How to Fix Amazon Prime Video Not Working on LG TVs: The Ultimate 2024 Guide

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Amazon Prime Not Working On Lg Tv

Having issues streaming Amazon Prime Video on your LG smart TV? This comprehensive troubleshooting guide will walk you through 18 fixes to get Prime Video working again in 2024.

As an electrical engineer and home technology enthusiast who has owned multiple LG TVs over the past decade, I’ve dealt with my fair share of frustrating technical issues.

One common problem I see LG TV owners face is getting the Amazon Prime Video app to work properly. Whether it’s crashing unexpectedly, not loading content, or displaying an ominous “connectivity error,” having Prime Video issues interrupts that long-awaited binge session.

Fortunately, after troubleshooting this very problem across several LG smart TV models, I’ve discovered proven techniques to resolve even the trickiest Prime Video bugs.

In this comprehensive guide, I’ll share insider tips and step-by-step instructions guaranteed to get Prime Video functioning seamlessly on your LG TV.

With the right information and a little patience, you can get Prime Video working perfectly on your LG television. Let’s dive in!

Why Amazon Prime Video Won’t Launch on an LG TV

Before fixing any tech issue, it helps to understand what causes it.

Here are the most common reasons Amazon Prime Video crashes, buffers, or won’t open at all on an LG smart TV:

  • Software Bugs: App crashes and freezes often stem from software glitches on either the TV side or the Prime Video app side.
  • Slow Internet: Buffering and connectivity issues frequently link to weak, unstable broadband connections.
  • Outdated Software: The TV firmware being out-of-date can prevent apps from opening correctly. Same with an old version of the Prime Video app.
  • Incorrect Settings: Some options like incorrect location or time zone configured on the TV side will block streaming services.
  • Geo-blocking: Location settings mismatches might make the app think you reside in a country where Prime Video doesn’t operate.
  • Incompatible Hardware: Some older LG TV models simply lack the processing power to run Prime Video properly.

So in many cases, getting Prime Video running again is a simple software or settings fix. But occasionally incompatible hardware forces you to use a workaround like a streaming stick.

If you have an active Prime membership, services like FOX NOW may be free with Amazon Prime.

Let’s explore the troubleshooting steps and potential solutions…

1. Check Your LG TV Software Version

The Prime Video app requires LG webOS 2.0 (released in 2015) or later to run optimally. So if your smart TV operating system pre-dates webOS 2.0, you’ll likely run into issues.

Determining your exact LG webOS version is quick:

  1. Using your LG remote, select the Settings option from the menu.
  2. Navigate to General > About This TV.
  3. Scroll down to view the Software Version listing.
Lg Tv Software Version

As long as the version starts with “webOS 2.0” or higher, your LG TV hardware meets the minimum requirements. Anything older than webOS 2.0 unfortunately lacks compatibility.

If that’s the case, I explore workaround options using an external streaming device later in this guide.

For compatible models, though, Prime Video failure probably stems from another issue like outdated software. Let’s address that next.

2. Update Your LG TV Firmware

While your LG TV might technically meet Prime Video’s minimum specs, performance issues can still occur if:

  • Firmware bugs exist in your current OS version affecting app stability.
  • Newer Prime Video app updates require a more recent TV software version.

So even if your base webOS version passes compatibility checks, keeping firmware updated ensures optimal app functionality.

Here is the simple process to update LG TV software:

  1. Use the remote to select Settings then navigate to General > About This TV and choose Check for Updates.
  2. If an update is available, click Continue and allow your TV to download, install, and reboot.
  3. Once the LG TV finishes updating and restarting, try launching Prime Video again.
Lg Tv Check For Updates

Also double check that automatic updates are enabled on your TV, preventing this issue in the future:

  1. From Settings, go to General > Support > Software Update.
  2. Under Automatic Updates, choose Enable to opt-in updates.
Lg Tv Automatic Updates

After updating firmware and enabling auto-updates, Amazon Prime Video should open correctly on your LG television.

If not, a few quick resets should do the trick…

3. Power Cycle Your LG Smart TV

Power cycling accomplishes the equivalent of a computer reboot by shutting off power completely. This forces all systems to restart fresh, often eliminating glitchy app behavior.

Follow these simple LG TV power cycle steps:

  1. Physically unplug the power cord from the wall outlet (and external power brick if using one).
  2. Press and hold your TV’s power button for 60 seconds (NOT the remote power button).
  3. Plug the power cable back into the LG television and wall outlet.
  4. Turn on your TV using the power button and try loading Prime Video again.
Unplug The TV

In addition to restarting any stuck apps, a full power cycle also clears temporary data and cache that sometimes grow corrupted over time – another common streaming issue culprit.

