Dish TV vs Xfinity: The Ultimate 2024 Comparison Guide

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Dish Tv Vs Xfinity

Trying to decide if Dish TV or Xfinity is the best fit for your home? This comprehensive guide examines everything from pricing and contracts to channels, DVR and more. Read on for an in-depth look at what each provider offers so you can determine the ideal option for your needs and budget.


When it comes to pay TV services that pipe live channels into your home, two major choices stand out:

  • Dish TV – Satellite TV service available nationwide
  • Xfinity – Cable TV from Comcast with wide availability

There are a few core factors that typically drive which provider consumers choose:

  • Price – Package costs, fees, taxes and budget
  • Channels – Channel count and availability of favorites
  • DVR – Recording capacity and simultaneous streams
  • Availability – Service coverage area

This guide will compare Dish TV and Xfinity across those categories and more to reveal the pros and cons of each service. Keep reading to learn all about what each offers and see side-by-side feature comparisons to help you select the ideal option.

Dish TV Overview

Dish Logo

Dish TV is one of the largest satellite TV providers in the United States. With Dish, you install a small satellite dish outside your home and run a wire indoors to connect a receiver and begin watching channels beamed from satellites orbiting the Earth.

Here’s an overview of Dish TV pricing, contracts and equipment:

Plans and Pricing

  • America’s Top 120 – $84.99/mo, 190+ channels
  • America’s Top 120+ – $99.99/mo, 190+ channels
  • America’s Top 200 – $104.99/mo, 240+ channels
  • America’s Top 250 – $114.99/mo, 290+ channels

Contracts and Commitments

  • 2 year contract required
  • Early termination fees up to $480


  • Hopper Duo or Hopper 3 DVR
  • Multi-room DVR with Joey receivers
  • Voice remote, 4K Joey available

A core advantage Dish TV offers over cable competitors like Xfinity is access to more channels at lower prices, made possible because of satellite delivery. Dish also offers some of the most advanced DVR technology to pause and record shows.

The downsides are Dish requires a two year contract to get the best pricing, and satellite service relies on a clear view southern exposure which some homes lack. Rain fade and snow can also temporarily disrupt satellite signals.

Next let’s look at what Xfinity has to offer.

Xfinity Overview

Xfinity Logo

Xfinity TV brings cable channels to your home through underground fiber optic cables and neighborhood nodes maintained by Comcast. With over 21 million subscribers, Xfinity is the largest cable TV provider in the U.S.

Here are the key details on Xfinity pricing, bundles and equipment:

Plans and Pricing

  • Choice TV – $25/mo, 10+ channels
  • Entertainment TV – $64.99/mo, 125+ channels
  • Preferred TV – $79.99/mo, 140+ channels


  • TV, Internet and phone service
  • Multiple double and triple play options


  • X1 TV box or Xfinity Flex box
  • HD, voice remote and DVR
  • Stream app to watch anywhere

Xfinity offers a major perk Dish lacks – the ability to bundle TV with home Internet and phone service. This allows Xfinity customers to save money on one convenient bill. Voice control remotes, streaming apps and an extensive mix of channels are also useful Xfinity perks available in most regions of the country.

Downsides are higher base pricing for packages compared to Dish, and a rising number of fees that can significantly drive up monthly costs. No long term contracts are also available, for a price.

Dish vs Xfinity Feature Comparison

Now that you know the basics of what Dish TV and Xfinity offer, let’s compare them across some key deciding factors:

Packages and Pricing

Dish TV

  • Package prices from $84.99 to $114.99/mo
  • Lowest cost per channel
  • 2 year price guarantee
  • 3 month lock price guarantee


  • Package prices from $25 to $79.99+ /mo
  • Extra fees can add $20-$30 to bill
  • 1 year contracts available
  • No contract options available

The pricing and contract situation is one of the starkest differences. Dish TV packages undercut Xfinity by $10-$20+ per month in base price, but lock you into a two contract. Xfinity doesn’t guarantee pricing but offers more flexibility to leave anytime with no term agreements.


  • Dish – 190+ to 290+ channels
Dish Guide
  • Xfinity – 10+ to 220+ channels
Xfinity channels

Dish TV offers significantly more channels at the low and high end compared to Xfinity. However, Xfinity includes more regional sports networks that Dish sometimes misses. Both carry the most popular cable channels. Dish has BBC World News, Sony Movie Channel; Xfinity counters with HBO.

