How to Install and Watch Jellyfin on Your Apple TV

January 21, 2024

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Want to access your Jellyfin media library right on your Apple TV? Since there’s no native Jellyfin app for Apple TV, you’ll need to use AirPlay screen mirroring. This guide will show you step-by-step how to set up screen mirroring and stream Jellyfin to your Apple TV.

Overview of Watching Jellyfin on Apple TV

While there is no official Jellyfin app available in the App Store for Apple TVs currently, you can still enjoy your Jellyfin library on the big screen.

By using AirPlay screen mirroring, you can display and control the Jellyfin mobile app running on your iPhone/iPad directly on your Apple TV, similar to Jellyfin on Firestick and other streaming devices.

Here’s a quick overview of how it works:

  • Install Jellyfin mobile app on your iOS device
  • Connect both iOS device and Apple TV to same WiFi network
  • Enable screen mirroring on Apple TV
  • AirPlay Jellyfin mobile app to Apple TV
  • Control playback using iOS device (or Apple TV Remote app)

This does require keeping your iPhone or iPad on to act as the streaming source. But it works well for occasional Jellyfin viewing sessions.

Below are more detailed instructions on setting up screen mirroring with Jellyfin step-by-step.

Step-by-Step Guide to Screen Mirroring Jellyfin

Follow these steps to set up screen mirroring for Jellyfin on your Apple TV:

1. Install Jellyfin Mobile App

First, install the free Jellyfin app from the iOS App Store on your compatible iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. You’ll use this as the streaming source.

Jellyfin Iphone

See this Jellyfin review for more on the platform’s capabilities.

2. Connect Devices to Same WiFi

Ensure both your Apple TV and iOS device are connected to the same local WiFi network. AirPlay connectivity requires both to be on the same network.

3. Enable Screen Mirroring on Apple TV

From the Apple TV home screen:

  1. Open Control Center
  2. Select AirPlay
  3. Choose Turn On
Enable Airplay On Apple Tv

This makes your Apple TV discoverable for AirPlay streaming sources.

4. Begin Playback in Jellyfin Mobile App

Launch the Jellyfin app on your iPhone/iPad. Browse and begin playing a video from your Jellyfin media library. Jellyfin allows managing a full media collection like Plex vs Jellyfin.

5. Swipe Down and Select Screen Mirroring

In the Jellyfin mobile app, swipe down from the top to reveal the iOS media playback menu. Then tap AirPlay and select your Apple TV to begin screen mirroring.

Iphone Airplay

6. Control Playback from iOS Device or Apple TV Remote App

Once mirroring begins, you can control playback using the Jellyfin mobile app or Apple TV Remote app.

Enjoy your personalized Jellyfin media on the big screen! Just remember your iPhone/iPad must stay powered on to keep streaming the video source.

Tips for Improved Performance

For best results:

  • Use 5GHz WiFi connection if available
  • Keep iOS device charged to prevent interrupted streaming
  • Use wired Ethernet connection to Apple TV if possible
  • Lower Jellyfin streaming quality settings if buffering occurs like adjustments required for Jellyfin on Roku

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about using Jellyfin on Apple TV:

Can I download an Apple TV app for Jellyfin?

Unfortunately, there is currently no native Apple TV app available for Jellyfin. The Jellyfin project is open source and community-developed, so an official Apple TV app may come in the future.

Does video quality suffer when screen mirroring?

Streaming over AirPlay does use video compression so quality can downgrade slightly from the source. For best results, use a 5GHz WiFi connection or wired Ethernet. You can also lower streaming quality settings in the Jellyfin mobile app if buffering occurs.

Can I use another iOS app to screen mirror?

Apps like Reflector and AirScreen also enable screen mirroring from iOS devices to Apple TV. But using the built-in AirPlay method lets you continue browsing and controlling playback from the Jellyfin app itself.

Does the computer with my Jellyfin server need to stay on?

Yes, the computer hosting your Jellyfin media server needs to remain powered on to keep serving the media content to your iOS and Apple TV devices. All content is streamed directly from your Jellyfin server.

Can I screen mirror Jellyfin from an Android device?

Unfortunately AirPlay only works between Apple devices. But if running Jellyfin on Android, you can screen cast to supported TVs using Google Cast functionality. Or use an HDMI cable to mirror directly.


While an official Apple TV app would be nice, this simple AirPlay screen mirroring method works quite well for wirelessly streaming Jellyfin to your Apple TV. Setting it up takes just a few minutes.

Now you can comfortably access your entire Jellyfin media library on your television thanks to this handy screen mirroring capability built into Apple devices. No need to jailbreak or install any additional software.

Jellyfin brings media organization and streaming similar to Kodi but with some unique capabilities. Review Jellyfin alternatives like Emby and Plex as well for other open source media server options.

Enjoy your personalized media streaming experience! Let us know if you have any other questions.