Get the Best Gaming Experience from Your Element TV

January 16, 2024

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Playing games on your Element TV? Discover how to leverage Element’s built-in game mode to reduce lag, boost frame rates, and level up your gaming.

What is Game Mode?

Game mode is a feature found in most modern TVs that optimizes settings for gaming. When enabled, it reduces input lag, improves response time, and enhances visual performance specifically for gaming.

Game Mode

On Element TVs, game mode does the following:

  • Reduces input lag down to 20ms, allowing faster reactions
  • Increases frame rates up to 60fps for smoother graphics
  • Disables unnecessary video processing for faster response
  • Boosts color and contrast for enhanced game visuals

Activating Game Mode on Your Element TV

Enabling game mode on your Element TV is simple:

  1. Using your remote, access the main settings menu
  2. Navigate to “Picture” settings
  3. Scroll down and locate the “Game Mode” option
  4. Toggle Game Mode to “On
Element Tv Picture Settings

Tip: Consider renaming the input source to “Game Console” once game mode is enabled so it automatically activates game mode whenever that input is selected.

Testing Game Mode Performance

To evaluate whether game mode is working effectively:

  • Check for reduced input lag by testing side-by-side against game mode turned off
  • Compare graphics quality and frame rates across different games
  • Disable advanced video settings as they can override game mode benefits

Pay attention to responsiveness and overall game performance. Adjust other picture settings as needed until achieving optimal gaming experience.

If experiencing no sound issues, check out this audio troubleshooting guide for Element TVs with no sound.

Getting the Most Out of Element TV Game Mode

Follow these tips to maximize gaming performance from your Element’s game mode:

  • Game mode works best at 1080p 60Hz input signal
  • Connect consoles directly to TV instead of passing through AV receiver
  • Turn off motion smoothing and noise reduction features
  • Reduce sharpness control to minimum or zero
  • Lower contrast ratio to 80% if image appears too bright
  • Set color temperature to warm for improved dark scene visibility
  • Update TV and console firmware to latest versions

Experiment to find your Element TV’s ideal configuration tailored specifically to your gaming needs. Game mode puts greater capability at your fingertips.

Overall game mode delivers a smoother, faster gaming experience to match performance expectations and make gameplay on your Element TV more responsive and fun.

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What questions do you still have about getting the best from game mode on your Element TV? Let me know in the comments!