Of course Dish offers ESPN channels including HD versions across all major packages as this sports giant ranks among most watched.

Accessing Paramount Plus on Dish TV usually involves a quick sync of the Paramount app from the Dish receiver’s smart apps platform.

DVR Storage

  • Dish Hopper – 125 to 500 hour capacity
Dish Dvr 1
  • Xfinity X1 – 60 to 100 hours included
Xfinity recordings

Dish offers vastly higher DVR storage capacity, up to 500 hours to record your shows. And the Hopper can record 16 shows simultaneously – handy for big families and sports fans. Xfinity provides 100 hours max unless you pay extra monthly fees.

Streaming and Mobile Apps

  • Dish Anywhere – Top rated app
Dish Anywhere App
  • Xfinity Stream – Easy to use, some limitations
Xfinity Stream

Both Dish and Xfinity enable you to stream your live TV and DVR recordings on phones and tablets wherever you go. Dish Anywhere beats Xfinity Stream on channel availability, reliability, and ratings.

Which is Better for You?

By this point you should have a clearer picture of Dish TV strengths compared to Xfinity, and vice versa. Let’s boil it down to key factors:

Best for Low Prices

If getting the most channels at the lowest monthly bill is most important, Dish TV delivers better overall value, especially with their two year price guarantee. Just be prepared for early termination fees if you cancel service before the contract ends.

Best for Bundles

Bundling TV, Internet and phone together appeals to many households for the convenience and potential cost savings. This is an exclusive advantage Xfinity cable provides over Dish satellite service.

Best DVR

Dish TV’s Hopper Duo and Hopper 3 DVRs beat the storage capacity and recording abilities of Xfinity’s X1 DVR hands down. For large families that record a ton of shows, Dish multi-room DVR is superior.

Best Availability

This one is mostly a tie unless you live in a rural location. Xfinity cable service is widely available to a majority of US households, while Dish satellite reaches over 98% of homes but needs a clear southern view. If Xfinity doesn’t service your specific address, Dish likely can.


After examining Dish TV and Xfinity side-by-side, a few key takeaways emerge:

  • Dish TV delivers more channels and advanced DVR at lower monthly prices
  • Xfinity counters with Internet/phone bundles and greater flexibility
  • Contract, fees, and regional sports availability differ

For most households wanting to maximize channels and DVR within budget, Dish TV satellite service ranked as the better option in this evaluation. The downside is committing for two years, reasonable given the $240+ annual savings over popular Xfinity packages.

Bundles and no-contract flexibility remain Xfinity’s biggest advantages in locales serviced with their cable TV and high speed Internet. Evaluate those factors carefully based on your situation.

Weigh your core priorities, from monthly price to contract terms to channel lineup using this guide’s side-by-side comparisons. Determine whether satellite or cable fits your home setup best. With Dish TV and Xfinity being highly rated on key criteria, either can provide strong pay TV service.

Next Steps

  • Compare channels, packages and pricing for Dish TV and Xfinity
  • Enter address to check availability from Dish TV and Xfinity
  • Calculate your budget for monthly costs
  • Consider extra fees and DVR storage needs

Once you select the right provider for your preferences, take advantage of the latest new customer offers available exclusively from Dish TV and Xfinity.

Enjoy the full variety of movies, sports, news that cable or satellite TV delivers conveniently to your screen!

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Does Dish TV require a contract?

Yes, Dish TV requires agreeing to a two year contract to receive their advertised prices. If you cancel early, expect to pay up to $480 ($20 monthly) remaining as an early termination fee.

How much does basic Xfinity TV cost?

Xfinity Choice TV starts at $25 a month for 10+ channels. Bigger packages climb up to $79.99+ monthly, not factoring various fees. You can choose no-contract options.

Which has more sports channels, Dish or Xfinity?

Dish TV provides more sports channels on average, including NFL RedZone, ESPN Bases Loaded and more – over 30 across their higher tier America’s Top packages. Xfinity Preferred TV includes 14 sports channels.

Is Dish better for large families?

Yes, larger households with 3+ TVs running will appreciate Dish Hopper’s multi-room DVR, bigger storage capacity and ability to record 16 shows simultaneously across different channels.

Does Dish offer Internet bundles like Xfinity?

No, Dish specializes in satellite TV service only. To power Dish programming, you need reliable high speed Internet from a separate provider in your area. Xfinity bundles Internet, cable TV, home phone and mobile.