Why Your Element TV Has No Sound and How to Finally Fix It

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Written by Jason Lin

Element Tv No Sound

Has your Element TV suddenly gone silent? Don’t panic. Chances are the issue can be easily fixed. This comprehensive guide will walk you through 14 possible reasons for your Element TV having no sound and actionable solutions to restore audio fast.

Common Causes of No Sound on Element TVs

Before jumping into troubleshooting steps, it’s helpful to understand what might cause sound to cut out on your Element TV in the first place.

Top 7 Reasons an Element TV Would Have No Sound

  • TV is muted
  • Volume turned down
  • Loose, damaged, or disconnected cables
  • Faulty speakers/audio hardware failure
  • App or streaming platform audio issue
  • Outdated software/firmware
  • System software glitch

Issues with cables, hardware failures, and software glitches account for most instances of Element TVs losing audio. Thankfully, many of these problems can be fixed yourself without expensive technician fees.

Fixing No Sound on Element TV – 14 Actionable Solutions

Below are 14 practical troubleshooting tips for restoring sound on your silent Element TV. We’ll start with the simplest solutions first and progress to more advanced techniques if needed.

#1 Check If TV Is Muted

Before anything else – check if your Element TV is muted! Press either the physical Mute button on remote or highlight the speaker icon on screen to toggle mute on and off.

Pro Tip: Sometimes TV will display the speaker icon even when sound is turned off completely. Don’t rely solely on screen icons to determine if audio works.

#2 Toggle Volume Up/Down

Along the same lines, make sure volume isn’t just set to zero. Repeatedly press Volume Up/Down buttons on your remote to see if bars change.

Element Tv Volume Up Down Buttons

#3 Inspect All Connections

Faulty cables account for many no audio issues. Thoroughly inspect connections to external devices like DVD players, sound bars, and gaming consoles.

  • Firmly reconnect any loose HDMI, RCA, optical or other cables at both ends
  • Test cables to confirm audio works through each one alone
  • Replace damaged cables
Hdmi Cables Are Plugged In Correctly

Pro Tip: Most sound problems with HDMI connections can be fixed by unplugging and firmly reinserting cable ends.

While troubleshooting cables, you may need to dig up your original Element TV remote or a universal remote. Here are Element universal remote control codes for various models.

#4 Reset Connected Devices

If you have external media players, streaming sticks, or sound equipment plugged into the Element TV also power cycle these devices after checking wires. Reset connected equipment before moving on to troubleshoot the TV itself.

#5 Check Audio Settings

Access Audio Settings through the Settings Menu to:

  • Confirm TV speakers are enabled
  • Adjust audio offsets for synchronization
  • Change default audio input device
  • Reset audio settings to default
Element Tv Audio Settings

Faulty configurations here can block sound output.

#6 Perform Forced TV Resets

Soft resetting an Element TV clears temporary data/fixes software glitches that may silence audio. Try forced restarts even if TV seems to power on normally.

Soft Reset

Unplug TV power cable > Wait 1 minute > Reconnect cable

Unplug The TV

Factory Reset

Resets TV software to default > TV Settings > General > Restore Default

Element Tv Restore Default

#7 Install Software Updates

Outdated Element TV software can also cause no audio issues.

  • Navigate to Settings > System > System Update
  • Download latest update
  • Install updates and restart

Continually updating your software ensures maximum compatibility, bug fixes and features.

#8 Adjust App/Streaming Service Settings

No sound from a particular streaming channel or app typically indicates a platform-specific rather than TV hardware issue.

  • Launch the problematic app/channel
  • Access audio settings – enable sound
  • Reset app data/defaults
  • Reinstall app if issues persist

Apps like Disney+ are known culprits of streaming audio problems – adjust accordingly.

#9 Verify HDMI EDID Version

EDID is data that enables your Element TV to communicate with connected devices about optimal display resolutions and audio formats.

If HDMI source and TV have mismatched EDID versions, it can prevent sound transmission.

Most issues are fixed by simply unplugging and reconnecting the HDMI cable ends. Otherwise, manually update source/display EDID data if possible.

Element Tv Edid

If you are also encountering video issues like a black screen along with no audio, see this guide on fixing Element TV black screen problems.

#10 Rule Out WiFi Interference

Wireless interference in the vicinity of your Element TV can disrupt audio signals. To test this:

  • Temporarily disable wi-fi on TV
  • Connect via wired Ethernet instead
  • Toggle off nearby electronics that emit interference

If sound returns, WiFi was the likely culprit. Tweak router placement and frequency channels.

#11 Isolate Audio Board Failure

Rarely, the built-in audio processing board inside an Element TV may fail, preventing all sound playback through speakers.

To test for audio board issues:

  • Connect external computer speakers via headphone jack
  • Set audio source to TV tuner/antenna

If computer speakers DO output sound, there is likely an internal hardware problem with TV sound components. Seek professional repair or replacement.

#12 Roku TV Special Reboot Sequence

Many Element TVs run on the Roku smart platform. Formodels with Roku integration, attempting this special reboot sequence often resolves system-level audio bugs:

  1. Press Home button 5 times fast
  2. Press UP once
  3. Press REWIND twice
  4. Press FAST FORWARD twice
  5. TV will reboot itself
Element Roku Tv Special Reboot Sequence

Attempt this methodical reboot to refresh the Roku software before trying more drastic measures.

#13 Attempt HDMI Hot Plug Fix

One solution for stubborn, unexplained HDMI sound issues is to trigger hot plug detection:

  • With TV powered OFF, disconnect HDMI cable
  • Power on TV and reconnect HDMI cable
  • TV will reinitialize connection, potentially fixing audio
Tcl Tv Hdmi

HDMI hot plug forces devices to re-handshake and negotiate the best mutual audio settings.

#14 Contact Customer Support

Still no luck getting sound from your Element TV after trying the above tips? Reach out to Element Electronics customer support by phone or online chat.

Provide detailed information on troubleshooting steps attempted. Tech specialists can further diagnose the issue and arrange repair options if necessary.

Pro Tip: For Element/Roku TV issues specifically, Roku’s customer service team are often more knowledgeable in software-related audio fixes.

Avoiding Sound Loss and Hardware Failure

A bit of preventative maintenance goes a long way in minimizing headaches from no audio problems down the road.

5 Tips to Maintain Optimal Sound Quality

  • Keep TV firmware updated
  • Only use certified HDMI cables
  • Carefully reconnect cords to prevent loosening
  • Limit prolonged high volume levels
  • Allow proper ventilation around TV

Taking these basic precautions will help enhance longevity of audio components and minimize cuts in sound over years of use.

Additionally, investing in a standalone sound bar or speaker system will provide higher quality, independent audio that won’t rely solely on your Element TV working properly.

For no sound problems with other popular smart TV brands like Vizio, Hisense, Sharp or Philips models, check out these specialized troubleshooting articles we’ve published:

Key Takeaways: Resolving No Sound Issues on Element TVs

  • Always first check for mute/volume and faulty cables
  • Attempt both soft resets and factory resets
  • Isolate if problem stems from hardware or software
  • Update all TV/app software and firmware
  • Special steps for Roku TV model reboots
  • Contact support for unresolved hardware faults

Following the structured audio troubleshooting checklist above will help accurately diagnose and fix sound loss from your Element TV.

Bookmark this guide as a reference to quickly restore normal sound should audio unexpectedly cut out during a pivotal show scene!

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