How to Fix LG TV Black Screen of Death (No Sound) With Ease

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Written by Jason Lin

Lg Tv Black Screen

Has your LG TV screen gone black randomly? Do you know that you can fix this problem by yourself?

In this article, we have mentioned methods to fix the LG TV’s black screen of death problem. Learn some simple and quick methods for fixing the LG TV black screen with no sound problem

Many smart TV users complain about the black screen and no sound problems. Sometimes due to technical faults and sometimes due to hardware issues, you might face black screen problems on your smart TV. A similar issue goes with LG TVs. After several years, LG TV owners complain about this problem.

If you are facing the same issue, then you have arrived at the right place. We have covered some simple and useful methods to rectify this problem. However, before that, you must know the reasons that cause the black screen problem.

We have included some of the common causes regarding screen of death. Read further to know about them.

Reasons for the LG TV Black Screen of Death Issue

Many reasons might cause this problem. Following are some common problems that cause the black screen problem.

  • Temporary glitch: Temporary glitch in your TV is one of the common reasons that cause a black screen of death on your LG TV. 
  • Loose cables: Sometimes, loosely connected cables turn off your TV display. So, make sure that you have properly connected every cable and plug.
  • Outdated firmware: In case the software or firmware of your LG TV is not updated, you might face this problem. This is why it’s recommended to update your TV time-to-time. 
  • Hardware problem: If the backlight or hardware of your TV is not working properly, it causes a black screen of death. Hardware problem results in power supply problem.
  • Enabled power saver: When you enable this mode, it decreases power usage and reduces the brightness and contrast of the screen. 
  • Faulty components: Input issues, inappropriate outlets, and default working ports also cause black screen problems on your LG TV. 

These are some reasons that cause LG TV black screens and no sound issues. Now that we have talked about the reasons. Let’s dive straight into the solutions to the black screen no sound issue.

We have covered eight different methods to fix this problem.

We will recommend you to try each method in the given order to identify the exact cause. If you are facing a black screen on your LG smart TV frequently, try each solution one by one and check which one is helpful for you.

Top Solutions to Fix LG TV Black Screen of Death

Method 1: Check Cable Connections

This is the simplest and quickest way to fix LG TV’s black screen with no sound. You just need to check the improper and loose connections of cables of your smart TV.

Furthermore, this problem does not only occur due to losing connections to your TV cables but also because damaged components and inactive sources of power are some common issues that cause a black screen on your TV.

First and foremost, make sure that all the cables of your TV are connected properly to their ports. You can disconnect the cables and reconnect them. 

In case you use an HDMI connection, ensure that HDMI is enabled and, if possible, check the cable connections on another smart TV.

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Method 2: Firmware Update to Fix LG TV Black Screen of Death

Sometimes, outdated firmware also results in a black screen and no sound problem on your LG smart TV. The manufacturers of LG are bringing new features and versions that enhance the features and mechanism of your smart TV.

That is why it is recommended to update your TV from time to time to and pace up with technical enhancements and functionalities.  

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Follow the Below Steps to Update Your Smart TV Firmware.

  1. Turn on your LG TV.
  2. Go to the menu section.
  3. Select the ‘General‘ tab.
  4. Navigate the ‘Expert Firmware Update‘ and click on it. 
  5. Then, choose the ‘Update‘ button.
Firmware Update

Now, wait for a few minutes until the system completes all the pending updates. If it asks you to download or install new software/firmware, do it immediately. After downloading and installing new software, check whether the problem persists. 

Important Note: In the middle of the updating process, your TV will shut down and restart several times. Make sure that you won’t plug off the power cable during the process. 

Also, here, let’s learn about some common reasons for the TV screen being black with sound & the methods to identify and fix TV has sound but no picture easily.

Method 3: Check TV Mode to Fix LG TV Black Screen of Death

Sometimes unintentionally, LG TV owners enable power saver mode, which results in a black screen.

In order to save power, the system automatically shuts down the screen display if it has been kept idle for more than five minutes.

Therefore, it is best to disable this mode and avoid unnecessary trouble.

To Disable TV Mode, Follow the Steps Below.

  1. Turn on your LG TV.
  2. On your TV remote, press the ‘Home‘ button.
  3. Navigate to ‘Settings‘ and select ‘Picture.’
  4. In Picture, search for ‘Energy Saving‘ and click on it. 
  5. If it is enabled, click on the ‘ON‘ button to turn it off. 
Check Tv Mode

In case it is disabled already, enable the option and then disable it. Check whether this has solved your problem.

Method 4: Reset TV Input to Fix the LG TV Black Screen of Death

Incorrect settings also result in LG TV black screen problems. The improper power supply to the source device affects the TV display and causes the problem.

To fix it, use your TV remote and press the source button. All the inputs will be displayed, and you can check the input settings.

Use this source device to check that all the features on your TV are enabled correctly. Plus, check if there are input failures or malfunctions in the settings.

