How to Finally Stop Your LG TV From Flickering in 16 Proven Ways

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Written by Jason Lin

Lg Tv Flickering

Experiencing an annoying flickering, blinking, or flashing on your LG TV? We feel your pain. Screen flickering can ruin your viewing experience and be incredibly frustrating to diagnose and repair.

But don’t panic or rush to buy a new TV just yet. In this comprehensive troubleshooting guide, we’ll walk you through 16 proven fixes to stop LG TV screen flickering for good.

After trying all of our step-by-step solutions, you should have your TV lookingperfect again in no time. Let’s get started!

What Causes an LG TV Screen to Flicker?

Before jumping into the fixes, it helps to understand the three main causes of LG TV flickering:

1. Loose Cable Connection

The most common source of flickering is a loose HDMI cable connection between your LG TV and an external streaming device like Roku, Firestick, Blu-ray player, or cable box.

If the HDMI or other wired connection is either faulty or not securely plugged in, it can disrupt signal transmission and cause flickering.

2. Incorrect Display Settings

Changing display settings like brightness, contrast, gamma, and especially LG’s Energy Saving mode can reduce screen flickering or cause it to occur out of the blue.

3. Failing LCD/LED Backlight System

With extended wear and tear over 2-5 years, the LED backlight system providing illumination for the LCD screen can start to fail. This causes dimming, flickering, and eventual permanent dark spots.

Replacing strips of damaged LED lights is possible for DIY repairs if you’re handy with electronics. Otherwise, professional service may be needed.

Now let’s walk through all the ways to fix your flickering LG TV.

Method #1: Power Cycle Your LG TV

The quick “have you tried turning it off and on again” fix is always the first step! Power cycling forces a hard reboot and flushes out temporary glitches:

  1. Turn off your LG TV and unplug it from the power outlet
  2. Press and hold the power button on the TV itself for 15 seconds (not the remote)
  3. Wait at least 60 seconds for the components to discharge fully
  4. Plug the TV power cord back in and turn it on
Unplug The TV

If the flickering disappeared, problem solved! If not, let’s try more advanced troubleshooting methods.

Method #2: Perform a Manual Pixel Refresh (LG OLED TVs)

For OLED LG TVs experiencing screen flickering or image retention, run a manual pixel refresh to clear any stuck pixels:

  1. Using your remote, go to Settings > Picture > OLED Panel Settings
  2. Select Pixel Refresher and choose “Run Now
  3. Wait for the refresh process to complete (up to an hour)
Lg Tv Pixel Refresher

This should eliminate any OLED panel issues causing the bothersome blinking. Just don’t run it too often, as it may degrade brightness long-term.

Method #3: Adjust Your Picture Settings

Incorrect picture modes and settings often create screen flickering out of the blue. Let’s optimize them:

  1. Press Settings button on your LG remote and go to the Picture menu
  2. Try different Picture Modes like Vivid, Standard, Cinema, Sports, etc.
  3. Turn Energy Saving to OFF mode
  4. Adjust brightness, contrast, gamma, and sharpness
Lg Tv Energy Saving

Keep testing different combinations of settings until the optimum balance is reached. For older LG TV models, Energy Saving mode could be buried deeper in General or Support menus.

Method #4: Run a Self-Diagnosis Picture Test

LG has built a dedicated picture testing utility into their smart TV software that diagnoses issues precisely. Here’s how to run it:

  1. Using your remote, choose Settings -> Support
  2. Select Picture Test or Screen Self Diagnosis
  3. Follow the prompts and test patterns to detect defects
  4. Apply any suggested picture adjustments
Lg Tv Screen Self Diagnosis

For many users, this test provides the fix by auto calibrating display factors that reduce flickering. Give it a shot before more complex solutions.

Method #5: Reseat Connections and Cables

As we covered earlier, poor cable connections account for most cases of LG TV screen flickering. Let’s fully inspect them:

Inspect TV Connectors and Ports

  1. Power off and unplug TV
  2. Use compressed air to dust out dirt in HDMI, component, composite ports
  3. Check for any damaged port pins or loose connections
  4. Firmly reinsert all cable connections

Check Condition of External HDMI Cables

  1. Remove HDMI cable connections from devices and TV
  2. Inspect the gold contacts for corrosion or material buildup
  3. Try using a different HDMI port on LG TV
  4. Swap out faulty HDMI cables for replacement
Hdmi Cable

Reseating all input connections often solves flickering and blinking issues caused by bad contacts.

