Why AirPlay is Not Working on My Hisense TV: 13 Troubleshooting Tips

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Written by Jason Lin

Hisense Tv Airplay Not Working

Having issues getting AirPlay to work on your Hisense smart TV? This comprehensive guide covers 13 potential fixes to troubleshoot Hisense TV AirPlay connectivity.

As an Apple user, you may want to leverage AirPlay, a proprietary wireless streaming protocol, to mirror content from your iPhone, iPad or Mac onto the big screen.

However, sometimes AirPlay fails or encounters connectivity issues when attempting to sync with Hisense smart TV models.

After analyzing over two dozen user reports and troubleshooting articles, I’ll walk you through the top reasons why AirPlay may not be working properly on your Hisense TV along with actionable solutions.

Overview: Common Reasons AirPlay Fails on Hisense TV

Before jumping into the step-by-step troubleshooting, it helps to understand the most prevalent triggers behind AirPlay failure based on research:

  • Hisense TV lacks AirPlay support: Only certain newer models have AirPlay compatibility.
  • Outdated firmware: Can cause software/compatibility issues with AirPlay.
  • AirPlay not enabled: The option needs to be toggled on to allow connectivity.
  • Internet connectivity: AirPlay depends on WiFi – if the connection drops, so will AirPlay.
  • Improper setup: The Hisense TV and Apple device need to be on the same network.
  • Distance and obstacles: The closer the proximity between devices, the better. Physical location, interference and obstructions between the TV and your iPhone/iPad/Mac can disrupt signal transmission.

Now let’s explore step-by-step troubleshooting techniques to get AirPlay functioning seamlessly from your Apple smartphone, tablet or computer onto your Hisense television.

Troubleshooting AirPlay Issues on Hisense TV

1. Confirm Hisense TV Supports AirPlay

The first troubleshooting step is to verify your Hisense television actually supports AirPlay.

AirPlay compatibility:

  • Hisense Smart TVs with VIDAA OS
  • Select Roku models: R6, R7, R8 Series
  • Some newer Android models

But AirPlay is not universally supported across all Hisense televisions.

You can confirm by navigating on your Hisense remote to:

Settings app → System → Apple AirPlay/HomeKit

If you don’t see the AirPlay option:

  • Your Hisense TV likely lacks compatibility altogether.
  • Consider getting an Apple TV streaming box as an alternative solution for wirelessly displaying iOS/Mac content on the big screen.

Up to Date?

In the same menu, check if any software updates are available for your compatible Hisense television.

An outdated version can potentially disrupt AirPlay performance – so always keep the firmware current.

2. Ensure AirPlay Setting Enabled on Hisense TV

If your compatible Hisense TV has the proper AirPlay menu, double check it is actually switched on:

Settings → System → Apple AirPlay/HomeKit → AirPlay

Toggle to enable if currently disabled.

Hisense Tv Airplay And Homekit

AirPlay connectivity depends on this setting being specifically activated on the television.

3. Reboot Devices and Router

Before troubleshooting further, attempt power cycling the television, your Apple device (iPhone, iPad, Mac) and wireless modem/router:

  • Unplug TV + router for 60 seconds to clear any software hiccups
  • Power off the Apple device then restart
Unplug The TV

Allow all devices to fully complete the reboot process, powering up from scratch.

Restarting everything essentially functions as a “reset” which can correct software issues temporarily blocking AirPlay connectivity.

4. Ensure Apple and Hisense TV Share Network

Fundamental requirement:

The iPhone/iPad/Mac attempting AirPlay video/audio mirroring MUST be connected to the same WiFi network as the Hisense television.

  • For iOS devices, check Settings → Wi-Fi to confirm connection details
  • For Macs, click the WiFi icon menu barOpen Network Preferences
  • Hisense TV network status: Settings → Network → View connection

If your Apple gear and Hisense TV show different network names or WiFi data, move them onto the same one then retry AirPlay.

5. Eliminate Signal Interference

Physical obstructions and distance between devices can interfere with AirPlay performance.

Position your iPhone, iPad or Mac in closer proximity to the Hisense television when activating and utilizing AirPlay.

Mitigate sources of signal interference:

  • Relocate other electronics away from the TV/iOS gear
  • Adjust antenna/cabling
  • Try testing AirPlay in a different room after moving the setup

If AirPlay works better under certain physical conditions, use that as guidance for long-term placement decisions.

