How to Troubleshoot an LG TV Remote That Is Not Working

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Written by Jason Lin

Lg TV Remote Not Working

Are you frustrated because your LG TV remote stopped working? Can’t change channels or adjust volume on your smart TV? We have solutions.

This comprehensive guide covers the top fixes to try when your LG remote is unresponsive or intermittently working. You’ll master troubleshooting techniques that solve over 95% of LG TV remote issues.

When your LG TV remote stops functioning as expected, it can be immensely aggravating. Especially if a show is interrupted or settings seem frozen.

The great news is that many remote control issues can be easily diagnosed and resolved on your own without needing to replace or repair the remote.

Keep reading to discover fail proof troubleshooting tips that will have your LG remote working again in no time. Let’s start by understanding common problems.

What Are Some Typical Issues With LG TV Remotes?

Before diving into solutions, it’s helpful to review the most prevalent LG remote malfunctions reported by users:

  • Dead batteries – This accounts for over 90% of LG remote issues. Either the batteries are drained or were incorrectly installed.
  • Blocked sensor – If the infrared sensor on the LG TV is obstructed, it can’t receive signals.
  • Interference – Other devices emitting infrared light can disrupt communication.
  • Buttons not working – Specific buttons may fail if stuck due to grime buildup.
  • Unresponsive buttons – Weak battery signals prevent certain button presses from registering.
  • Remote not paired – LG Magic Remotes need to be paired to synchronize with the TV.
  • Faulty LED – Broken infrared LED emitters on the remote will lead to functionality loss.
  • Software glitches – Similar to computers, apps or TV software can experience temporary bugs.
  • Physical damage – Drops, spills or wear-and-tear over time can break remotes.

Now let’s move on to proven solutions for reviving an uncooperative LG remote.

Top 8 Solutions to Fix an LG TV Remote Not Working

Follow these troubleshooting steps in order for best results resurrecting your remote:

1. Replace Dead Batteries in the LG Remote

The number one culprit behind a non-functioning LG TV remote is depleted batteries.

  • Locate the battery cover on the back of the remote. Slide or pop it open.
  • Remove old batteries and discard. Insert 2 new AA or AAA alkaline batteries oriented correctly.
  • Replace battery cover and wait 1 minute for remote to reconnect. Test buttons.
Lg Tv Remote Battery

If that fails, an additional reset may be required:

  • Unplug the TV power cord from electrical outlet for 60 seconds.
  • Reconnect TV power cord. Wait 1 minute for reboot. Test remote again.
Unplug The TV

That quick battery swap and reset sequence solves over 90% of LG remote issues. But additional troubleshooting may be needed.

2. Eliminate Interference Between Remote and LG TV

For any remote to properly operate, an unobstructed line-of-sight is required between the remote’s infrared transmitter and TV sensor.

Check if any objects are blocking the signal path:

  • Locate infrared sensor on bottom of your LG TV
  • Remove objects directly in front of the TV sensor (up to 8-10 feet)
  • Position remote to point directly at TV sensor without interference

That clears up many connectivity problems caused by disrupted infrared transmission.

3. Clean LG Remote Buttons and Sensors

An accumulation of dirt, dust or grime on your remote can impede normal operation.

  • First remove batteries to power down remote
  • Use a microfiber cloth to gently wipe down the remote body, buttons, and any crevices.
  • Use a cotton tip moistened with rubbing alcohol to scrub away grime buildup on buttons.
  • Allow remote to fully dry before reinserting batteries.
Clean Remote

Debris in the infrared sensor can also block signals. Use a cotton tip and alcohol to clean the transmitter panel located on the top front of the remote.

Performing regular remote cleaning maintenance every few months reduces stalled buttons and connectivity loss.

4. Re-Pair Your Magic Remote

LG Magic Remotes utilize Bluetooth instead of infrared to enable advanced pointer functionality. However, the pairing can sometimes get lost.

Re-sync your Magic Remote using one of these methods:

  • Press and hold the Home and Back buttons simultaneously for 5+ seconds until status light blinks
Re Pair Your Magic Lg Remote 1
  • Press and hold down the scroll wheel button for 5+ seconds pointed at TV
Re Pair Your Magic Lg Remote 2

Once paired, your Magic Remote should work correctly with LG webOS TVs. If issues persist, continue troubleshooting.

5. Update LG TV Software

Outdated firmware can potentially contribute to remote responsiveness bugs.

  • Navigate to Settings > All Settings > General > About This TV > Check for Updates
  • Check if any software updates are available. Download and install latest LG webOS version.
  • An alternate manual update option involves using a USB drive.
Lg Tv Check For Updates

Updating to current firmware optimizes performance and may resolve Gremlins causing remote lag or freeze-ups.

6. Try a Universal Remote

Determine if problems lie with the LG remote itself or TV connectivity by testing with a universal remote.

  • Program a universal remote like the Logitech Harmony to control your LG TV.
  • If universal remote works properly, the issue likely exists with your LG remote needing repair or replacement.
  • If universal remote also fails, a larger TV connectivity problem is indicated requiring deeper diagnosis.
Logitech Harmony Elite
Logitech Harmony

This substitution test helps narrow down the root cause. Rule out or confirm hardware failure.

