Where to Find the Hard-to-Locate Power Button on Vizio TVs

February 10, 2024

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If you’ve recently purchased a sleek new Vizio TV, you may have quickly realized there is no obvious power button. Modern Vizio TVs prioritize aesthetics over function, hiding away physical buttons.

But what if you lose your remote and need to manually turn on your TV? This comprehensive guide will teach you exactly how to locate the power button on any Vizio Smart TV model.

Where is the Vizio TV Power Button Located?

The Vizio TV power button location varies depending on when your model was manufactured:

  • On newer Vizio TVs (2015-present), the power button is on the back bottom right corner underneath the HDMI ports.
  • On older Vizio TVs (pre-2015), the power button is on the front left side of the bezel or frame surrounding the screen.

Scroll down to see detailed diagrams showing how to find the power button based on your Vizio TV’s manufacturing date.

Vizio TV Model Numbers and Series Explained

Before showing the power button locations, it helps to understand Vizio’s naming conventions and model types:

Main Vizio TV Series

Vizio categorizes their televisions into different “series” indicating the quality tier and features:

  • D-Series – Entry-level HD TVs
  • V-Series – Mid-range 4K TVs
  • M-Series – High-end 4K QLED TVs
  • P-Series – Premium 4K OLED TVs

Within each series are different model lines released on a yearly basis.

Vizio TV Model Numbers

Vizio TV model numbers look like this:

  • P – The series (P = premium picture quality)
  • 65 – The screen size (65 inches)
  • Q9 – The model line and year (Q = 2022, 9 = top tier for that year)
  • J01 – Additional model variant codes

So a full model number reveals a lot about that specific television.

Now let’s examine the power button locations for both older and newer Vizio TVs.

Where is the Power Button on Newer Vizio TVs?

Any Vizio television released in 2015 or later will have the power button concealed on the rear right side underneath the ports.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Turn your Vizio TV around to see the back panel.
  2. Look underneath the HDMI and input ports on the bottom right corner.
  3. Run your fingers along the edges here to locate a small, discreet button – that’s the power button.
Newer Vizio Tv Power Button

There may also be tiny volume and input buttons lined vertically with the power button.

*The power button on new Vizio TVs is purposefully subtle and difficult to press frequently.

Consider getting a replacement remote or using the Vizio phone app if you’ve lost your original TV remote control.

Where is the Power Button on Older Vizio TVs?

On Vizio smart TVs manufactured in 2014 or earlier, the power button location is more conveniently placed on the bezel framing the screen.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Face the front of your older Vizio television
  2. Look at the bottom left corner of the plastic frame surrounding the screen
  3. You should see a small selection of buttons – the top one is the power button
Older Vizio Tv Power Button

Alternatively, the button cluster may be located on the side left edge of the bezel instead.

The power buttons on older Vizio TV models tend to be more prominent and easier to access.

What Are Those Other Vizio TV Buttons For?

Alongside the power button, Vizio TVs often have 1-2 other related control buttons. Here is what they do:

  • Top Button – Power on/off
  • Middle Button – Volume control up/down
  • Bottom Button – Changes input source signal
Other Vizio Tv Buttons

So on older Vizio TVs with these buttons on the frame, you can perform basic functions even without the remote. Of course the buttons are small and difficult to use frequently – I’ll cover some better alternatives next.

What If You’ve Lost Your Vizio TV Remote?

Once you’ve located those inconveniently placed Vizio TV buttons, you’ll quickly realize they weren’t designed for daily usage. Here are two options to control your Vizio without the remote:

1. Vizio Mobile App

Vizio Mobile App

Vizio offers a free Android and iPhone app called Vizio Mobile that allows your phone to operate as a smart remote:

  • Download the Vizio Mobile app to your phone
  • Connect phone and TV to the same WiFi network
  • Open app and select your Vizio TV
  • Enter pairing code shown on TV
  • Full remote control enabled!

The mobile app can turn your Vizio on/off, adjust volume, switch inputs, navigate menus and more. See troubleshooting if the Vizio SmartCast app stops working.

2. Replacement Vizio TV Remote

If you prefer a physical remote, consider getting a replacement instead of constantly struggling with the built-in buttons:

Choose an exact model match remote customized for your TV from the product listings. Generic universal remotes may not fully pair with Vizio sets.

I suggest keeping 1-2 backup replacement remotes on hand in case you lose your main one!

Expert Tips For Using Vizio TV Power Buttons

Here are some pro tips from electronics technicians on utilizing the built-in Vizio TV buttons:

  • “Don’t press the physical buttons too hard or frequently. They are mainly an emergency backup, not for constant pressing or normal usage.”
  • “You can hold the power button in for 10 seconds to force reboot a frozen or unresponsive Vizio TV.”
  • “If you use a universal remote and it’s out of sync, try the power button to reset to factory.”
  • “Very occasionally the power button itself can stop working. In that case contact Vizio support about possible hardware repairs.”

FAQs About Finding the Vizio TV Power Button

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about locating the power button on Vizio televisions:

Are all Vizio TVs equipped with a power button?

Yes, every Vizio TV model has a physical power button installed, though the position varies between older and newer sets. This serves as an backup if the remote stops working.

Why is the Vizio TV power button so hard to find?

In pursuit of maximally thin designs and aesthetics, companies like Vizio have hidden away physical buttons from view. But they are still present as a manual backup if needed.

My Vizio TV won’t turn on – now what?

First, ensure your Vizio is plugged into a working power outlet. Try power cycling the TV using the hard-to-find power button on the back or side to reboot. If it still won’t power on, contact Vizio customer support about potential internal hardware failures like a Vizio TV black screen.

The Key Takeaway

It’s understandably frustrating when the Vizio TV power button seems to be missing in action. Hopefully this guide has eliminated the guesswork involved with finding those discreet buttons on any Vizio television model. Summarily on newer Vizio TVs, look on the back lower right side. For older models, check the front left bezel.

And if you’ve lost your remote? Consider the Vizio SmartCast mobile app or a replacement remote for much easier long-term use!