TV 14 Meaning – What is It & How Does It Become Useful?

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Written by Jason Lin

Tv 14 Meaning

As a parent, keeping tabs on what your kids watch on TV can feel like an overwhelming task. With so many new shows released constantly across broadcast, cable and streaming, inappropriate content seems to be everywhere. That’s where TV ratings like TV 14 come in.

But what does TV 14 actually mean? How does it compare to other ratings like what does rated R mean in movies? And most importantly, what do you as a parent need to know to protect your kids from content that’s not age-appropriate?

We’ll answer all those questions and more in this comprehensive guide. As a long-time media expert and parent myself, I’ll give you an inside look at the TV ratings system and share my best tips for navigating the modern media landscape with your family. Let’s dive in!

What Does TV 14 Mean? A Simple Explanation

In the simplest terms, TV 14 means the program contains some material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years of age.

It’s part of the voluntary TV Parental Guidelines that were established by the TV industry to help parents make informed choices about what their children watch. The “TV” refers to television and “14” refers to the age under which parental discretion is advised.

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Why TV Ratings Like TV 14 Were Created

The TV Parental Guidelines ratings were created in the mid-1990s in response to growing concerns from advocacy groups and members of Congress about increasingly explicit sexual content, graphic violence and strong profanity in television programming.

The goal was to give parents a clearer picture of the content and age-appropriateness of TV shows so they could better regulate their children’s viewing habits and protect them from harmful material.

What Content Does a TV 14 Rating Indicate?

According to the official TV Parental Guidelines, TV 14 indicates the program contains some material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14.

This may include any or all of the following:

  • Intense violence
  • Intense sexual situations
  • Strong coarse language
  • Intensely suggestive dialogue

Programs with this rating may also contain crude humor, drug use and other mature themes. As a general rule, parents are strongly urged to exercise greater care in monitoring what their children under the age of 14 watch.

Understanding TV 14 DLSV: Decoding the Subratings

In addition to the base TV 14 rating, you’ll often see additional letters added on: D, L, S, and/or V. These subratings provide more specific detail about why the program received a TV 14 rating.

What Exactly is TV 14 with DLSV?

Here’s what each of those TV 14 subratings mean:

D: Intensely Suggestive Dialogue

This indicates the program contains intensely provocative language or dialogue with strong innuendos and sexually suggestive comments. It may involve detailed conversations about sex that are too mature for kids under 14.

L: Intense Sexual Situations

An “L” means the show includes highly suggestive sexual references or situations, but stops short of graphic depictions. There may be partial nudity in a sexual context. But it does not have the explicitness of “S” shows rated TV MA.

S: Strong Coarse Language

When you see an “S” attached to TV 14, it means the program has strong language, including frequent use of expletives. It may include sexually-oriented phrases and explicit references to genitalia, sexual acts, etc.

V: Intense Violence

A TV 14 rating with a “V” attached means there are intense and realistic portrayals of violence. This may include graphically violent material, depictions of blood and gore, and strong depictions of injury or death. It is not suitable for children under 14.

TV 14 vs Other Ratings: What’s the Difference?

TV 14 Meaning 

To fully understand what TV 14 means, it helps to know how it compares to the other TV Parental Guidelines ratings. Here’s a quick breakdown:

TV Y7 vs TV 14

TV Y7 is suitable for kids 7 and older. It may include mild fantasy violence or comedic violence. In contrast, TV 14 is not recommended for kids under 14 due to more intense content like violence, sex, and language.

TV 14 vs TV MA

TV MA programs are for mature audiences only and may be unsuitable for anyone under 17. They may include crude indecent language, graphic violence, explicit sexual activity or content, or pervasive drug abuse. TV 14 stops short of this level of adult content.

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TV 14 on Streaming Services Like Netflix

How Does This Rating Relate to Netflix?

It’s important to note that the TV Parental Guidelines ratings were designed for broadcast and cable TV shows. However, many streaming services have adopted the same or similar rating systems for their content.

For example, Netflix uses a rating of “TV 14” to indicate shows that are not suitable for viewers under 14 due to mature content. So even in the streaming world, parents should treat a TV 14 rating as a clear warning sign when deciding what to let their kids watch.

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What Parents Need to Know About TV 14 Shows

So now that you know what TV 14 means, what do you as a parent need to do with that information? Here are some key things to be aware of:

Risks of Kids Watching Inappropriate Content

Many studies have shown that exposing kids to violence, sex, profanity and other adult content in the media can have harmful effects. This may include increased aggression, earlier sexual activity, desensitization to violence, and other negative outcomes.

Even for teens, watching mature content can distort their perceptions and lead to antisocial behavior. So while it may not feel like a big deal in the moment, the cumulative effect of a 12-year-old bingeing TV 14 shows can be damaging.

Using the V-Chip to Block TV 14 Programs

Fortunately, parents have tools to restrict what their kids can watch. Many TV sets now come with a V-chip, which allows you to block programs based on their rating.

Check your TV’s settings menu to see if you have this feature. You can set a passcode and configure it to automatically block all shows rated TV 14 or higher.

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Talking to Your Kids About Media and Ratings

Perhaps the most important thing you can do is talk openly with your kids about your family’s media rules and values. Explain what the ratings mean and why you’ve decided certain shows are off-limits.

As kids get older, you can have deeper conversations about the messages media sends and how to think critically about what they see. The goal is to equip them to make wise choices even when you’re not around to monitor their viewing.

Frequently Asked Questions About TV 14

Q: Who decides if a show gets a TV 14 rating?

A: The ratings are typically assigned by the TV network or show’s producers based on guidelines set by the TV Parental Guidelines Oversight Monitoring Board.

Q: Are TV 14 shows okay for a mature 12-year-old?

A: While some 12-year-olds may be able to handle intense content, the rating is a recommendation that the material is not suitable for those under 14. Parents should carefully preview shows and make decisions based on their child’s individual maturity level.

Q: Do streamers like Netflix and Hulu use TV 14 ratings?

A: Many streaming platforms have adopted the TV Parental Guidelines rating system, including the TV 14 rating. However, ratings may vary across services.

Q: What should I do if my child has already seen TV 14 shows?

A: Talk openly with your child about what they’ve seen and listen to their thoughts. Reinforce your family guidelines around media and explain any concerns you have with the content. Consider restricting access to those programs going forward.

Q: Where can I find a show’s rating while watching?

A: TV ratings are typically displayed in the upper left corner of the screen at the start of a show. They may appear again after commercial breaks. You can also check the show’s description in your onscreen guide or streaming menu.

Key Takeaways: TV 14 Meaning for Parents

We covered a lot of ground in this guide, so let’s recap the most important points about the TV 14 rating:

  • TV 14 means the program is not suitable for kids under 14 due to intense violence, sexual content, language, or suggestive dialogue.
  • Additional subratings of D, L, S, or V provide more details on mature elements.
  • TV Y7 programs are intended for kids 7+, while TV MA is for mature audiences 17+.
  • Streaming services like Netflix also use the TV 14 rating for shows with adult content.
  • Exposure to TV 14 shows can have harmful impacts on kids’ behavior and development.
  • Parents can use V-chip technology and passcodes to block programs based on rating.
  • Talking openly with your kids about media and your family’s rules is key.

Ultimately, ratings are a helpful tool in your parental toolbox, but they’re no substitute for your close involvement in what your kids watch. By knowing what TV 14 means and applying that knowledge wisely, you can help your children develop healthy, thoughtful media habits for life.

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