How to Fix Xfinity Error Code XRE-03007 With Ease?

January 28, 2024

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Are you receiving the Xfinity XRE-03007 error on your TV? If yes, turn to these solutions to fix the problem effortlessly.

Xfinity, a popular household name in the United States, is one of the biggest internet service providers and offers an array of services, including WiFi, digital cable, and telephone services.

Comcast Cable Communications has been operational for over fifty years and has been known to provide unbeatable services with massive WiFi speeds.

However, despite its well-received performance, some users have recently complained that they often have a problem with the error code xre03007 on their TV. What could this error be? And how can you solve the error?

Here, we will explore all the possible reasons for the error to pop up and how you can fix it. Continue reading to find out more!

Xfinity Error Code XRE-03007

What Triggers the Problem of Xfinity Error Code XRE-03007?

Before we get into how you can fix the Xfinity XRE-03007 error, it’s important to understand the problem’s causes.

There are a set of different reasons that trigger the problem and restrict users from accessing their TVs. Different reasons call for different approaches to the problem so let’s go over them:

Remaining Payments

This is perhaps the most common reason behind the error popping up on most Xfinity users’ TV screens. If you have remaining dues or in case you have forgotten to pay your timely subscription, chances are the company has cut off your cable.

You might also have paid your bill, but somehow the payment has not been registered with the company. Either way, the best course of action is to reach out to the Xfinity staff and do the needful accordingly.

Unused for a Long Time

This reason might overlap with the previous one. If you have not accessed the TV box in a long time, it might also be that you have not paid off your subscription fees.

So, the next time you open your TV, you will be greeted with the XRE-03007 error. Even if you have cleared your dues, sometimes your device might fall victim to this error if you have not used it for a certain period.

Launch Configurations

Sometimes, the error can pop up on your device if there is an issue with your TV box or Internet modem launch settings.

As the name suggests, the launch configurations are a set of settings used to build a connection between the servers and the device you use for your TV streaming.

If somehow these settings get damaged due to external reasons, you won’t be able to access your television.

Hardware Issues

This is yet another common reason behind the Xfinity XRE-03007 error. You will not be able to stream your television if there is some kind of hardware fault with your TV box.

Perhaps the cables have got disconnected or frayed. Or perhaps there is some internal bug corrupting the hardware. You will be restricted from accessing your TV in any of those cases.

Unassigned Output

This is usually a rare cause behind the problem, but that doesn’t mean we should rule it out. Sometimes the error can get triggered if a certain digital outlet is not assigned to any account.

But what does that mean? Your TV and modem are essentially connected to a certain digital outlet that is needed to stream the TV with the help of serial numbers. The digital outlets can only be assigned by an experienced technician.

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Solutions to the Xfinity Error Code Xre-03007

Now that you have a brief idea about what might be causing the XRE-03007 error, it’s time to move on to how you can fix this unprecedented issue.

Pay Your Timely Fee

First, please check if your subscription has expired or if you have an outstanding payment that you have not paid yet. If your unpaid bill restricts you from streaming the television, you need to clear your dues immediately. You can only do that through the Xfinity My Account app.

Follow the steps below to pay your subscription fee:

1: Download and launch the Xfinity My Account app on your device and log in to your account with your credentials.

2: Once logged in, you need to find a section labeled “View bill details & history.” This section will show a breakdown of your payment and fee history. This way, you can verify whether you have any unpaid payments to be made. You will almost certainly experience the error if you have any outstanding debts.

View bill details & history on Xfinity App

3: If you have outstanding dues, navigate to the main screen and choose a billing method. Then, just tap on “Pay Now,” and all you have to do now is continue with the onscreen steps; this way, your outstanding balance will be paid.

Restart the Xfinity Device

If you have been experiencing the XRE-03007 error for some time now, a simple restart could kick the error to the curb, and you could go back to streaming your television without interruption.

Just follow these steps for restarting your Xfinity TV box:

1: Check to see if your Xfinity device has a power key. Try pressing and holding the power key for a couple of seconds.

Restart the Xfinity Device

2: Release the key and give the device some time. Next, press the power key once again to start the device normally.

Powering off and then on a TV may appear too easy to resolve any type of issue. But wait a minute… Almost every time, it works! Whenever you turn on your Xfinity television, you start and stop certain applications, leave others operating, and possibly install or remove software or applications.

