Why Is My Philips TV Remote Blinking Orange? Troubleshooting Guide

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Written by Jason Lin

Philips Tv Remote Blinking Orange

Having an unresponsive Philips TV remote blinking orange can be frustrating. But don’t worry – in most cases, it’s an easy fix. This comprehensive guide will walk you through all the potential causes and solutions so you can get back to watching your favorite shows.

Common Causes of a Blinking Orange Light

There are a few common culprits behind a Philips remote that keeps flashing orange:

  • Low Batteries – The most likely cause is drained batteries. The blinking orange light is a low battery indicator warning you it’s time to swap them out.
  • Pairing Issues – If the remote is paired with another device like a soundbar, the orange light could mean connectivity problems.
  • Physical Damage – Dropping the remote or spilling liquid on it can damage components and cause a blinking light.
  • Signal Interference – Other electronics like routers hampering the remote’s IR communication can lead to blinking.
  • Faulty Sensor – Dirt or defects in the TV’s sensor prevent it from receiving the remote’s signals properly.
  • Software Bugs – Outdated firmware both in the remote and TV can cause compatibility issues.

Now let’s explore the top troubleshooting tips to stop the blinking remote.

Other issues like incorrect picture settings or a faulty LED backlight can also cause problems. See guides to fixing a blue tint on a Philips TV or troubleshooting a blinking red light.

7 Ways to Fix a Philips TV Remote Blinking Orange

Follow this step-by-step guide to diagnose and resolve a Philips remote that keeps flashing orange:

1. Replace the Batteries

The first step is ruling out drained batteries as the culprit:

  • Open the battery compartment at the back of the remote.
  • Take out old batteries and discard them properly.
  • Check for corrosion or leakage. Clean contacts if needed.
  • Insert 2 new AA batteries, ensuring correct +/- orientation.
  • Close battery cover and test remote.
Philips Tv Replace The Batteries

If new batteries stop the blinking, you’re all set!

2. Disconnect Paired Devices

If you recently connected your remote to another gadget like a soundbar, try unpairing:

  • Go into TV settings and disconnect paired devices.
  • Follow instructions to pair remote to TV again.
  • Try using remote to see if orange blinking has stopped.
Philips Tv Disconnect Paired Devices

3. Check Physical Damage

Inspect your remote for cracks, leaks or missing buttons which can cause issues:

4. Rule Out Signal Interference

Other electronics in the room hampering IR can cause blinking. To test:

  • Make sure remote has clear line-of-sight access to TV’s sensor.
  • Turn off or unplug other nearby electronic devices.
  • Ensure TV input matches remote control mode.
  • Move closer to TV and point remote directly at it when pressing buttons.
Unplug Your Tv

If the blinking persists, interference is likely not the issue.

5. Clean TV Sensor

To allow proper communication, the TV sensor must be clean and unobstructed:

  • Locate small sensor window near bottom of TV frame.
  • Use microfiber cloth to gently wipe and remove any dust or dirt buildup.
  • Make sure there is no furniture blocking sensor line-of-sight.

6. Update Remote & TV Software

Outdated firmware can disrupt connectivity. Updating can resolve glitches:

  • Try resetting remote by removing batteries for 60 secs.
  • On TV, check settings for new remote control software updates.
  • If available, download updates and restart devices.
  • Re-pair remote with TV by following prompts.

7. Factory Reset TV

If all else fails, a factory reset clears any weird bugs causing remote blinking:

  • Access settings menu and select Factory Reset option.
  • Follow screen instructions to reset TV to default.
  • Reconfigure TV settings and re-pair remote when setup is complete.
Android Tv Factory Reset

This should fully troubleshoot any software issues between the devices.

When Should You Replace the Remote?

If you’ve tried all troubleshooting tips and the orange flashing persists, the remote is likely faulty and needs replacing.

Visibly cracked hardware or unresponsive buttons despite new batteries also indicates a dead remote ready for retirement.

Time for a swap if your Philips remote:

  • Has physical damage beyond repair
  • Doesn’t work despite new batteries
  • Keeps blinking orange after troubleshooting

Alternative Control Options

While sorting out remote problems, you can access Philips Smart TV functions using:

  • TV Buttons – External control buttons on the TV set.
  • Smartphone App – Philips TV Remote app lets you use your phone instead.
  • Smart Speakers – Connect Alexa / Google Home to your Philips TV.

So even with remote issues, you can still enjoy uninterrupted TV usage.

Key Takeaways on Fixing a Philips TV Remote Blinking Orange

  • Common causes include low batteries, signal issues, faulty sensors and software bugs.
  • Replace batteries and check for physical damage or pairing problems.
  • Rule out interference and clean TV sensor so devices can communicate.
  • Update remote and TV software, or factory reset if all else fails.
  • Purchase a replacement when remote has unfixable hardware defects.
  • Use external TV controls, smartphone apps or smart speakers in the interim.

Knowing these guidelines for diagnosing and fixing a blinking Philips remote can help restore normal TV functionality quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if new batteries don’t stop the blinking?
Try resetting the remote and TV connection, check for interference, clean sensors, or update software. If issues continue, the remote likely needs replacing.

Why does my remote work sometimes but keep blinking?
Intermittent functionality with blinking is typically caused by signal disruption from low batteries or interference.

How can I prevent issues with my Philips remote?
Check batteries monthly, keep the handset clean, avoid damage, store safely and always update to the latest firmware.

My remote is lost – what replacement works with Philips TVs?

Many affordable, universal remotes are compatible with Philips TVs. Brands like Logitech Harmony remotes can also control Philips devices.

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