How to Mirror Android to Roku TV Without Any Hassle?

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Written by Jason Lin

Mirror Android To Roku Tv

How to mirror Android to Roku TV? What are the tools you can use? Can you use built-in tools for that? Or do you have to use any third-party tools?

All of your questions are answered in this article. So, you can keep reading and learn everything about this useful feature.

Many useful gadgets have emerged as a result of technological advancements. One such technology is Roku screen mirroring for Android. Having the ability to watch your phone’s screen on television would be a great convenience.

Roku TV is becoming increasingly popular among those who want to view and enjoy videos on the big screen. The ability to mirror an Android screen to a Roku device is considered the most important issue.

Let’s learn how to mirror Android on Roku.

How to Mirror Android to Roku using Screen Mirroring

Screen mirroring is a standard feature on nearly all new Android phones, even with somewhat different names.

For instance, “Cast” for Google phones, “Screen Share” for LG, and “Smart View” for Samsung.

Using screen mirroring, you may project your smartphone or tablet’s screen onto your TV, where you can view it. The most appropriate step is answering queries about how to mirror Android to Roku.

PS: if you wonder if can you use Roku and Firestick on the same TV, just click to find the answer.

● Enabling Mirror Android to Roku 

You can use screen mirroring to stream videos, shows, and music wirelessly to your TV. To see if your Roku TV is compatible, check if the functionality is supported. And to begin, switch on all of your Roku components.

Use your remote to navigate to Settings > System > Screen Mirroring. To enable screen mirroring, select the option “Enable screen mirroring.” Roku TVs, at least with OS 7.7, is enabled with this specific feature.

Besides, choosing a good home theatre power manager is not that difficult if you follow these comprehensive instructions with the top 5 ones and full instructions.

● Mirroring Android Device to Roku

The first thing is to determine whether your Roku is up to date.

You’ll want to use a screen mirroring app like Samsung’s Smart View on your Android phone or tablet. To connect them, select Roku TV from the list of recognized devices.

Mirroring Android Device to Roku

Accept the request on the television. It’s now time to start using your Roku. In Settings, you can select Accept, Always Accept, or Ignore as your default behavior. That will be your default behavior.


Streaming videos directly to your Roku TV from several video apps, such as YouTube, is also possible. Casting may be started by simply turning on the graphics and looking for the casting icon.

Also, if you wonder, is your Hisense Roku TV not turning on? If so, in this article, you will find there are several ways by which you can fix it easily & quickly.

Using the Official App to Mirror Android to Roku 

This is, in fact, the official app that allows internet streaming. You already know how to use the built-in feature to mirror an Android device to a Roku.

The next step is to use the official Roku mirroring app to mirror your Android device. It is as simple as turning on your Roku device and connecting it to the internet.

Then, all you have to do is create an account using the website easily. However, you should be aware that this program does not allow you to mirror your entire Android screen. Instead, it does mirror only a portion of it.

Using the Official App to Mirror Android to Roku 

● Supported Files

Roku-Official Remote Control” is Roku mobile app’s moniker. It is compatible with and supports all Android phone’s videos, music, and jpg and PNG photographs.

Roku’s screen mirroring is compatible with all of them. As a result, it’s easy to share this material with your family or coworkers simultaneously.

Additionally, you may use this app in the form of remote control as well. You can use it to view your favorite movies and TV shows on the Roku channel.

You no longer need a TV remote because you can easily control your channels using your phone’s touch screen.

Depending on your location, you may or may not be able to use some functions. Before you use them, make sure to check the website.

Also, let’s figure out how to stream Mobdro on Roku.

● How to Mirror Android to Roku using It?

Roku’s mobile app may be downloaded for free using the Play Store. The Roku & Android devices must be connected to the same network for successful verification.

  1. Open that app on the phones, pair them, and then select Device from the toolbar. The toolbar is located at the bottom of the screen.
  2. If prompted, select the Roku device from the list of available media sources by tapping on Media.
  3. Select the files you wish to project to the television, depending on your requirements. Wait a few moments. Viola! It’s a good time.

Most Practical Methods You Can Use to Mirror Android to Roku 

Mentioned below are some of the most effective methods to mirror Android to Roku.

Also, if you are experiencing the issues like TCL Roku TV Black Screen, here are the top solutions.

Method 1: How to Mirror Android to Roku TV

Here are some great options to consider if you wonder how to mirror Android to Roku TCL.

Apple HomeKit and AirPlay are now supported in the most recent Roku release. For this reason, you may be able to mirror any iPad, iPhone, and even a Mac desktop. You can mirror the content to some 4K Roku, such as the TCL TV.