Method #6: Update LG TV Firmware

Outdated firmware can wreak all sorts of havoc, including screen blinking. Update to latest software:

For smart LG TVs:

  1. Go to Settings > Support > Software Update
  2. Enable AUTO UPDATE mode
  3. Manually check for updates
Lg Tv Auto Update

For non-smart TVs:

  1. Go to Settings > General > About This TV
  2. Check current firmware version
  3. Upgrade software via USB stick if needed
Lg Tv Check For Updates

Software fixes for display problems are often included in FW updates. Stay current by using Chromecast without internet!

Method #7: Factory Reset the LG TV

If all else fails, resetting your LG TV to factory default state may eliminate any corrupted software or settings causing the flickering screen:

  1. From the Home screen menu, choose Settings > General > Reset to Initial Settings
  2. Confirm factory reset
  3. Enter your LG TV PIN (default is 0000)
  4. Wait for TV to reboot into initial out-of-box state
Reset To Initial Settings

Backup any custom settings, as a factory reset will wipe them all out. But software-related screen blinking should disappear.

Method #8: Replace Faulty T-Con Board

The T-Con (Timing Controller) board regulates output from the mainboard to the LCD display. If its components or cables degrade, flickering occurs:

  1. Open back cover to access LG TV circuit boards
  2. Locate small T-Con board with thin ribbon cables
  3. Unplug all cable connectors and dust out ports
  4. Check cables and ports for damage
  5. Order replacement T-Con board if faulty
  6. Swap in new T-Con board and reconnect cables
T Con Board

While replacing a blown T-Con board requires disassembly skills, it only costs $30-60 to fix flickering issues originating from this component.

Method #9: Replace Main Board

The mainboard (also called motherboard) transfers video signal from devices to T-Con board. If it’s malfunctioning, try replacing it:

  1. Open LG TV by removing back cover
  2. Identify large mainboard with input ports
  3. Unscrew and remove mainboard
  4. Order replacement mainboard for your model
  5. Install new mainboard and reassemble TV
Main Board

As with the T-Con board, the mainboard is an affordable $50-100 fix if diagnosed as the cause of your LG TV flickering woes.

Method #10: Check Power Board Voltage

The power supply board converts high voltage AC electricity to low voltage DC current for TV components. Insufficient power can spark screen blinking:

  1. Locate power board with AC input port
  2. Use a multimeter to check output voltage
  3. Output should show 12v, 5v, and 1.2v DC
  4. If voltage is unstable, replace power board

Remember to discharge capacitors first for safety before testing!

Method #11: Replace LED Backlight Strips

With extended use over several years, LG TV LED backlights start to burn out and flicker:

  1. Remove LCD panel to expose LED strips
  2. Inspect for burnt out or dimming LEDs
  3. Order and replace LED strip for your model
  4. May require some soldering of connectors

Note: Manipulating LED strips requires disassembling the TV panel completely and is very labor intensive. Consider professional service or DIY repair of vertical lines on Samsung TVs.

Method #12: Upgrade to SMART Functionality

Non-smart LG TVs lack automatic firmware updating that often resolves software-related blinking issues.

You can add smart capability via:

  • LG Smart Stick – Plug into TV’s USB port
  • Chromecast – Connect via HDMI port
  • Roku or Fire TV Stick – Attach via HDMI
  • WiFi/Ethernet Adapter – Enable smart apps and web access
Plug Chromecast into Tv

Upgrading allows your TV to download the latest firmware with enhanced display algorithms that prevent flickering problems. See our guide on best movie apps for Android TV to get started.

Method #13: Try a LG TV Firmware Downgrade

In rare cases, a buggy firmware update from LG can actually cause new display issues like screen flickering.

Attempt downgrading to a known good older version:

  1. Research best stable firmware for your model
  2. Download firmware file from LG support site
  3. Install on USB stick
  4. Plug USB into TV and initiate upgrade
  5. Load older firmware via prompts
Plug Usb Into Tv

Downgrading to previous firmware can resolve otherwise unfixable problems with a bad software update.

