Why Your Element TV Won’t Turn On: 13-Step Troubleshooting Guide

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Written by Jason Lin

Element Tv Won't Turn On

Has your Element TV suddenly stopped working and won’t turn on? Don’t panic – there are several easy fixes you can try yourself to get it working again.

As an experienced technician, I’ve troubleshooted hundreds of televisions over the years. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll walk you through the top 13 reasons an Element TV won’t power on, along with step-by-step solutions to try at home.

Common Causes of Element TV Not Turning On

Before jumping into troubleshooting steps, it helps to understand what might cause your TV not to turn on in the first place:

  • Power source issue – Problems with the wall outlet, power cord, or internal power supply can prevent your TV receiving electricity.
  • Component failure – The motherboard, backlights, or individual components like capacitors or fuses can stop functioning correctly.
  • Connection problem – Issues with ribbon cables, HDMI ports, loose connectors, can stop signals being transmitted.
  • Remote not working – Dead batteries or remote control board failure might mean IR signals can’t reach your TV.
  • Software crash – Apps freezing, system files corrupting and overheating can cause software crashes.

I’ll go through fixes for all these issues step-by-step. Many problems can be solved yourself with basic tools and patience.

13 Ways To Get Your Element TV Turning On Again

Follow these troubleshooting tips in order. Start simple by checking connections and power sources, then open up your TV to diagnose hardware faults if needed.

I’ll now explain each method to revive your faulty Element TV in more detail:

1. Check Wall Power Source

Before pulling your Element TV apart, first ensure the wall socket you have it plugged into is working correctly.

Use a voltage meter, power outlet tester or simply plug another working appliance like a phone charger into the same port to check it’s outputting electricity.

Check Wall Power Source

If the outlet is dead, check your circuit breaker hasn’t tripped.

If other devices work in the same socket, the issue must be with your TV, so read on…

2. Inspect Power Cord

Carefully examine the power cable running from your Element TV to the wall for any:

  • Visible cuts, splitting or abrasions
  • Areas with cracked, melted insulation
  • Bent, twisted or pinched points
  • Loose connectors at both ends

If the cable seems damaged anywhere, replace it with a new one immediately.

While inspecting, also check both ends are inserted snugly into the TV port and wall outlet. Loose power cords alone can cause power issues.

3. Try Pressing Power Button

Before grabbing your remote, attempt pressing the manual power button on the Element TV itself (if it has one).

On many models, this is:

  • Located on the side edge of the monitor
  • Underneath the Element logo on the front
  • At the rear on the lower border
Element Tv Power Button

If your Element TV doesn’t have a manual power button or it fails, see our guide on using a universal remote as a workaround.

Press and hold firmly for 5 seconds to force the device to boot. If still unresponsive, methodically try the next steps…

4. Hard Reset With Power Cycle

A “power cycle” forces a hard reboot which often resolves temporary glitches stopping an Element TV powering up.

Here’s how to hard reset your device:

  1. Unplug TV power cable from the wall outlet only
  2. Press and hold the manual power button for 60 seconds (drains flea power from capacitors)
  3. Stop pressing the button but leave the set unplugged for 2 minutes
  4. Reconnect the power cord back into the outlet
  5. Power on using remote or manual button again
Unplug The TV

This flushes out corrupted memory that could cause start up problems. Give this a try first before dismantling.

5. Attempt Different Power Outlet

Faults can develop in wall outlets over time so even if other appliances work, try plugging your Element TV somewhere else as an experiment.

Move cords safely and use an outlet on a completely different breaker circuit for best results.

If suddenly responding after changing outlet, the issue was likely with original socket wiring. Contact an electrician to investigate and replace if needed.

6. Replace Remote Batteries

Assuming the manual power button above didn’t revive your set, rule out any remote control issues next.

  • Hit buttons randomly trying each one to wake the device. Buttons can stick after falls.
  • Install fresh alkaline batteries in the remote. Don’t mix brands or old with new batteries together.
  • Try moving closer to the Element TV’s IR receiver which is normally centrally located near the bottom edge.
  • Point remotes directly at screen reducing angles which can cause signal loss.
Haier Tv Remote Replace Batteries

If new batteries bring no luck, continue to other steps eliminating further component faults.

7. Update Firmware

While not a guaranteed solution, updating your Element TV firmware can allow you to bypass power glitches caused by software crashes.

  • On a web browser, find and download the latest firmware file for your exact make & model from the Element support site
  • Follow guides to install it to the TV via USB drive
  • An alternative is using a feature called Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) to install wirelessly if available.
Plug Usb Into Tv

Firmware contains all the code that controls how your device functions including power settings so is worth a shot.

8. Factory Reset From Hidden Menus

Resetting your Element TV restores factory condition settings which could fix problems turning on.

However the standard factory reset option is often inaccessible when your device won’t start up in the first place!

Luckily some models have a little known “force reboot” menu built in, specialized to troubleshoot power faults.

To hopefully access this on your model:

  1. Unplug TV power
  2. Press and hold both volume UP and volume DOWN buttons together
  3. Without releasing buttons, plug the power cord back in (keeps menu active)
  4. Finally let go buttons and wait for TV to reboot
Element Tv Volume Up And Volume Down

The menu varies so also try volume + channel up or mute + menu as button combos. Repeat power cycling between tests.

