Why Does Pluto TV Keep Freezing and How to Finally Fix It

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Pluto Tv Keeps Freezing

Has Pluto TV been freezing on you lately? This comprehensive guide covers all the common reasons why Pluto TV buffers and how to troubleshoot them, step-by-step.

As a streaming service with over 30 million active monthly users, Pluto TV offers free access to hundreds of live TV channels. But despite its robust platform, users still encounter freezing, buffering and playback issues.

We’ll walk through the top causes and proven solutions, from internet connectivity problems to app glitches. Follow these tips to get your favorite Pluto TV channels running smoothly again.

Why Pluto TV Freezes – Common Causes

Pluto TV relies on many interconnected systems working properly, from your home network to their media servers. If any link in this chain has issues, streaming problems can occur.

1. Internet Connectivity Problems

Slow, unstable internet often causes buffering and playback failures across streaming apps.

  • Low bandwidth under 10 Mbps struggles with HD video quality.
  • Consistent lag spikes lead to frequent buffering.
  • WiFi dead zones result in choppy, broken connections.

FIX: Check internet speeds on SpeedTest to verify connectivity issues.

2. Server Outages

During peak traffic or internal technical problems, Pluto TV’s media servers can go down, preventing access.

  • Holidays and major events lead to increased viewer demand.
  • Infrastructure maintenance and upgrades require downtime.
  • System software bugs can cause temporary crashes.

On Downdetector, you can check real-time reports of issues with the Pluto TV platform.

3. Browser Compatibility Conflicts

When streaming Pluto TV online through a web browser, using outdated or non-optimized browsers can lead to freezing and errors.

Pluto TV officially supports Chrome and Firefox across computers, phones and tablets. However, compatibility problems still arise:

  • Old browser versions with buggy codecs.
  • Cached data and history issues.
  • Conflicts with browser add-ons/extensions.

4. Bugs in the Pluto TV App

As with any software app, the official Pluto TV app can develop problems in its code over time:

  • Memory leak bugs prevent freeing up resources.
  • Conflicts between app and device OS versions.
  • Corrupted local data disrupts caching.

Reinstalling the app often fixes problematic code by overwriting old versions.

5. Device Performance Issues

If your streaming device starts slowing down, it can lead to Playback failures like constant buffering.

  • Outdated firmware versions on media players.
  • Overheating devices thermal throttle performance.
  • Too many background apps eating up resources.

6. Insufficient Storage Space

When your device runs out of free storage space, streaming apps can fail to save temporary playback data needed for smooth video.

  • Video app caches take up significant local storage.
  • OS and firmware updates increase storage requirements.

12 Solutions – Fix Pluto TV Buffering

Once you’ve diagnosed why Pluto TV has freezing issues on your specific device setup, apply these troubleshooting tips to resolve them:

1. Check Internet Speeds

Run a bandwidth test at Speedtest.net to verify your internet speeds meet minimum requirements:

  • 10+ Mbps for smooth HD streaming
  • 20+ Mbps for best 4K streaming
  • Low latency & jitter under 30 ms

If speeds are insufficient, contact your ISP about upgrade options or troubleshoot connection problems.

2. Restart Your Router

Reset your WiFi router to refresh internet connectivity issues causing buffering:

  1. Unplug router power cable for 60 seconds.
  2. Plug back in and wait 2-3 minutes for reboot.
  3. Reconnect devices to WiFi network again.
Restart The Router

This often fixes transient dead zones or firmware glitches.

3. Switch Between Ethernet and WiFi

Determine if buffering only occurs on WiFi or wired connections:

  • WiFi problems indicate router interference or signal issues.
  • Ethernet problems indicate broader network outages.
Try Using Ethernet Instead Of Wi Fi

Switch connections and test if problem persists. Contact ISP if both keep buffering.

4. Clear Browser Cache/History

When streaming via web browser, accumulated temporary data can sometimes disrupt video loading.