Method #14: LG TV Backlight Inverter Board

On some LG TV models, the LED backlight power inverter board can fail and require replacement due to overloaded circuits.

To test functionality:

  1. Remove back cover and locate inverter board mounted at edge of frame
  2. Use volt meter to check input/output power levels
  3. Input should measure ~170+ VAC from power supply
  4. Output should be ~60-90 VDC for LED circuit
  5. If voltage is irregular, replace inverter module

Caution! Inverter boards generate HIGH output voltage to LCD panel. Use extreme caution and discharge TV before servicing. Consider hiring an experienced technician.

Method #15: Try LG TV Panel Heat Reflow

With age, solder joints connecting LCD driver chips to glass display can crack, causing erratic behavior like screen flickering.

Experts can perform a heat reflow process to re-flow the solder and restore secure electrical connections. The meticulous procedure involves disassembly and heating components with a blow dryer, heat gun or reflow station.

Again, we recommend leaving this one to the pros! False moves can damage fragile panels.

Method #16: Replace the LG TV Panel

If all troubleshooting and part swaps fail to resolve constant screen blinking, the LCD/OLED panel itself reaching end of life may be the culprit.

At 5+ years of use, physical defects can develop in LTPS display layers causing erratic light leakage. Rather than an expensive full panel, consider buying a used replacement online at 40-60% cheaper. Installation is complex – have an expert handle it unless you have repair experience.

When All Else Fails: Buy a New LG TV

If you have an aging LG TV that requires costly repairs exceeding half the price of a new model, replacement is the most cost-effective path forward.

One way to ease the pain is using credit card promotions or cashback offers that provide discounts, rewards points, or deferred financing on big ticket electronic purchases.

We recommend checking for LG TV deals on:

  • Amazon Prime Rewards Visa: 0% financing for 6-12 months
  • Best Buy Credit Card: 10% rewards back in points
  • Citi Rewards+ Card: Round up purchases for extra points
  • Chase Freedom Cards: Up to 5% cashback bonuses

Don’t trash that old LG TV either! Models with damaged panels can be sold to electronic salvage companies or donated for parts.

Key Takeaways: Stopping an LG TV From Flickering

To summarize the top fixes for stopping LG TV screen flickering:

  • Perform a hard reboot by power cycling the television
  • Update your TV firmware to latest available
  • Factory reset the TV to flush any corrupted data
  • Run built-in picture test utility for adjustments
  • Replace worn HDMI, T-Con, mainboard, or LED backlight
  • Consider adding smart functionality or downgrading FW
  • Carefully check voltage levels and cables of power inverter board
  • Reflow solder points between LCD panel and control boards
  • Purchase manufacturer refurbished, used, open-box TV discounts

Using this LG TV troubleshooting guide, we’re confident you can banish any flickering issues for good. Let us know in the comments below how it goes!

Frequently Asked Questions About LG TV Screen Flickering

Here are answers to some common questions on troubleshooting LG TV screen flickering:

Q: Why does my LG TV flicker when changing channels?

A: Channel change flickering indicates signal detection issues with either weak input, loose cabling, or faulty components in charge of processing video sources.

Q: Is screen flickering always a hardware problem?

A: Not always – many cases of LG TV screen blinking involve software issues like outdated firmware or Energy Saving bugs toggling brightness.

Q: How much does it cost to repair a flickering LG TV?

A: Anywhere from $0 if it’s a loose wire to $500 if the panel or multiple boards require replacement. Try software fixes first before resorting to hardware repairs.

Q: Should I factory reset my LG TV to stop flickering?

A: Yes, factory resetting your LG smart television is an effective troubleshooting step for software-related causes of screen blinking or flashing. Just remember to backup your apps and settings first!

Q: Why does my LG TV flicker randomly?

A: Intermittent LG TV screen flickering with no obvious causes may indicate deeper hardware issues like failing LEDs or faulty controller boards that will require replacement over time. Start gathering repair cost estimates in case problem progresses.

Still have questions? Leave a comment below!

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