How to Fix Sharp Roku TV Black Screen in 10 Proven Ways (2024 Guide)

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Written by Jason Lin

Sharp Roku Tv Black Screen

Experiencing a black screen on your Sharp Roku TV? Don’t panic. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the top 10 fixes to troubleshoot and resolve the black screen issue on Sharp Roku TVs.

Why Does My Sharp Roku TV Have a Black Screen?

There are a few potential culprits behind a Sharp Roku TV displaying a black screen:

  • Hardware issues: Faulty/loose cables, bad backlight, defective motherboard
  • Software problems: Outdated firmware, Roku OS glitch
  • Picture settings: Dimming/energy saver enabled
  • Connectivity problems: WiFi, HDMI, bandwidth

By methodically applying the right fixes below, you can isolate and correct the specific trigger for the black screen on your Sharp Roku TV.

By the way, here are the best solutions you can try if you see an Apple TV black screen. We believe at least one of these solutions will help you overcome this issue.

10 Proven Fixes for Sharp Roku TV Black Screen

Follow these top troubleshooting tips to get your Sharp Roku TV back up and displaying video again:

1. Power Cycle the Sharp Roku TV

Start simple – power cycle your Sharp Roku TV to refresh the video signal:

  • Unplug TV from power outlet for 10 seconds
  • Press and hold power button on TV for 30 seconds
  • Reconnect power cable and power back on

This “soft reset” will often fix Sharp Roku TV black screen issues caused by minor software bugs.

2. Inspect All Connections and Cables

Loose connectivity is one of the most common reasons for Sharp Roku TV black screen problems.

Check for any loose cables on the back of the TV, especially the HDMI and power cables. Disconnect and firmly reconnect both ends of each cable.

Also try connecting the Sharp Roku TV to a different power outlet you know works properly. Faulty or overloaded electrical outlets can disrupt power delivery.

FYI: No doubt you might raise concerns if your Roku audio is out of sync. So we list the 11 best solutions for you to fix this issue as soon as possible.

3. Clear Cache and Update Roku OS Software

Outdated software and corrupted cached files can also trigger the black screen issue.

On your Sharp Roku TV remote:

  • Press Home 5 times
  • Press Up once
  • Press Rewind twice
  • Press Fast Forward twice

This will clear cached data and force a reboot.

Next, go to Settings > System > System Updates and manually check for a software update. Install the latest Roku OS firmware version.

Besides, if your Roku remote is not working, needless to say, how frustrating it can be. So, learning how to fix it ASAP is vital for any Roku user. Let’s Fix it Now.

4. Factory Reset Sharp Roku TV

If you still see the black screen, resetting the Sharp Roku TV software can help resolve system-level issues:

  • Go to Settings > Advanced Systems > Factory Reset
  • Enter factory reset passcode provided
  • Confirm reset

This will wipe all data/settings and restore factory defaults. You’ll have to re-link streaming apps and channels afterwards.

5. Use Mobile App to Force Reboot

You can also force your Sharp Roku TV to reboot remotely using the Roku mobile app.

  • Connect phone and Sharp Roku TV to same WiFi
  • Open Roku app > Devices > your device
  • Scroll down and select “Reboot device

The app allows remote management if you can’t access menus directly on the malfunctioning device.

6. Check External Devices Connected via HDMI

Do you have a cable box, Blu-ray player or game console linked to your Sharp TV’s HDMI ports? Problems with those external devices can also show up as a black screen if you have the Sharp Roku TV set to the wrong HDMI input.

  • Toggle through each HDMI input
  • Directly connect Roku streaming stick to HDMI port
  • Try different HDMI cables one by one

This will help pinpoint if another HDMI device is actually causing the observed video issue.

7. Adjust Energy Saver Settings

Sharp Roku TVs come equipped with energy saver/eco modes that can automatically dim brightness. Check if Energy Saver got unexpectedly activated or configured incorrectly:

  • Go to Settings > System > Power > Energy Saver
  • Disable Power Saving feature
  • Disable Auto Power Down

Disabling these features prevents aggressive dimming that can produce black screen effects.