Clear saved browser data to troubleshoot this potential cause:

  1. Open browser settings menu.
  2. Find “Privacy & Security” -> “Clear Browsing Data
  3. Check box for cached images/files and browsing history.
  4. Click “Clear Data” button to delete.
  5. Reload Pluto TV website.
Chrome Clear Data

5. Force Close and Reopen App

If the Pluto TV app seems stuck buffering, force closing and reopening makes the system release any locked up resources fixes playback.

On iOS:

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to show open apps
  2. Swipe up on Pluto TV app preview to close.
  3. Reopen Pluto TV from Home Screen icon.
Force Close App Iphone

On Android:

  1. Open phone Settings -> Apps -> Pluto TV.
  2. Choose “Force Stop” to terminate process.
  3. Restart Pluto TV app.

6. Update Pluto TV App

Installing the latest app version fixes playback bugs the developers have patched:

  1. On app store, check Pluto TV update status.
  2. If update available, tap Update.
  3. Check fixed issues in changelog during install.
  4. Relaunch app once upgrade completes.
Google Play Update App

Keeping apps updated is good general device maintenance.

7. Factory Reset Device

For persistent streaming problems across apps on outdated or bogged down devices, factory resetting restores optimal performance:

  1. Backup photos and personal data first.
  2. Open device system settings menu.
  3. Choose “Factory Reset” or “Erase All Content and Settings
  4. Confirm reset on prompt.
  5. Reconfigure device preferences after restart.
Erase All Content And Settings

This should clear any system conflicts or software gremlins as a last resort.

8. Contact Pluto TV Support

If no DIY troubleshooting fixes work, reach out to Pluto TV directly through their Help Center:

  • Submit support tickets for playback issues.
  • Live chat with customer service representatives.
  • Check system status page for known outages.

Provide details like buffering frequency, error codes and reproduction steps. Support can also confirm if server outages explain problems.

Additional Streaming Tips

While addressing root cause fixes, also try these interim tips to resume Pluto TV streaming:

1. Check Pluto TV Server Status

Visit Downdetector and search for Pluto TV to reveal real-time outage reports and details on any officially confirmed problems:

  • Spikes on graph indicate ongoing issues.
  • Recent user comments provide insights.
  • Heat maps show geographic scope.

This independent platform monitors status across popular websites, apps and services. Bookmark it as a go-to resource whenever sites seem down.

2. Switch Pluto TV Viewing Device

If Pluto TV fails on one device, try alternate phones, tablets, computers or smart TVs you own:

  • Load Pluto TV app or website on other device
  • Attempt playing the same channel
  • Note any difference in streaming reliability

This quick device swap test helps narrow down if the fault lies with Pluto’s platform or just certain gadget models.

3. Check Other Streaming Apps

Testing a non-Pluto TV streaming app reproduces the buffering issues:

  • Attempt playing Netflix, Hulu, YouTube.
  • Note any freezing patterns matching Pluto.

If those apps all play smoothly without interruptions, problems likely trace back to the Pluto TV app or servers specifically.

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4. Verify Other Websites Load Properly

An easy way to pinpoint wider internet failure is attempting to load any website:

  • Try opening busier sites like CNN, Amazon
  • Note if pages fail to open or load without issues

Failed connections across multiple sites indicate home network problems rather than anything specific to Pluto’s platform. Notify your ISP.

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Key Takeaways

  • Pluto TV’s reliance on many hardware and software systems means streaming failures manifest in complex ways. Carefully analyze where the breakdown occurs.
  • Internet connectivity problems remain the most common source of buffering. Verify router settings and bandwidth speeds first before investigating app issues.
  • While waiting for long term fixes, swap devices or browser apps as a temporary streaming workaround.
  • Optimizing home network setups prevents many intermittent streaming problems. Ethernet backhaul, mesh WiFi and quality routers provide reliable infrastructure.

We hope these fixes successfully get your Pluto TV service smooth streaming again. But don’t hesitate to contact their helpful support team if our guide couldn’t resolve your case.

What other troubleshooting steps have worked for your Pluto TV viewing experience? Let us know in the comments!