Many additional behind-the-scenes procedures also come and go. By starting the device back from scratch, a restart helps to put a band-aid on all those problems that could have triggered your TV to malfunction.

However, if you don’t have a power button on your Xfinity TV box, follow these steps:

1: Detach the cable connecting your TV box to the power board and wait for a few minutes.

2: Plug it in again after some time and start your TV normally as you do to see if the problem has been resolved.

Power Cycle the Device

If restarting your device doesn’t work out, you might have to go for a power cycle. Admittedly, there’s not much difference between the two, but a power cycle acts as a hard reset that can occasionally mend the problems that a restart cannot.

Follow the steps below:

1: Detach the cable connecting your TV box to the power board. Additionally, unplug all the other devices, such as your modem, from the socket.

Power Cycle the Device

2: Try pressing and holding the power key on your STB box for around 30 seconds.

pressing and holding the power key on your STB box for around 30 seconds

3: Release the key and plug the modem back into the socket. Once you see full strength on the modem, plug the TV box back in.

4: Press the power button on your TV box to start it normally and see if the XRE-03007 error persists.

Check for Hardware Issues

As already mentioned, hardware issues can almost always trigger this common problem. In such cases, you need to make sure that all the equipment is alright and connected properly to the power board.

Ensure that none of the connections are loose and the cables are not frayed. If you continue to receive the same issue, your only choice is to call Xfinity customer service and ask for assistance in resolving the problem.

It could be some internal bug that is plaguing your TV box. Or it could also be that your Xfinity device has become outdated. In either of those cases, you need to get your device replaced. So, run to the nearest store and replace the box right away.

It could also be that you have not used your TV box for an extended period. This could have given way to mechanical errors inside the device due to negligence. It is a truth almost everyone knows- electronic devices function better when you use them regularly and carefully.

In such a case, you have to take your STB box to the nearest service center and ask them to see whether there are any internal issues with the device that might be triggering the problem.

They will check for issues and let you know if you need a replacement. A new device should help you eliminate the dreadful Xfinity XRE-03007 error so that you can go back to streaming your favorite shows on your television.  

Additional Tips to Prevent Xfinity XRE-03007 Error Code

To minimize the chances of encountering the Xfinity XRE-03007 error code in the future, consider the following tips:

  1. Keep your Xfinity app or browser up to date.
  2. Restart your Xfinity device periodically to refresh the connection.
  3. Ensure a stable and high-speed internet connection.
  4. Avoid excessive caching of data and cookies.

By following these preventative measures, you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming on Xfinity without the frustration of encountering error codes.


Q: What is the Xfinity XRE-03007 error code?

A: The Xfinity XRE-03007 error code indicates a temporary glitch or issue with the Xfinity device or network connection, resulting in unavailability of the program you are trying to watch.

Q: How can I fix the Xfinity XRE-03007 error code?

A: You can fix the Xfinity XRE-03007 error code by checking your network connection, restarting the Xfinity device, clearing cache and cookies, updating the Xfinity app or browser, or contacting Xfinity support for further assistance.

Q: Why does the Xfinity XRE-03007 error code occur?

A: The Xfinity XRE-03007 error code can occur due to network connectivity issues, outdated app or browser, cached data and cookies conflicts, or temporary server disruptions.

Q: How can I prevent the Xfinity XRE-03007 error code?

A: To prevent the Xfinity XRE-03007 error code, ensure your app or browser is up to date, periodically restart your Xfinity device, maintain a stable internet connection, and avoid excessive caching of data and cookies.

Q: What should I do if the troubleshooting steps don’t fix the Xfinity XRE-03007 error code?

A: If the troubleshooting steps mentioned in the article don’t resolve the Xfinity XRE-03007 error code, it’s recommended to contact Xfinity support for personalized assistance and solutions.

Final Thoughts

The Xfinity XRE-03007 error code may disrupt your streaming experience momentarily, but with the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article, you can quickly resolve the issue.

Remember to check your network connection, restart the Xfinity device, clear cache and cookies, update the app or browser, and contact Xfinity support if needed. By implementing these solutions and adopting preventative measures, you can minimize the occurrence of the Xfinity XRE-03007 error code and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.