How to Use an Insignia TV Without the Remote: The Ultimate Guide

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Insignia Tv Without Remote

Have you ever lost your Insignia TV remote or had the batteries die at the worst time? It happens to all of us. Fortunately, you have options to control your Insignia TV even without the traditional remote.

As a tech writer and product reviewer with over 10 years of experience, I’ve tested my fair share of Insignia TVs. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll share insider tips on the various methods you can use, from built-in buttons to universal remotes and apps. You’ll also find troubleshooting advice to try and revive your original remote.

Use On-Screen Buttons

Many Insignia TVs have physical buttons on the set itself, typically located on the bottom, side, or back. These buttons let you turn the TV on/off, adjust volume, change channels, and more. They look like this:

Insignia Tv Use On Screen Buttons

While limited, these buttons can control the core functions in a pinch. Check your user manual to locate them. Newer models may have the buttons hidden under a flip cover.

Download Official TV Remote Apps

Both Insignia Roku TVs and Insignia Fire TVs have free official apps you can install to use your iOS or Android device as a remote.

For Roku models, install the Roku app. Fire TV owners should grab the Fire TV app. Just make sure your phone is on the same WiFi network as the TV.

Roku Mobile App

These apps provide full remote control capabilities, though some features like voice input may be limited.

Get a Universal Remote

An affordable and effective solution is to use a universal remote instead. These remotes are programmed to work with nearly any TV brand.

I also recommend SofaBaton models for controlling an Insignia TV without a remote. Their U1 model can be set up to manage other devices like Apple TV. Expect to spend $15-40 for a quality universal remote control. Setup is easy – just enter your Insignia TV model during programming.

Try Your Streaming Device Remote

If you primarily use a streaming device like Roku or Fire TV Stick, try controlling basic functions with its remote first.

Streaming device remotes often have power, volume, and input buttons that can change settings on your TV. This lets you do the basics without any extra setup.

Roku Streaming Stick+

If primarily using Fire TV, you can buy a Fire TV remote replacement or use voice controls to manage your content once powered on.

Fix Your Original Insignia Remote

Before resorting to the above options, attempt to revive your lost Insignia remote. Troubleshoot by:

  • Changing batteries
  • Resetting and repairing the remote
  • Checking for obstructions blocking IR signal
Remote Replace Batteries

With some simple battery changes and resets, you can usually get a remote working again in 5-10 minutes.

If pressing the power button doesn’t turn on your TV, you may see a black screen. Check out my guide on troubleshooting Insignia TV black screen issues to resolve.

Key Takeaways on Using Insignia TV Without the Remote

  • Check for built-in buttons on your TV to control on/off and volume
  • Download the Roku or Fire TV app to use your phone as a remote
  • Consider getting an affordable universal remote control
  • Before buying anything new, attempt to revive your original remote

Using your Insignia TV without the traditional remote is simple by leveraging apps, universal controls, and built-in buttons. With a bit of creativity, you can easily control key functions until finding your lost remote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are the built-in buttons located on an Insignia TV?

A: The buttons are typically located on the bottom, side, or back of the TV. Check your specific model’s user guide to find the exact location. Newer models may have them hidden under a flip cover.

Q: Do I need WiFi access for the remote apps to work?

A: Yes, your phone needs to be on the same local network as your Insignia TV. Enable WiFi on both devices first.

Q: Can I control other devices like soundbars with a universal remote?

A: Many universal remotes like SofaBaton and Logitech Harmony models have pre-programmed codes to control TVs, streaming devices, sound systems and more from one remote.

Q: How do I factory reset my Insignia TV without the remote?

A: You can factory reset most models by holding down the power and volume down buttons for 10-20 seconds until the TV restarts. I have a full guide for resetting TCL TVs without a remote here that applies to Insignia as well.

By leveraging the methods above and optimistically troubleshooting your original remote before replacing it, you can comfortably use your Insignia TV in nearly any situation sans the traditional clicker.