How to Fix Vizio Remote Not Working – Top Fixes in 2024

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Written by Jason Lin

Vizio Remote Not Working

A Vizio remote not working might cause a heap of annoyance when you want to watch your favorite TV show.

You cannot even use any other remote for the time being as the Vizio remote can only run the TV through its Smart TV control features that let you navigate through various applications.

We are going to help your Vizio remote in this article. Be patient and read on.

What Can Be the Reason for a Vizio Remote Not Working?

The users have most reported the following causes:

  • Empty batteries – These make the remote totally disabled.
  • TV sensor hurdled – Any blockage might disallow the IR ray from reaching to the TV and thus lead to the remote malfunctioning.
  • Unstable power supply – A dirty power supply to the TV may also be one potential cause.
  • Power residues in the remote or TV – These affect the transmission of the IR rays and thereby lead to the Vizio remote not working.
  • Freezing remote memory – The issue may also be a result of the remote memory getting stuck at a particular device or point.
  • Malfunctioning TV – This is a symbol of error from the other end.
  • Clash of electronic radiations – A lot of them interrupts the remote’s IR ray from reaching the TV.

The Necessary Pre-check

If you are using an IR emitting remote, you must have to perform it before the fixing. You need to check if IR is successfully emitted by the remote or not, and an easy camera test can help you with that. A digital camera or a mobile camera can just do.

Now follow these steps:

1. Open the camera and now look at the remote on the screen of the camera you are using.

2. Point the main end of the remote towards the lens of the camera.

The necessary pre-check

3. Now press any button on the remote and hold it. Notice if you can see the light emitting out of the LED IR on the remote end.

The necessary pre-check to fix Vizio Remote Not Working

4. Do this for every remote button, especially the Volume and Power button.

If no button works, then it is the Vizio remote not working. And if some buttons can’t work, then you may just get the remote repaired.

If all remote buttons are good, then a proper fix is what your remote needs.

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Methods for Fixing the Vizio Remote Not Working

We are giving you a list of tested methods that you can try to troubleshoot the remote.

1. Check the Remote Batteries

Batteries are the source of power for the remote to function. The two AAA or AA batteries are most commonly used in the Vizio remotes.

If the power of the battery gets drained out, rust covers the contact points, or carbon gets accumulates on the batteries; then it leads to the Vizio remote not working.

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This is what you need to do with the batteries:

1. Take out the batteries. You can find them in a slot, usually on the back or the bottom o the front.

Check the remote batteries

2. Look at the contact terminals or points and see if they have any rust or carbon coating. If yes, then clean them with an alcoholic solution.

3. Put these new refreshed batteries or another new pair into the remote. Ensure that you install them correctly into the negative and positive ends.

See if the method has recovered the Vizio remote not working.

2. Clean the TV Sensor for Any Blockages

The TV remote might be getting troublesome because its IR sensor is blocked and unable to receive the IR signals. The IR sensor is usually found to exist on the left or right side of the TV at the bottom.

When the blockage happens, anything might have caused that, including even transparent objects. It can be something like the plastic film that covers the remote when it is newly shipped along with the TV.

Let’s see how to remove any blockage:

1. Find the IR sensor on the TV.

Clean the TV sensor for any blockages to fix Vizio Remote Not Working

2. Move any object that might be lying right in the face of the TV.

3. Check for any visible smudges that might be on the sensor. You can easily clean these with any alcoholic solution.

4. Now direct the remote towards the sensor and then press the Power button. Ensure that the distance between you and the TV is not more than 10 feet, as the IR signals operate within a limited range only.

5. If you can turn the power of the TV on and off easily now, then the reason for the Vizio remote not working was a blockage in the IR signal.

3. Use Another Power Source to ix Vizio Remote Not Working

When the power quality that is being received by the device goes abnormal, it is known as ‘Dirty Power.’ Anything can cause this abnormality, like low power factors, voltage variation, power surges, or frequency variations. If you plug the TV into a dirty power outlet, it may lead the Vizio remote to malfunction.

What you then need to do is:

  1. Plug the Vizio TV out from the main power source.
  2. Move the TV and plug it into a different power outlet, which will give a normal power supply to the TV.

4. Power Cycling the Vizio Remote

It often happens that some power remains or power residue may get left in the Vizio remote, causing it to malfunction or stop working altogether.

To remove this issue, you can try power cycling the Vizio remote. It gets reset thereby, and the entire power residue left back, even when the remote is inactive, gets drained out.

The main purpose of power cycling is to ensure the complete resetting of all the configurations of the remote that was done temporarily. This fixes the error-causing configurations, if any, in the remote.

This also loosens those buttons of the Vizio remote not working that may have gotten wedged down out of your notice.

