Why Paramount Plus Isn’t Working on Your Samsung TV and How to Fix It

March 14, 2024

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Has Paramount Plus suddenly stopped working on your Samsung TV? Don’t panic. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover the most common reasons why Paramount Plus fails on Samsung smart TVs and provide troubleshooting solutions to get you streaming your favorite shows in no time.


Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus brings hit movies, TV series, sports and more through a diverse catalog of on-demand entertainment options. As one of the top streaming services, Paramount Plus offers programming from CBS, Comedy Central, BET, Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures.

However, many Samsung smart TV owners have experienced issues with getting the Paramount Plus app to function properly. Symptoms can range from the app crashing unexpectedly to the screen going black when you attempt to play content.

While frustrating, the good news is that with the right troubleshooting approach, these problems can often be resolved. We’ll walk through the key reasons why Paramount Plus may fail on Samsung TVs, as well as actionable solutions.

Follow along with the structured tips below to get Paramount Plus working again.

Why Paramount Plus Doesn’t Work on Samsung TVs

Before jumping into solutions, it’s important to understand the potential reasons why Paramount Plus fails on Samsung smart TVs:

Internet Connectivity Issues

At its core, streaming video requires a stable, high-speed internet connection. Any disruptions or lag can manifest as buffering, quality drops or the app crashing altogether. Verify your Samsung TV has a strong Wi-Fi or ethernet link.

Outdated Software

Like any app, Paramount Plus relies on up-to-date software and firmware versions for compatibility. If your Samsung TV OS or Paramount Plus app version falls too far behind, functionality may break.

Restrictive Settings

Parental controls, restrictions or other Samsung account settings may block access to mature content on Paramount Plus. Double check that no limiting controls are enabled.

Server Outages

While less common, underlying issues with Paramount Plus streaming servers can also prevent access across devices. You can reference instructions for accessing Paramount Plus on other popular platforms like Dish TV and Spectrum to compare connectivity processes.

Now let’s explore solutions…

Step-by-Step Fixes for Paramount Plus Not Working on Samsung TV

Follow these methods sequentially for the best chance of getting Paramount Plus operational again:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Without stable connectivity, apps can struggle regardless of equipment. Verify your Samsung TV has a solid link on both ends:

  • Restart your home router/modem – Unplug for 30 seconds to refresh the connection.
  • Confirm Wi-Fi status icon – Look for a strong signal in your Samsung TV network settings.
  • Test with another device – Like a phone. If that device connects fine, may indicate a Samsung TV-specific issue.
  • Troubleshoot connection – Change router channel, adjust Samsung TV antenna, move Wi-Fi extenders closer.
Restart The Router

Once you’ve confirmed a strong, high-speed internet pipeline, move onto app-specific fixes.

2. Update the Paramount Plus App

Like any software, streaming apps need periodic updates for enhancements and compatibility tuning.

On your Samsung TV:

  1. Open the Apps menu
  2. Locate and select the Paramount Plus app
  3. Choose “Update” if available.

Allow any updates to install, then check if Paramount Plus launches correctly. Updates bring fixes and help avoid sudden crashes.

3. Restart Your Samsung TV

Before getting too investigative, a simple restart can clear out temporary bugs:

  1. Sleep/turn off your Samsung TV via remote
  2. Unplug TV power cable for 60 seconds
  3. Reconnect and turn back on
Unplug The TV

Allow a minute for reboot before opening apps. This refresh often resolves odd streaming issues.

4. Delete and Reinstall the App

If updates don’t help, deleting and reinstalling the Paramount Plus app may reset any corrupted data:

  1. From your Samsung TV’s Apps menu, select the Paramount Plus app
  2. Choose “Delete” (this removes data/login)
  3. Open the Samsung App Store
  4. Search for and select Paramount Plus
  5. Choose Download/Install
  6. Login again once installed
Samsung Tv Reinstall The Paramount Plus

Note you’ll have to sign in again after reinstallation. Test for better functionality in the fresh app.

5. Adjust Restrictive Settings

Access to mature content on Paramount Plus could potentially be blocked by:

  • Samsung account parental controls
  • Individual app limitations
  • Device-level restrictions
Samsung Tv Parental Controls

Check Settings > Accounts > Users & Permissions to see if any constraints are enabled. Disable restrictions and see if Paramount Plus now works normally.

6. Verify Paramount Plus Server Status

While less likely, degraded performance of the Paramount Plus streaming servers can also manifest as service disruptions across devices.

Check the official Paramount Plus system status page or Downdetector page to confirm wider problems. If servers are down or interrupted, you’ll simply need to wait for functionality to come back globally.

7. Reset Your Samsung TV

If Paramount Plus continues to fail after other troubleshooting, resetting the Samsung TV software itself may help eliminate deeper system gremlins:

  1. Go to Settings > Support > Self Diagnosis > Reset
  2. Enter your PIN when prompted
  3. Allow the process to fully complete
Factory Reset Your Samsung Tv 1

Once the Samsung TV resets and restarts, try Paramount Plus again while logged into your profile.

If Paramount Plus continues to freeze or lag when streaming content on your Samsung TV, check out this guide on how to keep Paramount Plus from freezing.

8. Contact Support

If all else fails, initiate a support case via:

  • Samsung TV Support – Call, chat or email Samsung support teams specifying your TV model details and the issues experienced. They can further troubleshoot or determine hardware faults covered by warranty.
  • Paramount Plus Support – Similarly, contact Paramount Plus support to report problems restricted to just their streaming app itself. Provide reproduction steps and error specifics.

Generally provide as much detail about your issue when engaging support channels. More context helps resolutions come faster!

For Samsung smart TV owners struggling with Paramount Plus functionality, we provide specific troubleshooting here. But you can also reference fixing guides for LG smart TVs or DirectTV for additional tips that may apply.

Key Takeaways and Preventative Tips

To wrap up, keep these core lessons in mind:

  • Internet issues can easily break streaming, so ensure a strong Wi-Fi link
  • Apps need periodic updates – install them to maintain compatibility
  • Basic restarts and reinstalls can reset many transient bugs
  • Adjusting restrictions regains access to restricted content libraries
  • Server outages bring wide-spread disruptions (be patient)
  • Factory resets of the Samsung TV software fix deeper issues
  • Support teams handle tough device-specific troubleshooting


  • Check for firmware updates monthly
  • Enable auto app updates when possible
  • Periodically restart your smart devices to clear memory
  • Monitor for service alerts during suspected outages

Staying updated and restarting before issues occur goes a long way!

Hopefully with a structured approach, you can get Paramount Plus smoothly streaming your favorite new shows on Samsung TVs again.

Let us know if any other fixes or optimizations worked in the comments!