If successful, this should fully wipe and fresh install your Element TV software. Fingers crossed that solves any software crashes stopping startup!

9. Check External Video Device Connections

If you access Element TV content via an external video source like a games console, streaming stick or cable box, don’t forget to check their power cables, ports and on/off status too.

These can sometimes turn off not only themselves but connected devices using HDMI-CEC or pins that cut external electricity loads.

With TV unplugged, disconnect ALL inputs like HDMI and coaxial cables from TV ports first.

Once stripped back to only the power cable and nothing else connected, plug back in and try turning on your Element TV again as a process of elimination.

Element Tv Inspect Back Panel Connections

If this basic setup now works, methodically reconnect external devices back one by one until faulty unit is found.

10. Reseat All Data & Power Cables

While inspecting gadget and cable connections, don’t forget to firmly check all attached cords and plugs for a faulty seat fitting that could cause power problems.

  • Check HDMI cable pressed completely into port
  • Coaxial and other data cables should click fully into their sockets
  • Ethernet network cable inserted fully into LAN socket
  • No obvious dust or debris in ports blocking signal
  • Double check power lead from previous steps again
Tcl Tv Hdmi

Reinsert each cable firmly or try swapping to alternative ports if available. Cables can work themselves loose over time so this is an easy fix.

11. Open Up & Visually Inspect Insides

To proceed with deeper-level troubleshooting, gain access to the guts of your Element TV by unscrewing the rear cover.

Safely place the set face down on a soft towel and systematically remove each screw, noting locations for reassembly later.

CAREFULLY lift off the rear casing panel, minding protruding boards and connector ribbons. Avoid directly touching boards unless battery is removed first.

Now check:

Power board – Look closely for burnt spots on the board surface. Smell for any overheating smells near large transistors. Check connectors to screen panel and mainboard are snug.

LED driver board – Same checks for scorch marks and loose plugs, specifically where the LED power supply module connects, providing juice for the backlights.

T-Con board – Check the interface connectors between screen, mainboard and LED driver for tight fit.

Main board – Examine closely near CPU chip and regulators for popped capacitors. Look for browned areas. Press to ensure chips and slots firmly in their sockets.

Backlight LED strips – Check LEDs turn on by toggling power on momentarily. Visually inspect for cracked LEDs across panel area.

If you spot obvious blown components like ruptured capacitors, start diagnosis process for replacement.

12. Replace Faulty Hardware

After close inspection, you may have located a damaged connector, ruptured surface-mount capacitor or fractured port requiring replacement.

Some soldering experience and special tools like soldering irons, suction bulbs and flux will be needed alongside replacement parts.

If you see blown capacitors for example:

  • Desolder each side and remove damaged unit
  • Measure capacitance (uF/voltage) printed on the body as replacement guide
  • Using flux and desoldering braid, clean pads ready for installation
  • Solder matching capacitor into circuit position
  • Take care not to overheat surrounding components like ICs

For anyone uncomfortable performing intricate desoldering, seek assistance from an experienced electronics repairer or qualified TV engineer to source and replace damaged circuits and modules.

13. Attempt Reflowing Motherboard In Oven

When all else fails, a controversial method gaining popularity online is baking TV circuit boards in a hot oven to temporarily revive dead components.

Why does this work? Power surges slowly weaken solder joints until they crack over time through thermal expansion and contraction. Heating cracks microscopically expands the solder just enough to reconnect and restore conductivity.

However extreme caution is urged as overbaking can further damage working parts. This is best left to experienced repairers.

If you understand the risks and decide to proceed anyway:

  • Fully discharge capacitors first as they can explode
  • Remove all connector ribbons and plugs
  • Wrap board in aluminium foil avoiding covering solder points
  • Preheat oven to 385°F
  • Bake at temperature for 6-7 mins monitoring closely
  • Allow to fully cool before reinstalling
  • Reflow may last days or weeks until solder fractures again

While a “Hail Mary” last resort, reflowing has revived many TVs given up for dead so is worth considering when all else fails.

No sound when your TV powers on? See our Element TV no audio troubleshooting guide.

Conclusion: Revive Your Faulty Element Television

I hope guiding you through the top 13 troubleshooting steps assists bringing your faulty Element TV back from the dead.

Be systematic working through each solution and I’m confident your device will be happily turning on again in no time without costly technician call outs or complex repairs.

To summarize key solutions:

  • Verify wall power source first
  • Thoroughly inspect cords and cables
  • Attempt power cycling soft resets
  • Check and replace batteries
  • Reseat connections internally & externally
  • Source & replace damaged components

Getting hands on to methodically rule out each potential fault cause through a process of diagnosis and elimination represents the smartest way to revive your bricked Element TV based on my extensive repair experience.

If explore all options but problems persist, don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or other experienced television repair technicians locally for tailored advice and quote. Please include your exact model details, relevant troubleshooting already attempted and photos of any errors witnessed on screen or internally which makes diagnosing issues much faster.

See our model-specific TV guides for troubleshooting power issues on Samsung, Sharp, Sony, TCL and Vizio television sets.

I hope those steps help finally get your dormant Element TV up running again! Let me know in the comments if this guide proved useful resolving your power problems and don’t forget to share if it works saving fellow owners money on costly new sets!

Jason Lin
Tech enthusiast with 10+ years of experience, providing guides, reviews, and tips on Smart TVs, streaming devices, and TV apps.

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