The Guide to Fixing Pluto TV With No Sound (15 Actionable Solutions)

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Pluto Tv No Sound

Having issues with no sound on Pluto TV? This comprehensive guide covers 15 fixes to restore sound on your smart TV, streaming device, laptop and more when using the Pluto TV app.

Why Pluto TV Has No Sound – Common Causes

When Pluto TV suddenly loses sound or audio won’t play properly, it kills the viewing experience. But don’t panic yet – in most cases the issues can be easily resolved with a few troubleshooting steps.

Here are the most common reasons for Pluto TV no sound problems:

  • Low volume or muted settings
  • Incorrect audio configurations
  • Loose HDMI/audio cables
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Outdated/buggy Pluto TV app version
  • Incompatible or glitchy device hardware/software
  • External speakers not set as audio output
  • Excessive app cache buildup

Understanding the potential sources of the problem helps narrow down solutions. We’ll cover the most effective fixes for all the common audio issues with Pluto TV across various devices.

Pluto TV competes with several alternative free streaming platforms like Samsung TV Plus, Xumo, and Freevee which also encounter periodic audio issues.

Video Streaming Requires Reliable Internet

Since Pluto TV is an internet-based streaming service, an unstable internet connection is one of the top reasons for video and audio disruptions.

  • Minimum recommended internet speed for Pluto TV is 5 Mbps
  • Connect your device directly to the WiFi router if possible
  • Disconnect other devices using bandwidth to improve connectivity
  • Restart router if connection drops frequently
Check Network Connectivity

Quick Fixes To Restore Sound

Before diving deeper, try these basic troubleshooting steps first to bring back sound on Pluto TV:

  • Check volume settings – increase Pluto TV and device volume
  • Play different video content as audio check
  • Close and re-launch the Pluto TV app
  • Reboot your device
  • Re-connect external speakers and cables
  • Clear the Pluto TV app cache and data

Often these simple measures can fix momentary glitches behind the no audio issues.

Adjust Volume Levels

Make sure your TV, phone or laptop volume isn’t set too low or muted. The Pluto TV app volume also needs to be turned up under Settings > Audio.

External speakers connected to your device should be powered on and volume increased as well.

Test With Different Video

Play alternative streaming or local video content on your device to check if audio works normally outside Pluto TV.

If other videos have sound, then the no audio problem likely lies with the Pluto TV app itself.

Reboot Device

Power cycling your smartphone, streaming box, smart TV or computer can refresh system processes and clear transient app glitches causing sound loss.

  • For smart TVs, unplug from power, wait 1 minute, then reconnect
  • For mobile devices, power off completely then restart
Unplug The TV

Pluto TV App Troubleshooting

Assuming connectivity and hardware are not at fault, the next place to troubleshoot is directly within the Pluto TV app.

Update Pluto TV App

Buggy app versions or outdated installations unable to handle newer video codecs can lead to playback failures.

  • Install latest supported Pluto TV app from official app/play stores
  • Manually check for updates via app Settings
  • Enable auto-update if available
Auto Update Apps On Android Tv

Updating also syncs your app data which may have become unsynced and corrupted similarly to issues where Pluto TV keeps freezing mid-stream.

Re-install Pluto TV App

If updating isn’t possible or fails to restore functionality, uninstall and reinstall the Pluto TV app from scratch:

  • Android – Clear app data before reinstall
  • iOS – Delete and redownload app
  • Roku – Go to Manage App -> Uninstall

Reinstalling can wipe corrupt app data causing errors. Log back into Pluto TV after completing.

Clear Pluto TV Cache

Over time cache files, cookies and data get overloaded causing lags or freezing. Corrupted cache can also create playback failures.

To clear cache on Pluto TV:

  • Android – Settings -> Apps -> Pluto TV -> Clear Cache
  • iOS – Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage -> Pluto TV -> Offload App
  • Smart TVs – Settings -> Apps -> Pluto TV -> Clear Cache/Data
Clear Pluto Tv Cache On Firestick

Wiping the cache forces reloaded app files which may resolve software glitches.

Log Out and Back Into Pluto TV

Logging out resets app data tied to your account which could have become corrupted:

  • Android/iOS – Tap profile icon -> Sign Out
  • Roku – Pluto TV banner -> Manage Account -> Sign Out
  • Smart TV – Account icon -> Sign Out
Log Out Pluto Tv

Then log back in and test playing videos.

TV and Audio Troubleshooting

If the standard Pluto TV app fixes don’t restore sound, further troubleshoot your streaming device and TV hardware.

Power Cycle TV and Devices

Sudden device freezes often relate to memory leaks in system processes. Forcing a reboot helps refresh.

Smart TV Troubleshooting

  • Turn off TV via remote
  • Unplug TV power cable for 1 minute
  • Reconnect power cable, power back on

Streaming Device Troubleshooting

  • Unplug streaming box power cable
  • If no power cable, take batteries out of remote
  • Wait 30 seconds then restart device
Unplug Your Roku Device

Allow device/TV to fully reboot before assessing.

Factory Reset TV

For recurring system-wide audio issues a full factory reset may be necessary:

  • Accesses hidden recovery menu to reset device to default state
  • Erases all stored app data including Pluto TV app
  • Fixes corrupt software and firmware

How to Factory Reset a Smart TV

  1. Access TV recovery menu
  2. Select Factory Data Reset option
  3. Confirm reset
Tcl Android Tv Factory Data Reset

Refer device manual for exact reset procedure. Will require reconfiguring TV settings afterwards.