6. Reset Network Settings on Apple Device

Still struggling to resolve AirPlay connectivity between your iPhone/iPad/Mac and Hisense television?

Attempt resetting the network settings on your mobile device or Mac.

Apple gear → Settings app → General → Reset → Reset Network Settings

Reset Network Settings
  • This erases all previous WiFi details, data usage statistics and other network-specific parameters
  • You’ll have to manually rejoin the wireless network

Resetting the networking essentially gives your Apple device a fresh start communicating with the router and Hisense TV over AirPlay.

7. Try Alternate Wireless Network

If you continue battling AirPlay difficulties between the iOS/Mac source and destination Hisense television:

Experiment using an alternate WiFi network

For example, create a software-based wireless hotspot on your smartphone or connect to a different local router.

  • Temporarily move BOTH the Apple device and Hisense TV onto the alternate WiFi source
  • Then retry AirPlay functionality

This technique helps determine if the root cause stems from the original network or other factors.

Succeeding here indicates your normal wireless modem/router is likely the culprit – explore rebooting or replacing it.

8. Factory Reset Hisense TV

Still not achieved success? As a last resort, factory reset your compatible Hisense television:

Settings → Device Preferences → Advanced → Factory Data Reset

Tcl Android Tv Factory Data Reset
  • Warning: This returns ALL television settings, apps, data and customization back to the out-of-box defaults.
  • You will have to reconfigure the WiFi, AirPlay, picture preferences and any other options from scratch post-reset.

Factory resetting the Hisense TV software essentially gives it a 100% fresh start, which can fix bugs that might be prohibiting AirPlay cooperation.

9. Upgrade Hisense TV Firmware

Another avenue is checking if your television has any pending firmware updates available:

Hisense TV Settings → Support → Systen Updates Check Firmware Upgrade

Hisense Tv System Update
Hisense Tv Check Firmware Upgrade
  • Bug fixes, compatibility improvements and new features are routinely distributed by manufacturers via periodic software patches

An outdated firmware version could be the culprit behind AirPlay difficulties.

After updating to the latest release, retry the mirroring functionality.

10. Toggle Airplane Mode on Apple Device

Here is a quick troubleshooting technique to attempt on your iPhone, iPad or Mac experiencing AirPlay disconnects or freezing when streaming to the Hisense TV:

  • Open Settings and enable Airplane mode for 1 minute
  • Then disable Airplane mode, reconnecting to the WiFi
  • Retry AirPlay
Iphone Airplane Mode

Toggling Airplane mode cycles the network connectivity. This can bump your Apple device out of any temporary glitches impeding communication over AirPlay.

11. Disable VPN on Apple Device

Best Vpn

Do you have a VPN configured on your iPhone, iPad or Mac attempting to utilize AirPlay?

The virtual private network adds an extra layer of communication that can potentially disrupt connectivity.

As a test, temporarily disable the VPN on your Apple device then retry wirelessly mirroring content to the Hisense TV.

Re-enable VPN later once you’ve confirmed whether or not it was interfering with AirPlay functionality.

12. Check HDMI + Video Input on Hisense TV

Here is one last simple check:

Ensure your Hisense television’s current displayed input and connected devices won’t create any conflict while you attempt AirPlay streaming from the Apple smartphone, tablet or computer.

Before activating AirPlay, configure the following:

  • Hisense TV → Input set to correct HDMI port
  • Disable secondary media players/sources attached to HDMI
  • Video Input renamed appropriately
Hisense Tv Input Hdmi

Cleaning up background input/output settings minimizes the chance of crossed signals interfering with AirPlay performance.

13. Contact Hisense Support

If you still cannot achieve seamless AirPlay mirroring connectivity after exhausting all other troubleshooting:

Reach out to Hisense customer support for further assistance.

Be prepared to provide:

  • Apple device model + OS version
  • Hisense TV model details
  • Precise, step-by-step description of the issue
    • Details about the WiFi network
    • AirPlay troubleshooting already attempted

Hisense should help identify if any known software bugs or hardware limitations might be responsible – or walk through advanced fixes like toggling Debug Mode.

Problems getting AirPlay working reliably between your iPhone and compatible Samsung or LG webOS TV? Consider the troubleshooting flow outlined here which can apply universally across television brands.

Jason Lin
Tech enthusiast with 10+ years of experience, providing guides, reviews, and tips on Smart TVs, streaming devices, and TV apps.

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