When you use screen mirroring on your iPhone, you can project whatever is on the iOS device’s screen. You can do it easily on the TV.

Do you have an iPhone? If so, you can use the controls on the side to control the TV and even change the volume.

To Share the iPhone Screen with a Roku Device, Follow These Steps:

  1. Your iPhone’s Control Center should be available if you want to use AirPlay with a Roku player.
  2. Second, select your Roku device from the drop-down box that appears under Screen Mirroring.
  3. On your iPhone, enter the code displayed on your TV and click “OK.”
  4. Then, you should go to Settings > Network on your Roku device. The WiFi network’s name on the device should currently be connected to can be found. You can do that simply by going to “about” and searching for that name. When you’re finished, go to Settings > Network and then choose Set up connection, and then select Wireless.
Mirror Android to Roku TV


  • Assume that your Roku doesn’t support AirPlay. In that case, you’ll be able to use your iPhone to stream movies, music, and photos to your TV.
  • Even though Roku has higher-end models, the lower-end devices performed without any issues. 


  • A reliable WiFi connection is required.
  • Don’t you see your Roku device appears under available devices? If so, keep in mind that it is operational and connected to the exact WiFi network as your iPhone.

Want to learn how to mirror Android to Roku TV using the easiest way? ApowerMirror can be used as one of the most reliable screencasting apps. In this case, you only need a USB cable to connect the phone to a computer.

Once the USB connection is established, you may operate the phone’s many interfaces on the computer. Using this method, you can play games and watch movies on the big screen.

Method 2: Use LetsView and Mirror Android to Roku 

You can use LetsView to share your computer screen with your smartphone or tablet. You can use it for educational, commercial, and entertainment purposes. That is because it efficiently reflects the screen on TCL television.

It offers the option of displaying your smartphone on a larger display. This function allows you to take a picture or stream a video from your smartphone. You may play popular mobile games if you have a PC and a TCL TV.

It’s a screencasting tool that allows you to broadcast music to your TCL TV. There are three ways to connect your phone to your TCL TV.

Whether you’re working or studying, you can use a PIN or QR code to get online. So, if you wonder how to mirror Android to Roku TV, that’s a pretty effective option.

Use LetsView and Mirror Android to Roku 


  • One-click streaming of apps, movies, photos, and notes from your smartphone to the TCL TV is now possible.
  • In addition, LetsView supports many mirroring technologies, including Miracast or AirPlay. As a result, you may broadcast live streaming apps or great movies on your TV with audio.


  • On the Software Store, it appears that this app is sluggish.

Method 3: How to Mirror Android to Roku using ApowerMirror

You may mirror your phone’s screen to a PC, Macbook, TV, or another display device with ApowerMirror.

Connect and mirror your phone to a computer over USB or WiFi. After that, use your PC or Mac’s keyboard and mouse to operate Android remotely.

In addition, you can take screenshots, annotate, and more using this program’s built-in features.

This unique screencasting software can also mirror an Android device to your television. A larger TV screen makes it easier to enjoy movies and other screen activities.

It’s compatible with a wide range of Android TVs, including TCL, LG, Hisense, and Xiaomi. Screen sharing is straightforward.

Also, you may use auto-detection, PINs, or even QR codes to cast phones to your screen.

How to Mirror Android to Roku using ApowerMirror

The cloud mirroring feature makes it feasible to share a screen between devices.


  • It’s fast and flawless.
  • No need to have the same network


  • Free use is limited to 10 minutes

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 1: Can I mirror any Android device to Roku TV?

Yes, you can mirror most Android devices to Roku TV as long as they support screen mirroring or have the Roku Mobile App available for download.

FAQ 2: Is there any lag when mirroring my Android device to Roku TV?

The presence of lag can vary depending on the strength of your Wi-Fi connection and the processing power of your Android device. For smoother mirroring, ensure a stable Wi-Fi connection and close any unnecessary background apps on your Android device.

FAQ 3: Can I use the screen mirroring feature on a Roku streaming stick?

Yes, the screen mirroring feature is available on most Roku streaming devices, including Roku streaming sticks.

FAQ 4: Do I need an internet connection to mirror my Android device to Roku TV?

Yes, both your Android device and Roku TV need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for mirroring to work.

FAQ 5: Can I mirror iOS devices to Roku TV?

No, Roku devices do not support native screen mirroring for iOS devices. However, you can use third-party apps like AirScreen or Mirror for Roku to mirror iOS devices to Roku TV.


So, that’s all about how to mirror Android to Roku TV. We hope that you have a clear understanding of the concept. If you have other queries about this specific matter, please feel free to contact us.

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