Tubi TV vs Pluto TV: Which Free Streaming Service Should You Choose?

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Written by Jason Lin

Tubi Tv Vs Pluto Tv

Cutting the cord from expensive cable doesn’t mean sacrificing access to movies, shows and news. Free streaming platforms like Tubi TV and Pluto TV offer thousands of on-demand titles and live channels costing only your time watching some ads.

But should cord cutters choose Tubi or Pluto? This guide examines the key differences across content, features and overall functionality to determine the better free streaming option.

Quick Intro to Tubi TV and Pluto TV


Tubi TV focuses heavily on an extensive on-demand library from major studios like Lionsgate and Paramount. The 40,000+ movies and shows lack the latest theatrical hits but boast impressive depth nevertheless.

Read our in-depth Tubi TV review for even more details on the platform’s offerings and capabilities.

Pluto Tv

Pluto TV recreates a traditional cable package with over 250 live channels, network reruns and some on-demand content. So you flip through linear programming pages akin to channel surfing vs consciously curating watchlists.

While libraries overlap, Tubi clearly dominates video-on-demand while Pluto mimics beloved cable TV habits. But first let’s overview the viewing design and capabilities.

Key Feature Comparison

Tubi TVPluto TV
Total on-demand titles40,000+ movies & shows2,000+ movies & shows
Total live channels30+ news 
99 entertainment
250+ channels
News, comedy, drama, sports, music
Original content?Some Tubi exclusivesNone currently
Multiple user profiles?YesYes
Offline downloads?NoNo
Watch on multiple devices?YesYes
Stream quality720p HD max720p HD max
Audio qualityStereoStereo

Tubi TV User Experience and Functionality

Tubi TV Interface

Tubi Tv Home

Tubi’s app and website interface resembles Netflix — browse rows of shows and movies organized by genre or popularity. Side menus and search filters help manage watchlists.

The design stays intuitive focused on the core streaming library vs channel flipping. But Tubi does offer a simpler 30+ news channel guide plus entertainment programming.

Account Features

Registering Tubi user accounts unlocks nice enhancements:

⛳️ Sync viewing status across devices
⛳️ Create multiple profiles
⛳️ Get customized recommendations
⛳️ Follow favorite shows

So while optional, free member accounts improve organizing the Tubi experience.

App Usage

Tubi Device Support

Access Tubi across all major platforms like iOS/Android mobiles, Roku, Fire TV, game consoles and smart TVs. Few technical issues emerge.

Use Tubi mobile apps as remotes when casting streams onto bigger screens. Quality and playback control vary across device capabilities.

You can access Tubi on many smart TVs like LG TVs and Roku models. But sometimes technical issues arise with Tubi not working on smart TVs. Similarly, problems occur with Tubi not working on Roku TV.

Pluto TV User Experience and Functionality

Pluto TV Interface

Pluto Tv Features

Mimicking cable TV, Pluto’s home screen features a scrolling channel guide to flip through 250+ stations by category like movies, news, and comedy. Expect lots of channel surfing discovery vs watchlist curation!

DVR and Pause?

Unlike cable however, you cannot pause live Pluto TV streams yet. No DVR functionality exists either. Watching goes real-time only to recreate authentic linear experience.

But create a user account for some control like favoriting channels.

Multiple Devices

Pluto Tv Devices

Pluto also runs across widespread platforms like tablets, mobile, OTT streaming, computers and smart TVs rather reliably. Few reported crashes or buffering issues.

Phone apps can serve as remotes for browsing channels and what’s playing when casting onto larger screens.

Content Library Analysis

Now let’s examine what you actually watch on Tubi TV vs Pluto TV. While selections overlap in places, key differences dictate preferences ultimately.

Movies Content Comparison

Tubi TV Movie Library

Tubi Tv Movie Library

A sheer abundance of movies makes Tubi a top free streaming movie resource. 10,000+ films span major studios like Lionsgate, MGM and Paramount. So you find hits like The Avengers, John Wick 3, and Arrival timed to theaters.

Genre variety impresses too with categories like Westerns, film noir, screwball comedies and grindhouse well represented. International cinema lags however.

Don’t expect brand new titles or full studio collections. But Tubi movies stay fresh enough adding recent releases regularly.

Pluto TV Movie Library

Pluto Tv Movie Library

Pluto’s 2,000+ free movies skew into B-films, cult obscurities and genre oddities rather than mainstream hits. Great for cheesy retro scares or action. But limited elsewhere.

Specialty channels like Thriller and Horror provide focused places to discover forgotten gems though. And built-in Star Trek and James Bond marathons make loyalists happy.

TV Show Content Comparison

Tubi TV Shows

Tubi technically houses 30,000+ TV “titles” but usually amounts random episode chunks vs complete series. Reality competitions and crime procedurals dominate without much for prestige dramas.

Use Tubi as a supplemental place checking for odds and ends after Netflix etc. Just don’t expect robust show continuity.

Pluto TV Shows

Pluto Tv On Demand

In contrast, Pluto TV airs dedicated live channels from major networks hosting familiar reruns. So you flip between current hits on MTV, VH1, TV Land or throwbacks on Nick Rewind reliving youths.

The on-demand show catalog lags Tubi’s but also harbors some classic sitcoms and cult favorites by sheer randomness.

Live TV Channel Comparison

Pluto TV clearly dominates Tubi regarding round-the-clock live channels – over 250! These range across movies, news, comedy, culture, crime, animals and niche interests perfect for “channel surfing”.

Pluto Tv Live Tv

Some live limitations exist however…

No pausing – Can’t halt and return to live programming in progress like cable.

Fewer premium networks – Don’t expect ESPN, TBS, TNT etc requiring subscriptions. But news and entertainment breadth impresses as free options.

Restricted sports – No local team coverage. But NFL, MLB replays emerge along with motorsports and college games.

Local & world news – CBS News and Sky News provide 24/7 headline updates augmented by Fox and local affiliates.

Overall the sheer variety makes Pluto the choice if craving endless channel flipping like cable days over personalized queuing.

Advertising Models

Few negatives hinder enjoying Tubi TV and Pluto TV beyond ads disrupting viewing occasionally. But comparing commercial approaches aids choosing.

Tubi TV Ads

  • Total ad load less than cable
  • Limited 2-3 ads repeating
  • Personalized targeting noticeable
  • Mostly product/service ads

Yes there are ads on Tubi TV as covered in our article explaining does Tubi have ads. But they stay limited compared to old cable TV.

Pluto TV Ads

  • Light banner ads surround programming
  • Various repetitive ads cycle frequently
  • Political and issue ads increase recently
  • Can’t skip live TV commercials

Just expect more disruptive breaks than paid streamers overall. But fairly standardized commercial models for now.

For a deeper look at how Tubi compares to leading paid streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube TV, check out comparisons on Tubi vs Netflix and Tubi vs YouTube TV.

Final Verdict: Which Free Streaming Service Reigns Supreme?

🚀 Tubi TV excels for the largest on-demand movie & TV catalog by far making it the choice for many cord cutters not seeking robust live channels.

With hits from major studios and options frequently updating, it’s easy finding films to stream costing only your time.

🚀 Pluto TV leads for diehard channel flippers who simply want endless, lean-back linear TV comfort without cost. 250+ stations provide way more variety to stumble across new obsessions unexpectedly via surfing.

Choose the free streaming platform aligning closest to your viewing habits. Fortunately Tubi TV and Pluto TV coexist freely on the same devices. Just pick your preferred portal.

Hopefully this summarized guide helped clarify the core differences. Now just start watching thousands of movies, shows and channels free on Tubi and Pluto!

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