TV 14 Meaning – What is It & How Does It Become Useful?

December 1, 2023

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Did you end up in this article as you are looking for the meaning of TV 14? If so, look no further, as this article explains everything about it.

That said, let’s read this article and get comprehensive knowledge about TV 14 meaning.


It is impossible to keep up with the pace at which newer movies and television shows are being released. In other words, movies are making their way into people’s homes rapidly and constantly.

Because of that, it is becoming increasingly difficult for parents or guardians to monitor what their kids watch. However, keeping an eye on the stuff that their children watch on television is mandatory.

TV 14 is a channel that is frequently connected with movies, television shows, and documentaries. Also, it is not unusual to discover these on streaming platforms such as Hulu and Netflix. That is in addition to well-known shows such as the WWE.

The types of materials that their children view online are constantly on the minds of many parents. However, without TV ratings, they might not actually be able to determine the suitability. That means it’s difficult to see whether the content is appropriate for their kids in the very first instance.

Introduction to Rating TV 14 

We can see two distinct classifications of Television ratings. To begin, there is one that is based on the age factor. It declares that a particular program or a show is inappropriate for viewers under a particular age.

A rating might also suggest that a certain TV show or a program is aimed especially at kids. It is suitable for children of a certain age range. TV 14 is one of these ratings. It indicates that the material of television programs is not appropriate for a certain age range.

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TV 14 Meaning 

TV 14 Meaning 

Now, let’s jump into the main point of this article; what is TV 14 meaning? In simplest terms, TV 14 is one of those parental guidelines introduced to protect young individuals.

It indicates that the show or movie has elements that are not suitable for young children. In particular, it speaks about children under 14 years and that they are not suitable for adults.

The purpose of this specific rating is to alert parents to the potential dangers associated with some materials. It prevents you from exposing youngsters who are younger than the specified age to material of this nature.

So, that’s the simplest answer we can provide to the question about rating TV 14.

Also, if you wonder what does rated R mean in movies, here, let’s show you what does R Rating mean and why some movies are given an R rating.

How Does This Rating Relate to Netflix?

How Does This Rating Relate to Netflix?

You might see that some content on platforms like Netflix is categorized with a rating of TV 14. Let’s find out what it is.

TV 14 on Netflix does mean that the respective content is not ideal for any kid below 14. If specific content is rated TV 14, that means parents should prevent their kids from watching it.

In other words, the parents might find those movies have some disturbing or simply unsuitable material. After all, that’s the main reason for introducing such a rating system.

What Exactly is TV 14 with DLSV?

What Exactly is TV 14 with DLSV?

You may have come across the rating called TV 14 DLSV. Do you wonder what it is?

Well, if you see any material rated with TV 14 DSLV, that means the respective content has the following.

  • D is for Intensely suggestive dialogues
  • S is for Strong Coarse Language
  • L is for Intense Sexual Situations
  • V is for Intense Violence

Frequently Asked Questions About TV 14

Mentioned below are some of the most frequently asked questions you can find on the internet. Let’s read these questions and answers to make things clearer.

Who Has the Authority to Offer a TV 14 Rate?

In most cases, the producer of the show or the TV network will take up the responsibility. He or she will voluntarily assign a rating to the show.

This action was carried out in accordance with the direction issued by the respective television board.

And any television show that is deemed to be inappropriate for viewers under a specific age may be canceled.

Which Rating Suggests That the Given Content is Appropriate for Kids Under 14 Years of Age?

TV-Y7 denotes that a show or program is suitable for kids seven years of age and older. This is in contrast to TV 14. Well, TV 14 indicates that a show or program is not appropriate for children younger than 14 years old.

This also indicates that children younger than 14 years old can be exposed to material with a TV-Y7 rating. So, you don’t have to worry about experiencing any adverse effects on their development because of such material.

Where is the TV 14 Rating Located when Content is Broadcasted?

This rating is in the top part (right-hand side corner) of your screen the majority of the time. It occurs quite frequently within the first 15 seconds of that program.

It is possible that it will occur more than two times, based on the length of the program. If the respective program is longer than one hour, this error will come on again. And it will probably happen after the first hour has aired. You should remember that it only applies if the show is longer than one hour.

While this is going on, certain broadcast networks and cable tv stations display this rating after each commercial break. That said, you can depend on finding it in the upper right corner of your screen at all times.

What Actions Can I Take to Prevent My Kids from Viewing TV 14 Content when I Am Not Home?

It is understandable that you cannot always be at home to supervise your children. So, it is difficult to prevent them from watching stuff that is not appropriate for them.

You are able to exercise parental control over the content that your children see on television. You can do it simply by combining the V-Chip with the Television Parental Guidelines. Because of this, you won’t have to spend the entire day with them just to monitor what they watch.

It’s the job of the V-Chip feature to make computerized adjustments to the rating of the various television programs. It enables guardians or parents to prevent their children from watching programs that are inappropriate for their kids.

Why Should You Prevent Kids from Watching Unsuitable Material?

Kids are exceptionally curious, specifically when they are at young ages. So, exposing them to inappropriate content like violence, coarse language, gambling, and intense sexual activities can influence their minds. Such content can mislead them and become a disturbance for studies.

Eventually, such content can impact your kids’ grades, character, and personality. So, keeping them away from unsuitable materials is crucial.

What if Your Kid Watches Inappropriate Content in Your Absence?

The best approach is to talk to your kid friendlily to explain the dangers of watching such content.

Be open with them all the time and let them talk to you freely. You should always have time for them so they will come to you when they want to know something.


The purpose of TV ratings is to instruct viewers in the proper conduct befitting a morally upright person. When it comes to children, it is simple for them to adopt a particular pattern of behavior. They do it based on the kind of information that they are subjected to.

Because of this, it is essential for parents to keep an eye on what their children watch on television. TV 14 enables you to detect movies that contain material that’s inappropriate for children younger than 14 years old.

Do you want to know more about rating TV 14? Please let us know your queries in the comments section below.