Where to Find the Power Button on a Philips Roku TV: A Complete Guide

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Written by Jason Lin

Philips Roku Tv Power Button

Finding the power button on a Philips Roku TV can be tricky, especially if you’ve misplaced the remote. This guide covers everything you need to know about turning on your Philips Roku TV manually.


As a 15-year home electronics technician, I’ve helped thousands of people troubleshoot issues with their smart TVs. Common problems like a Philips TV won’t turn on or having no sound from your Philips TV can be frustrating. But finding the power button is the first step towards troubleshooting these problems.

There are a few places it can be located, which I’ll cover step-by-step in this comprehensive guide. I’ll also provide insight into:

  • Physical buttons on Philips Roku TVs
  • Using Roku phone apps as a remote
  • Resetting or power cycling your Philips TV
  • Troubleshooting power issues

With insider knowledge and expertise from repairing Philips/Roku TVs, my goal is to help you easily turn on your TV without stress – remote or no remote!

Where Is The Power Button Located?

Here are the possible locations of the power button based on the Philips Roku TV model you have:

Back Panel Buttons

Many Philips Roku TVs have physical buttons for power and volume control on the back. Check left and right panels for a button with a standby symbol (a line partially through a circle).

  • Hold power button for 5+ seconds to turn TV on/off
  • May need small object like pen tip to press in
  • Also locate built-in Roku reset pinhole
Philips Roku Tv Power Button Back Panel Buttons

Side Panel Buttons

Some models have physical buttons along the left or right bezel edge. Look for tiny icons indicating power, volume, input source.

Side panel buttons may show a red blinking light indicating the TV is in standby mode. Read more about meaning of blinking red light on Philips TVs.

  • Buttons may have haptic feedback
  • Hold power button to turn TV on
Philips Roku Tv Power Button Side Panel Buttons

Front Control Panel

On other Philips Roku TVs, buttons are under front edge or lower right corner.

  • Swivel front panel down to access buttons
  • Includes power, input, volume, channel navigation
  • LED light indicates TV status

Roku Mobile App

Don’t have physical access to your Philips TV? Download official Roku app to use phone as remote:

Roku Mobile App

Once connected to same WiFi network, you can easily power TV on/off.

Alternative Ways To Power On Philips Roku TV

If buttons aren’t working, try these resets before replacing remote:

  • Unplug TV for 1 minute to discharge, replug and retry
  • Press and hold TV reset pinhole with paperclip for 15-30 seconds
  • Some models have master power switch on back – toggle on/off
  • Check remote battery level before assuming issue
  • Use universal remote if unable to find Roku remote
  • Factory reset Roku TV using step-by-step menus

As a last resort, directly access the power supply inside Philips TV – but I only recommend technicians attempt this method.

Troubleshooting Philips Roku TV Power Problems

Power issues like not turning on often stem from power supply/main board failure. Try these steps:

  • Inspect power cord for damage
  • Test wall outlet with a volt meter
  • Plug in lamp to confirm outlet working
  • Inspect inside for loose ribbon cables
  • Check power supply board for burnt smell/components
  • Purchase replacement main logic board if faulty

Intermittent turning off could indicate overheating. Make sure ventilation and fan is operating normally.

Overheating can cause random powering off, which may show a blue tint on Philips TVs first. Be sure ventilation and fans work properly.

Key Takeaways

Finding the power button can be a headache with so many options. To quickly turn on your Philips Roku TV:

  • Check back/side panels for physical buttons
  • Look for front control panel under edge
  • Use Roku mobile app as remote
  • Reset pinhole, power cycle as needed
  • Consider component failure for persistent issues

With some luck locating the button plus troubleshooting tricks, you’ll be streaming content in no time!

See also our guides for power buttons on Samsung, Vizio, Hisense TVs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the power button located on a Philips Roku TV?

The power button can be found on the back, side or front lower panels of your Philips Roku TV. Check for a button with a standby or power symbol.

Why won’t my Philips Roku TV turn on?

If buttons don’t work, the issue may be power supply/main board failure. Try unplugging, resetting and replacing cords before replacing internal components.

Can I use my phone as a remote for Philips Roku TV?

Yes, download the Roku app to your iOS or Android device. Connect to same WiFi network then use app to power TV on/off.

How do I reset my Phillips Roku TV?

Locate pinhole on back panel near buttons, then press and hold for 15-30 seconds with paperclip to reset. Or access reset menus using remote.

Does the power button on a Phillips TV turn it off?

Yes, the physical power button turns the TV both on and off. Press and hold it for around 5 seconds for it to respond.

I hope this guide gives you a better understanding of how to access power controls on your Philips Roku TV. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Jason Lin
Tech enthusiast with 10+ years of experience, providing guides, reviews, and tips on Smart TVs, streaming devices, and TV apps.

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