4. Delete and Reinstall the Prime Video App

If power cycling alone doesn’t do the trick, removing and reinstalling the Prime Video app forces the app itself to start fresh.

This again dumps any corrupted app data that might cause crashes or buffering problems.

Reinstalling is simple on your LG TV:

  1. From the LG Home menu, long press the Prime Video app icon.
  2. Select Delete then confirm removing the app completely.
  3. Open the LG Content Store from the Home menu.
  4. Search for and select Prime Video then click Install to re-add the app.
Lg Tv Prime Video Install

Once installation finishes, log back into Prime Video using your credentials and attempt streaming again. The app should operate cleanly without old corrupted data causing problems.

In addition to Prime Video, your membership includes perks like free access for live baseball games.

5. Restart Your Wi-Fi Router

Assuming your TV checks out hardware and software-wise, let’s explore network issues making Prime Video uncooperative on your LG television.

Slow internet connectivity represents one of the most common reasons streaming apps buffer excessively, drop video quality, or refuse to open.

Interference, old router firmware, DHCP exhaustion, and more can all manifest as sluggish, choppy video streaming.

Before troubleshooting further, let’s eliminate any networking equipment problems:

  1. Locate your Wi-Fi router and unplug the power cable for 30 seconds (and cable modem too if separate).
  2. Plug the router power back in and allow 5 minutes for reinitialization.
  3. Open Prime Video and check if streaming works correctly now over your freshly restarted network.
Restart The Router

Tip: Also try connecting over ethernet temporarily to isolate Wi-Fi specific problems.

A simple router reboot fixes the majority of home network problems, allowing streaming services to operate normally again.

But in case you still see issues after restarting…

6. Check Your Internet Connection Speed

With your networking equipment ruled out, any lingering Prime Video problems likely point to a broader internet performance bottleneck.

Buffering and video quality drops often surface when available bandwidth can’t support steady HD or 4K UHD streaming.

To test your broadband connection speed:

  1. Connect a laptop directly to your router via ethernet cable.
  2. Disable Wi-Fi and close any other bandwidth-hungry apps.
  3. Run a broadband speed test using,, or another reliable testing site.
  4. Check download speeds rate above 25 Mbps (for HD streaming) or higher than 50 Mbps for 4K streaming.

If speed tests yield lower measurements, contact your Internet Service Provider about options improving performance.

Unreliable broadband often traces back to an underpowered modem, interference on cable lines, congested network nodes, or other infrastructure issues ISP technicians can assess.

Getting your connection bandwidth above those 25-50 Mbps thresholds should streamline Prime Video performance going forward.

Now let’s address some TV configuration problems potentially blocking access…

7. Double Check Location Services Settings

One lesser known gotcha relates to your LG television’s location services configuration.

Geographic media restrictions mean that streaming apps check your location to determine content availability.

So if your LG TV settings incorrectly list your physical area, streaming platforms may block that service assuming you’re traveling abroad.

Here is how to update LG television region information:

  1. Head to Settings > General > System > Location
  2. Enter your correct zip code and select OK
  3. Confirm that your country, state, and city details updated accurately
  4. Try reloading Prime Video to see if the location fix allows streaming
Lg Tv Location

Occasionally you may need to reboot your TV after adjusting location services for the changes to fully take effect across all apps.

If subtitles become burned in permanently, this previous guide details how to turn off Amazon Prime subtitles across devices.

8. Double Check Your LG TV Date & Time

Along those same lines, another anti-piracy precaution streaming platforms take includes checking devices have the correct date & time configured.

If your LG TV clock settings drift too far from the current date, streaming services block access assuming tampering. After all, accurate timestamps help ensure licensed content gets played during valid rental access periods.

You can quickly update date and time information:

  1. Head to Settings then General > System
  2. Select Time & Timer
Lg Tv Time & Timer
  1. Set Time to automatic to sync the correct network standardized time
  2. Also set Date to automatic to stay perfectly in sync
  3. Consider enabling Time Zone auto detection as well
Lg Tv Time Set Automatically

With accurate date, time, and time zone details communicating properly, Prime Video will understand your LG TV sits in the allowed access period window and isn’t manipulating timestamps unlawfully.

9. Update Your TV Usage Agreements

Accessing streaming media requires accepting vendor terms and conditions communicating content usage rights, restrictions, disclaimers and more.

