Why Apple TV Family Sharing Isn’t Working and How to Fix It

January 18, 2024

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Sharing purchased apps, music, movies, and more across family members is easy with Family Sharing on Apple devices. But sometimes, you may run into issues accessing shared content on your Apple TV.

Common Apple TV Family Sharing Problems

Here are some of the most common problems people encounter with Family Sharing on the Apple TV app and across Apple devices:

  • Can’t see family members’ purchases in the Apple TV app
  • Getting error messages trying to access shared content
  • Family member disappeared from Family Sharing group
  • Some content visible on iPhone but not Apple TV

8 Ways to Fix Apple TV Family Sharing Not Working

Before troubleshooting, double check that Family Sharing is properly set up on all devices. Then try these fixes:

1. Check Apple System Status

Eliminate systemic issues by checking Apple’s system status page.

2. Enable Content Sharing

On the organizer’s device:

  • Open Settings > [Your Name] > Family Sharing
  • Turn on “Share My Purchases
Apple Family Sharing

On family devices, use the shared Apple ID for purchases.

3. Change Apple ID Region

If family members use different regions, change to the same region.

  • Cancel subscriptions
  • Visit Apple ID site and change region
  • Add valid payment method for new region

4. Sign Out and Sign Back In

On your device:

  • Sign out of Apple ID
  • Restart device
  • Sign back in with shared Apple ID

5. Remove and Re-add Family Member

On organizer’s device:

  • Go to Family Sharing > Remove family member
  • Open Family Sharing and tap “Add Family Member
Apple Add Family Member

6. Update iOS Software

Go to Settings > General > Software Update and install latest iOS version. Requires iOS 8 or later.

Iphone Software Update

7. Check Payment Details

Ensure your payment method works for relevant stores. Contact Apple Support if other troubleshooting fails.

8. Reset Home Screen

On Apple TV:

  • Go to Settings > System > Restart
  • Or, Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen
Reset Home Screen

Key Takeaways

  • Activate Family Sharing and enable content sharing on organizer’s device
  • Use the same Apple ID across devices
  • Check region, sign out/in, payment details
  • Update software, restart, or reset Apple TV

Stuck? Contact Apple Support or discuss in community forums.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why can I see shared purchases on my iPhone but not Apple TV?

A. This usually happens if you’re using a different Apple ID on each device. Sign into the shared Apple ID on all devices.

Q. Family member disappeared – how do I re-add them?

A. The organizer can invite them again via Family Sharing > Add Family Member.

Q. Can I access family content if my subscription lapsed?

A. No, an active subscription is required to keep accessing shared content.

Q. Why does my Apple TV keep disconnecting from Wi-Fi when streaming?

A. This could be caused by interference or a weak signal. Try moving your router closer, removing obstacles, or upgrading equipment. See tips for fixing Apple TV Wi-Fi issues.