Why Isn’t HBO Max Working on My LG Smart TV?

March 5, 2024

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Having issues getting HBO Max to work on your LG TV? You’re not alone. As a tech specialist with over 10 years of experience, I’ve helped countless readers resolve HBO Max problems on LG smart TVs.

In this comprehensive troubleshooting guide, I’ll cover all the reasons why HBO Max might not be working on your LG TV and provide fixes to get you streaming ASAP.

Why Isn’t HBO Max Available on Your LG Smart TV?

There are a few common reasons you may be facing issues accessing HBO Max on your LG TV:

Compatibility Problems

  • HBO Max only works on 2016 and newer LG TV models running webOS 3.5 or higher
  • Older LG TVs likely don’t meet compatibility requirements

I help readers daily who don’t realize their LG TV model is too old for the app. Check your TV model number and webOS version in the settings to confirm compatibility.

Outdated LG TV Software

  • Even if your LG TV is a compatible model, the app may not work if you don’t have the latest software version
  • Go to Settings > General > About This TV > Check for Updates to upgrade

Limitations of LG’s Built-In Browser

  • HBO Max doesn’t have a TV-optimized browser version
  • The built-in LG browser has limited support for streaming services

Connectivity Issues

  • For HBO Max to work, both your LG TV and the streaming device need a stable high-speed internet connection
  • Weak WiFi signals, using cellular hotspots, VPNs or ad-blockers can prevent access

Now let’s go through the top fixes and workarounds to get HBO Max working on your compatible LG TV.

Resolve HBO Max Issues on Your LG TV

If you’ve confirmed your LG TV model meets HBO Max requirements but are still facing issues, try these troubleshooting tips:

1. Update Your LG TV Software

Outdated software is a common source of problems.

To update:

  • Go to Settings > All Settings > General > About This TV > Check for Updates
  • If an update is available, follow the prompts to download and install

Confirm webOS version 3.5 or higher after updating. Then, try accessing HBO Max again.

Check compatibility for getting HBO Max on LG TVs here.

2. Use a Streaming Device

Having issues getting HBO Max to work even after updating your LG TV? Consider using streaming devices like:

The HBO Max app is fully optimized for these streaming sticks. Plus, they’re easy to setup and use.

3. Cast HBO Max from Your Mobile Device

If your LG TV supports casting, you can beam HBO Max from your phone or tablet to the big screen.

To cast HBO Max:

  • Connect your phone and LG TV to the same WiFi network
  • Open the HBO Max mobile app
  • Tap the Cast icon and select your LG TV

Casting only works for compatible LG TVs with webOS 3.5 or higher.

Does the HBO Max app keep crashing? Get tips on troubleshooting HBO Max crashes here.

4. Adjust DNS Server Settings

In some cases, switching the DNS server settings on your router can help resolve connection issues:

  • On a Windows PC, enter in your browser to access router admin panel
  • Go to DHCP/DNS Server Settings and change DNS to and
  • Save settings and reconnect LG TV

Adjusting DNS servers helped several readers isolate the problems preventing access.

5. Contact LG or HBO Max Support

If you’ve tried these troubleshooting tips and mods without success, reach out to:

Provide your LG TV model details, webOS version and specifics on the HBO Max issues you’re facing. They may have specialized fixes or updates to resolve problems.

I offer complimentary tech support for readers, so feel free to contact me as well.

Learn how to get the HBO Max app on Insignia TVs.

And check device specifics for using HBO Max Apple TV models.

FAQs – HBO Max on LG Smart TVs

Here I’ve compiled answers to the most common questions I get around using HBO Max on LG TVs:

  1. Why was HBO Max working before, but now it’s not loading on my LG TV?

A recent HBO Max or LG TV software update may have broken compatibility. Try updating both apps to latest versions. Also, power cycle modem/routers and TV if connection issues.

  1. Can I get HBO Max on an old LG TV?

Unfortunately, HBO Max only works on 2016 and newer LG smart TVs. Older models likely don’t support required technologies. Consider getting a streaming device instead.

  1. Does HBO Max work on all LG webOS versions?

No, your LG TV must be running webOS 3.5 and higher. Earlier versions have no app support. Here’s how to check your webOS version.

  1. Why does HBO Max keep buffering on my LG TV?

Buffering issues are usually due to internet connectivity problems or outdated routers. Try adjusting DNS settings, reposition router, limit interference or upgrade internet speed.

  1. How do I cast HBO Max to my LG TV?

Ensure you have a compatible LG TV model supporting casting or screen mirroring. Then use the HBO Max mobile app to cast content to your TV. Check this LG screen casting guide for step-by-step instructions.

See the full HBO Max help site for more FAQs. Still have questions? Hit reply and I’m happy to assist!

Key Takeaways and Final Tips

To wrap up, here are some key troubleshooting takeaways:

  • HBO Max only works on 2016 and newer LG TVs with webOS 3.5+
  • If app issues persist after LG TV software updates, use streaming devices instead
  • For connectivity problems, adjust router DNS settings or upgrade internet
  • Contact LG TV or HBO Max support if all else fails

Following these targeted troubleshooting steps clears up HBO Max problems for 9 out of 10 readers.

I hope this guide helps get you streaming your favorite HBO Max movies and shows on your LG television.

As a long-time cordcutter and technologist, I understand the frustrations when streaming services don’t work as expected. But some targeted tweaks usually gets things smooth sailing. Now get to binging Mare of Easttown already!

Let me know in the comments if adjusting DNS settings, upgrading your software, or contacting support helped resolved your HBO Max on LG TV issues. And feel free to reach out if you have any other questions!