7. Get Your LG Remote Professionally Serviced

If you’ve tried every suggested solution and your LG remote still fails, specialized repair may be the most viable option before replacement.

Contact LG support online or by phone to arrange service. Technicians can provide an accurate diagnostic plus:

  • Refurbish infrared LED emitters
  • Replace faulty internal components
  • Update programming software

Note remote repair fees can sometimes approach the cost of getting a brand new remote. But servicing may still be preferred for limited edition models.

8. Buy a Replacement LG Remote

Ultimately if all troubleshooting efforts fail, replacing the remote entirely may be needed. This is common after several years or due to significant physical damage.

You have a few options to obtain compatible replacement remotes:

  • Contact LG support to order an official OEM remote specifically designed for your TV model.
  • Search online marketplaces like eBay and Amazon offering discounted LG remotes new and refurbished. Buy directly from reputable, top rated sellers.
  • Pick up a universal smart remote able to sync functionality with LG webOS TVs. Popular models from Logitech and Sofabaton include advanced voice control and backlit keys.
  • Consider upgrading to the latest LG Magic Remote for expanded motion gesture capabilities if your previous LG remote was the standard IR version. Pair via Bluetooth instead of infrared line-of-sight.

Replacement represents the final course of action when an LG remote is damaged beyond troubleshooting repair.

Now that we’ve covered a wide range of LG remote troubleshooting methods from quick battery fixes to complete replacements, let’s examine the key logical steps for systematically diagnosing problems.

If you’ve tried every suggested solution and LG remote replacement seems inevitable, responsible e-waste recycling ensures toxic components don’t end up in landfills.

LG Remote Troubleshooting Process Step-By-Step

Follow this streamlined sequence of actions when your LG remote starts exhibiting issues:

  1. Replace batteries – This revives over 90% of remotes.
  2. Remove line-of-sight obstructions – Clear space so sensor can receive signals.
  3. Clean remote body and buttons – Eliminate grime interfering with presses.
  4. Re-pair Magic Remote – Sync again if connection lost.
  5. Update LG TV software – Install newest firmware.
  6. Test with universal remote – Alternative remote confirms hardware failure.
  7. Professionally service remote – Repair attempts justify cost for expensive limited edition.
  8. Swap batteries again – If symptoms reappear later, fresh batteries often help.
  9. Purchase replacement remote – If all else fails, replace with new remote.

Executing these logical steps isolates the underlying problem. Follow them in order for maximum efficiency.

The vast majority of issues are resolved in the first half. Software glitches trigger problems occasionally requiring resets.

If troubleshooting efforts ultimately fail, replacing the remote is the final option.

Further Support Options From LG

For additional assistance diagnosing and repairing your malfunctioning LG TV remote, contact LG Support.

Take advantage of LG’s handy Remote Diagnosis Tool for tailored troubleshooting. Their technicians can also arrange warranty approved service if needed.

Reach their support team through any of these channels:

Live Chat

Chat via website for real-time personalized guidance.

Email Support

Send a detailed issue description to recieve instructions within 1 business day.

Twitter & Facebook

Tweet @LGUSSupport or send them a private message on Facebook.

Phone Support

Call 1-800-243-0000 to speak with LG representative to resolve your specific remote difficulties.

With so many ways to get assistance, LG makes the troubleshooting process smooth when working through remote problems. Their additional guidance can prove invaluable if you’ve hit a wall.

Now let’s wrap up with answers to some frequent questions about rectifying LG TV remote woes.

I’ve linked out to additional helpful troubleshooting articles around LG TV issues like WiFi connectivity problems. As well as covering black screen errors, firmware updates and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common LG remote problem?

Dead batteries account for over 90% of LG TV remote issues. Replacing batteries brings over 9 out of 10 remotes back to life.

Why does my LG remote work only sometimes?

Weak battery signals, obstructions, interference, and physical damage can cause inconsistent or laggy remote performance.

How do I reset an LG TV remote?

To reset an LG remote, remove batteries for 60 seconds allowing power to fully drain, the reinsert fresh batteries. Also press and hold the power button down for 10+ seconds.

Can you use a universal remote on an LG TV?

Yes, universal remotes from Logitech, Sony, Philips and other brands can be programmed to fully control LG televisions after following pairing instructions.

Where is the IR sensor on an LG TV?

The infrared sensor is located near the bottom right corner on the back of most LG TV models but placement can vary. Remove any objects blocking a 3 foot radius in front.

Still have questions? Contact LG Support directly for personalized troubleshooting assistance tailored to your situation.


Fixing an unresponsive LG TV remote may seem daunting but ends up being simpler than expected in most cases.

By methodically following the structured troubleshooting process outlined in this guide, you can systematically diagnose and resolve over 95% of problems – usually with basic solutions:

  • Battery replacement juices remote
  • Sensor debris cleaning
  • Removing line-of-sight obstacles

Implement the step-by-step sequence shared here when your LG remote starts acting up for success getting back control of your smart television.

Bookmark this practical troubleshooting reference to swiftly squash any future remote gremlins that pop up down the line.

So grab some fresh batteries and get comfortable knowing you have the tools to revive uncooperative LG remotes!

Jason Lin
Tech enthusiast with 10+ years of experience, providing guides, reviews, and tips on Smart TVs, streaming devices, and TV apps.

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