In case you use the HDMI of another device, you can use another source device. Also, ensure that all the new and latest updates are completed.

If you are still facing the problem, you can check the external device on another TV to analyze the settings and identify the exact problem. 

Method 5: Factory Reset LG TV

Remember that a factory reset removes all the configurations that you have done in your TV inputs. Once you take it out of the box, it will set the features and settings to default.

Therefore, make sure that you have backed up the configurations, data, and network settings to use later.

If you don’t know the process of factory resetting, the following are the steps that will help you to complete this process.  

  1. Turn on your LG TV.
  2. Navigate to the TV ‘Settings.’
  3. Click on ‘General Settings.’
  4. After that, select ‘Reset to Initial Settings.’
  5. Enter your password and press ‘Reset.’ Then, click on ‘Confirm‘ to save the changes.
Factory Reset Lg Tv

Now, patiently wait until the process is completed. After this process, go through the input settings and set up the process and analyze the TV performance.

Method 6: Change Backlight Settings and Picture Mode 

This is another way to fix the LG TV black screen problem. Sometimes, bright backlights and other display settings overheat the TV, which blacks out your TV screen.

Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, you must set the backlight settings and the Picture mode of your LG TV.

Following are the steps that will help you to do so.

  1. Turn on your LG TV.
  2. Navigate to ‘Settings‘ and choose ‘All Settings.’
  3. Choose the ‘Picture More‘ option.
  4. Change the Picture Mode to ‘Standard.’
  5. After this, lower the backlight bar and set it between 10 and 30.
  6. The brightness should be 50.

And you’re done. This will prevent your TV from overheating and keep it at an average temperature. Therefore, LG TV’s black screen will fix automatically.

Method 7: General Troubleshooting to Fix LG TV Black Screen No Sound

Till now, you have learned multiple solutions for fixing firmware and settings problems to encountering LG TV black screen. 

In case the above solutions have not helped you, there might be a hardware or power supply problem. In order to fix that, try using the following troubleshoots.

This will help you to reset your TV wiring and hardware problems.  

  • Use a standalone outlet: Make sure that you use standalone outlets rather than dividers or power strips.
  • Remove the remote batteries: Ensure that the power button of your TV remote is silently sending the signals or commands. 

Method 8: Power Cycle Your LG TV

This is the common and quickest way to fix the LG TV black screen of death. The power cycle helps you to fix the temporary glitch. Below are the instructions that will help you to fix this problem. 

  1. Turn off your LG smart TV.
  2. Now, plug off the power cable from the port. 
  3. Wait at least 10 to 15 minutes. 
  4. Plug the cable into the port again and turn on the TV.
  5. Press and hold the power button for 10 to 15 seconds. The power button must be located at the back or the bottom of your TV. 
Unplug The TV

The above steps will fix your LG TV’s black screen with no sound problem. An alternative way to fix this problem is to press the power key and volume down button together and plug off the power cable of your TV for a few minutes.

After some time, plug back the power cable and turn on the LG TV to check whether the problem is fixed or not. 

In case none of the above solutions are working out for you, the last option left is to contact the support team of LG TV. If there is a major problem with your TV, then take your television to the support team.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I know if my LG TV has a black screen of death issue?

A: The most apparent sign of the black screen of death issue is when your LG TV displays a completely black screen and produces no sound. Additionally, you may notice that the TV remains powered on despite the lack of picture and audio.

Q: Can a faulty HDMI cable cause the black screen of death issue on my LG TV?

A: Yes, a loose or defective HDMI cable can prevent your LG TV from displaying any picture or producing sound. It’s important to check the HDMI connection and replace the cable if necessary.

Q: Are software updates essential for resolving the black screen of death issue?

A: Yes, updating the firmware on your LG TV can help address software glitches and compatibility problems that may lead to the black screen issue. Regularly checking for and installing firmware updates is recommended.

Q: Is it possible to fix the black screen of death issue on my LG TV by myself?

A: While some troubleshooting steps can be performed by users, such as checking the HDMI connection or resetting audio settings, more complex issues may require professional assistance. In such cases, it’s best to contact LG’s customer support or seek help from a certified technician.

Q: How long does it usually take to fix the black screen of death issue on an LG TV?

A: The time required to fix the black screen of death issue can vary depending on the underlying cause. Simple troubleshooting steps can be completed within minutes, while more complex issues may take longer, requiring professional repairs or part replacements.

Q: Can a power cycle fix the black screen of death issue on my LG TV?

A: Yes, performing a power cycle can help resolve temporary software glitches that may be causing the black screen issue. It’s a simple yet effective troubleshooting step that is worth trying before seeking further assistance.


We have covered in detail the reasons and the solution for fixing the LG TV black screen with no sound problem.

We recommend you read this full article to understand the root of the problem and its solutions. Plus, read every step thoroughly to avoid mistakes.  

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