On LG TVs, an additional layer of agreements also exist relating to Smart TV functionality itself separately from any streaming apps.

If you’ve owned your LG television for awhile, it’s possible required T&C updates need re-accepting:

  1. Head to Settings > General > About This TV then open User Agreements
  2. Check that you have accepted Terms of UsePrivacy Policy, and other documents
  3. Click through to accept any updated unapproved agreements
Lg Tv User Agreements

With properly accepted terms, Prime Video and other streaming apps recognize your LG TV accepts necessary media usage conditions.

10. Adjust DNS Settings on Your LG Television

DNS represents the service that translates site names like “” into actual server IP addresses.

Occasionally, LG TV DNS problems block this name-to-address translation stopping Prime Video (and other streaming platforms) from connecting.

Switching to reliable third party DNS providers like Google or Cloudflare DNS bypasses any issues reaching Prime Video servers:

  1. Under Settings, navigate to Network > [Your Network] > Edit
  2. Change DNS Setting from Auto to Manual
  3. Enter Preferred DNS Server and Alternate DNS Server addresses (Google DNS).
  4. Ensure your LG TV connectivity remains intact without errors and reconnects successfully using the new DNS servers.
Change Your Dns Settings 4

Now attempt to relaunch Prime Video and validate if the DNS adjustments resolved any connection problems.

Using well-known public DNS systems generally proves far more reliable than ISP-run servers. The same troubleshooting tactic works great for many Smart TV connection issues.

Ready to reset your television as a last resort? Let’s try that…

11. Factory Reset Your LG Smart TV

If Prime Video still doesn’t cooperate after exhausting the standard troubleshooting steps above, a full factory reset (clearing all settings and installed apps) eliminates any lingering software gremlins.

This television equivalent of a Windows PC format wipes the slate completely clean:

  1. Head to Settings then General > Reset to Initial Settings
  2. Enter your TV pin if prompted then select OK to confirm factory reset
  3. Allow the reset process to complete, forcing a restart
Lg Tv Reset To Initial Settings

Once your TV starts back up, walk through the initial setup prompts like:

  • Connecting to your Wi-Fi network
  • Accepting Terms of Service
  • Setting location access and preferences

Finally, give the Prime Video app another test. With all settings erased and the app installed fresh, buffering issues and crashes should disappear.

Be aware that factory reset removes all saved settings – not just Prime Video app data. So you’ll need to reconfigure any custom options. But your watch history and profiles stay backed up in your cloud Prime Video account.

Those represent the most common fixes I’ve used to successfully troubleshoot Prime Video problems on LG TVs over the years.

But what if none of those steps restore Prime Video functionality? Let’s explore a Plan B…

We’ve focused specifically on LG TVs here, but Prime Video also sees issues on other popular platforms like Apple TV and Samsung smart TVs covered in these dedicated troubleshooting posts.

Using a Streaming Device as an LG TV Prime Video Workaround

Perhaps your LG television dates before the 2015 debut of webOS 2.0. Or maybe your model falls right on the cusp of minimum spec support.

In those cases where the native LG hardware simply can’t smoothly run Prime Video, streaming sticks serve as plug-and-play workarounds for accessing the service on older televisions.

I recommend the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K as an ideal LG TV Prime Video workaround thanks to:

  • Simple HDMI connection to your television
  • Intuitive remote and menu system
  • Full Prime Video app integration
  • Support for 4K Ultra HD and Dolby Atmos

Quick LG TV Prime Video Troubleshooting Recap

Here are the essential troubleshooting steps to remember when addressing Amazon Prime Video problems on your LG smart television:

  • Confirm your LG TV runs webOS 2.0 or later
  • Update television firmware to the latest available software version
  • Power cycle the television and router to restart fresh
  • Check broadband speeds exceed 25+ Mbps
  • Adjust location services, DNS settings, date & time configurations
  • Factory reset the TV as a last resort intervention
  • Consider adding a streaming stick workaround

After nearly a decade resolving Prime Video issues on LG TVs, I stand behind this proven troubleshooting game plan. Remain patient through each step before escalating solutions.

With consistent testing and iteration, combining both rebooting basics alongside more advanced settings adjustments, I’m confident you’ll get Prime Video operating smoothly in no time.

Now get out there and start streaming, broken app be damned!

Let me know in the comments if any of these Prime Video troubleshooting tips solved your streaming issues. And don’t hesitate to drop a question if I missed any common LG TV trouble areas.