8. Check WiFi Connection

Weak wifi connectivity can disrupt video streaming and manifest as a persistent black screen.

Run an internet speed test directly on the Sharp Roku TV under Settings > Network > Check Connection.

If speeds are low, try moving the router closer, upgrading internet speed with your ISP, or connecting via ethernet cable instead of wireless.

Interference from other devices can also attained wireless signal. Disable wifi on other devices as a test.

9. Test Sharp Roku TV HDMI Ports

To confirm whether the issue stems from a hardware malfunction in the TV itself, connect a separate streaming device like a Roku Streaming Stick directly to your Sharp TV HDMI ports.

If the attached streaming stick encounters the same black screen, it likely indicates a problem with the TV’s HDMI ports. Contact Sharp support regarding diagnostics of motherboard issues.

10. Factory Reset Apps/Channels

Does the black screen only appear when launching certain apps like Netflix or Hulu? Corrupted data in a channel’s cache can trigger black screens.

Clear each problematic app’s cache/data:

  • Go to Settings > Apps > Manage Installed Apps
  • Select the problematic app
  • Choose Remove Channel

After deleting, reinstall the channel fresh from the Roku store. This wipes corrupt channel-specific data causing conflicts.

In addition, if your Roku keeps restarting and disturbing your entertainment, let’s learn and find out why your Roku keeps restarting and how to solve it easily.

Key Takeaways and Next Steps

  • Start troubleshooting a Sharp Roku TV black screen by power cycling devices, checking connections, and clearing caches. Update Roku/TV firmware.
  • If issues persist after rebooting, resetting and updating, factory reset the Sharp Roku TV to wipe all stored data/settings completely.
  • Test wired internet speeds directly on the device. Connect via ethernet if wifi is unstable.
  • Isolate hardware faults by trying Roku resets, connecting Roku sticks directly to HDMI ports, and monitoring specific apps. Contact Sharp support if needed.

Still seeing the black screen even after trying these fixes? Contact Sharp Roku TV customer support (1-888-935-8880) to troubleshoot further based on your model specifics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my Sharp Roku TV have sound but no picture/black screen?

If you still get sound but no video, the issue likely lies with backlight issues or HDMI connectivity problems. Try factory resetting video settings under Settings > System > Advanced Systems, disabling Energy Saver modes, and reseating HDMI connections.

What does the blinking red or amber light mean with black screen?

Blinking indicator lights pointing to hardware-level failures. Lights on the Sharp Roku TV front/back can signify problems with backlight failures, T-CON board defects or power supply issues. Contact Sharp support for repair options.

Can WiFi problems cause a black screen on Sharp Roku TVs?

Yes, weak router signals and bandwidth constraints can disrupt video streaming to apps. This manifests as choppy video or black screens. Run a connection test under Settings > Network > Check Connection. Relocate router, upgrade ISP speeds or connect via ethernet cable to resolve.

Why does my Sharp Roku TV black screen when switching HDMI inputs?

If the issue only crops up when toggling between HDMI-connected devices, it indicates a loose input connection. Try disabling HDMI device link controls under Settings > System > Control other devices (CEC). Also reseat HDMI cables on both ends firmly or test with new HDMI cords.

Also, if you see that your Sharp TV won’t turn on and has a blank screen, don’t worry; you can simply try the troubleshooting steps in this article to fix it easily.

The Bottom Line

Persistent Sharp Roku TV black screens often arise from outdated software, restrictive energy saver modes, backlight failures or external connectivity problems impacting video transmission.

Methodically verify settings and connections while testing wired network throughput. Factory reset the Roku software after backups. Contact Sharp support if needed after on-device troubleshooting.

With these 10 fixes, you should be able to revive your malfunctioning Sharp Roku TV to full working order without an expensive technician visit.

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