Factory reset can become necessary for devices like Amazon Firesticks where Pluto TV repeatedly struggles with audio, lagging channels or freezing.

Set Audio Output

If using external speakers, soundbars or AV receivers verify it is configured as the audio output source:

Select Audio Output on Smart TVs

  • Go to Settings -> Sound -> Audio Out/Output
  • Choose HDMI ARC, Optical, Bluetooth etc. based on speaker connection
Lg Tv Sound Out Optical

Surround equipment must be powered on or configured as a paired device first.

Roku Audio Output

  • Home Screen -> Settings -> Audio -> Audio Mode -> Stereo/Auto Detect
  • Select device or headphone for private listening
Roku Audio Mode Stereo

Mismatched audio output is a common cause of no Pluto TV sound.

Adjust Audio Settings

Incompatible audio formats can also prevent sound. Check audio configurations:

Smart TV Audio Settings

  • Settings -> Sound -> Advanced Settings
  • Set Digital Audio Out format to PCM
  • Turn off Dolby Digital Plus if available
  • Toggle between Stereo and Auto audio modes
Lg Tv Digital Sound Output Pcm

Roku Audio Settings

  • Home -> Settings -> Audio -> Digital output format -> Auto
  • Try alternating between Auto and Stereo
Roku Digital Audio Out Auto

PCM is the most universally supported audio format.

Inspect Cables and Connections

Loose HDMI cables or faulty ports can cut out video and audio signal:

  • If using AV receiver/soundbar, check HDMI and optical connections
  • Make sure cables are fully inserted into ports on both ends
  • Attempt different HDMI ports if available
  • Try swapping cables to isolate defects
Tcl Tv Hdmi

Visible corrosion, bent pins or loose ports indicate hardware damage.

Update TV/Device Software

Like apps, stale firmware can suffer compatibility setbacks:

  • Smart TVs – Check Settings for System/Software updates
  • Streaming devices – Visit device menu to search for firmware updates
  • Enable auto update options if available
Update Your Samsung Tv Automatically.

Continuous updates are key for maintaining optimized performance.

Internet Connectivity Fixes

Since Pluto TV streams over the internet, connection problems are a prevalent trigger for video and audio issues.

Reset Network Devices

If your ISP connection seems unstable, first renew network components.

  • Reboot your wifi router and modems
  • Power cycle networking devices even if router stays on 24/7
  • Restore factory default settings if connectivity doesn’t improve
Reboot Your Router

Reset steps depend on your specific networking hardware.

Check Internet Speed

Run bandwidth test or apps like Google SpeedTest.

Minimum 5 – 10 Mbps needed for smooth Pluto TV streaming. Up to 25 Mbps recommended.

If your internet speed tests low:

  • Disconnect other devices temporarily
  • Move Pluto TV device closer to router
  • If using wifi, switch to 5GHz band
  • Contact ISP about upgrade options

Wired Connections Are More Reliable

For best results, use wired LAN connection instead of wireless:

  • Smart TVs – Connect ethernet cable directly to router
  • Streaming devices – Use adapter to enable wired internet
Connect Sony Tv To Ethernet

This prevents bandwidth drops and latency issues over WiFi.

Further Pluto TV Troubleshooting

If you’ve tried all other fixes with no improvement in Pluto TV audio, explore a few last resort options before seeking help.

Desktop Site

Attempt accessing Pluto TV through the web browser instead of the app.

Visit in a desktop browser and play video content.

This isolates problems stemming from the mobile/TV app itself. Video playback uses the browser’s media capabilities instead.

Pluto Tv Desktop Site

Contact Support

Reach out to Pluto TV Customer Support if audio problems seem isolated to just the streaming service:

  • Live Chat– Instantly chat with an agent online
  • Email Support – Submit a ticket to their email team
  • Twitter – Tweet @PlutoTVSupport

Provide relevant details – device, Pluto TV version, description of your issue and troubleshooting attempted. Support can investigate backend issues.

Key Takeaways and Next Steps

  • Getting Pluto TV audio to work again typically requires systematically isolating the fault down to network, hardware or software issues.
  • Start troubleshooting with easier, non-invasive fixes like the quick solutions first before factory resets.
  • No sound problems predominantly arise from incorrect configurations, unstable internet, or out-of-date apps rather than device failures.
  • If the standard fixes outlined don’t restore audio, contact Pluto TV support to check for potential service or account limitations in your region causing streaming problems.

Hopefully the solutions provided help resolve your no sound problems with Pluto TV across various streaming devices. Reach out in the comments if you have any specific questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Pluto TV sound suddenly stop working?

If Pluto TV loses sound out of the blue, it likely relates to connectivity problems either with your internet service or the streaming channel feeds. Try resetting network equipment and wired connections for more consistent bandwidth.

Pluto TV has sound but it is very low?

Check the volume levels configured within Pluto TV settings itself. Also verify your TV/device volume isn’t set too low.

No sound on Pluto TV but YouTube works fine?

If streaming audio issues seem isolated to just Pluto TV, troubleshoot the app directly – update Pluto TV app, reinstall, clear cache and data.

No audio when casting Pluto TV to Chromecast?

Under connected device settings, make sure the Chromecast is set as default audio output. Disconnect and reconnect the cast session. Also check controller app volume.

How can I contact Pluto TV for no sound issues?

You can live chat with Pluto TV support, tweet @PlutoTVSupport or email for assistance troubleshooting audio problems. Provide device details and describe the issue timeline.