does deleting my Watchlist on Disney+ remove those items from my viewing history?

Yes. Removing videos from your Disney+ Watchlist also deletes them from your viewing activity and Continue Watching list in most cases.

Can I clear my Disney+ watch history on different devices like mobile or TV apps?

Yes, deleting your profile resets your watch history across all devices logged into that Disney+ account. Clearing Continue Watching works similarly ‒ those changes apply globally. If you have issues changing language settings on certain devices, this may also resolve them.

I hope this guide gave you clarity on how to delete your viewing activity within Disney Plus. Despite some limitations compared to Netflix or Hulu history management, you now have actionable steps to curate your homepage and profile.

What shows are you binge watching on Disney+ lately? Are you using any of these watch history cleanup tactics? Let me know in the comments!