Let us tell you how to perform power cycling:

1. Take the batteries out of the remote.

Check the remote batteries to fix Vizio Remote Not Working

2. Press the power button of the remote and then hold it down. This button is normally situated on the top of the body.

Power cycling the Vizio remote

3. After 5 seconds, let go of the power button. This will remove the entire power residue from the remote.

4. Now, one by one, press all the remote buttons for a single time or two. This will loosen out any button that might have gotten stuck.

Make sure to do this to every button to pluck out the pushed button, which got locked in that position only. If you try to input any other command, the remote will not accept it.

Power cycling the Vizio remote

5. Insert batteries back into the Vizio remote.

Power cycling the Vizio remote

5. Power Cycle Your TV

Sometimes the problem may happen with the TV and not the remote. It may not respond to any input by the users like remote control trying to change the channels, because it has got some fault in its parameters itself.

You can solve this issue by power cycling your TV too. The process is the same as that of power cycling for a remote.

  1. Remove the TV plug out of the power outlet.
  2. Press the power button of the TV and then hold it down for around half a minute. This button is normally situated on the side of the body. This will remove the entire power residue from the TV and solve all the other issues if any.
  3. Wait for the next minute.
  4. Plug the TV into the main power outlet and then turn it on.
  5. Use the remote control to operate the TV.

6. Clearing the Memory by Resetting the Remote

This method is exclusively meant for the Universal Vizio remote not working. The Vizio Universal Remotes had reportedly faced memory errors many times when they got stuck at a particular stage or a device. This can be settled by performing a reset of these remotes.

Once you clear the memory of the remote successfully, you will have to reconnect it to all the devices that you have used before, like DVD players and others, as the connection info will be lost in the process.

Let’s see how to do it:

1. Press the SETUP button of the remote and keep it held. This button is on the left side of the remote at the top.

Clearing the memory by resetting the remote

2. When you see the LED beam blinking two times, then release the SET button. You can find this light near the top side of the Vizio remote.

Clearing the memory by resetting the remote

3. Now, you have to enter the reset code. Most Universal remotes of Vizio have reset codes like 977 or 981. If you are unsure about your remote’s reset code, look for it in the user manual.

Clearing the memory by resetting the remote

4. The LED light will flash twice again. Once you see that happening, know that the memory of your Vizio remote has been wiped out successfully. It will even solve any firmware issue that might have been there. Now reconnect the remote with the TV.

Clearing the memory by resetting the remote

5. For reconnecting, you have to be careful about the button that you need to press. The button that switches the remote for controlling the appliance is located in two places- one at the top and the other at the bottom. You have to press the one at the bottom of the remote to switch back the TV.

See if the Vizio remote is not working or is running again or not.

7. Electronic Radiation Interference

We use so many electronic gadgets at the same time, and each of them emits a different kind of radiation.

Sometimes these radiations clash with each other, like they may be disrupting the IR signal. Such a phenomenon may also be causing the Vizio remote not to work.

Let us tell you how to deal with this situation:

Electronic Radiation Interference
  1. Identify all the electronic devices that are on, even the normal lights too, and lying within the direct field of view range of the window of the remote sensor.
  2. You may need to either move these devices to someplace else or switch them off completely.
  3. You can also put masking tape or a Blue painter’s strip of tape on the sensor at the front side of the receiving end. The tape puts a hindrance between the IR and radiations of the other devices and allows only the remote signal to pass through.

8. Try Remote Application for Mobile

There are so many mobile applications made to utilize a mobile device as a TV remote. You can try any of them, and they make the job very convenient.

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Q: Why is my Vizio remote not working even with new batteries?

A: While new batteries usually solve the problem, there could be other underlying issues such as a remote pairing problem or a malfunctioning remote. Try resetting the remote and re-pairing it with the TV.

Q: Can I use a universal remote as a replacement for my Vizio remote?

A: Yes, you can use a universal remote as a replacement for your Vizio remote. However, you may need to program the universal remote to work with your Vizio TV.

Q: How often should I clean my Vizio remote?

A: It’s a good practice to clean your Vizio remote regularly to prevent the buildup of dirt and debris. Cleaning it every few months or as needed is recommended.

Q: Do I need an internet connection to update the firmware on my Vizio TV?

A: Yes, you need an internet connection to download and install firmware updates on your Vizio TV. Ensure that your TV is connected to the internet before attempting to update the firmware.

Q: How long does it usually take for Vizio support to respond?

A: The response time from Vizio support may vary, but they typically aim to respond to customer inquiries within 24 to 48 hours.


If you were not able to fix the Vizio remote not working, then you may just get a new one or replace it with another Vizio remote, as most of the remote models are compatible with most of the Vizio TVs.

If no remote is working for the TV, then probably the TV is the culprit. You can also get your remote repaired for any damage.

We hope that the article helped you to get the issue fixed!

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