Why Your Vizio TV Won’t Turn On and How to Easily Fix It

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Written by Jason Lin

Vizio TV Light Blinking

Has your Vizio TV started flashing its backlight but won’t fully turn on? Don’t panic – this is a common issue with several quick solutions. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through 8 methods to get your Vizio TV working again.

Common Causes of a Vizio TV Blinking Light

Before jumping into the step-by-step troubleshooting, it’s helpful to understand what might cause this problem in the first place:

  • Power surges – A temporary spike or drop in voltage can cause issues with the TV’s delicate internal components.
  • Loose cable connections – If a power cable or interior wiring comes loose, it can prevent the TV from powering on normally.
  • Outdated firmware – Bugs in the TV’s firmware can interrupt normal functioning.
  • Component failure – With age, components like capacitors and resistors can fail, leading to abnormal behavior.
  • Backlight failure – LED backlights wear out over time. When they start to fail, the TV may blink instead of turning fully on.

Now let’s look at the best ways to troubleshoot and fix these common causes based on expertise from Vizio technicians.

Method 1: Reset Your Vizio TV

Resetting your Vizio Smart TV is the easiest and most effective troubleshooting method over 75% of the time. Here’s how to perform a proper reset:

  1. Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet and wait 60 seconds. This drains residual electricity.
  2. While unplugged, press and hold the power button on the TV itself for 15-30 seconds to discharge remaining power.
  3. Plug the TV’s power cord back into the wall outlet and press the power button again to turn it on.
Unplug The TV

In most cases, your TV should now turn on normally without the blinking light. If the blinking persists, don’t worry – more solutions ahead.

Software issues like a glitchy platform such as Vizio SmartCast can also cause blinking lights.

Method 2: Try Another Electrical Outlet

Before digging into the TV, make sure there isn’t a simple electrical issue with the wall outlet itself:

  • Plug a working lamp, phone charger or other device into the outlet. If that device works, the outlet is likely providing stable electricity.
  • Try plugging the TV’s power cord into another close outlet, or a surge protector instead. Faulty wiring in a single outlet could be the culprit.
  • Check your circuit breaker and any GFCI outlets – if a fuse is blown or outlet tripped, it could explain why the TV blinks.

You may need to replace batteries in the Vizio remote or try using the physical power button instead.

Method 3: Reseat Cable Connections

Loose interior cables are another common culprit for Vizio TV power issues:

  1. Unplug the TV’s power cord and any other connected cables like HDMI or component video.
  2. Carefully place the TV face-down on a soft, stable surface to access the back panel.
  3. Check that the power cord and all interior ribbon cables are firmly seated in their connectors. Reseat any loose connections.
  4. Screw the back panel in tightly, stand the TV upright, reconnect cables and power it on.
Tcl Tv Hdmi

This simple reseating fixes connectivity issues over 20% of the time.

Method 4: Factory Reset the TV

Outdated firmware often contributes to abnormal TV behavior like blinking lights. Resetting to factory defaults can clear any software glitches:

With original remote:

  1. Select the Menu button, then choose System > Reset & Admin > Reset TV to Factory Defaults
Vizio Tv Reset & Admin
Vizio Tv Reset Tv To Factory Defaults

Without remote:

  1. With TV powered on, press and hold Volume Down + Input for 15-20 seconds until prompted to press Input again.
  2. Press and hold Input for 10+ seconds more. This resets the device.
Hard Reset A Vizio Tv Without Remote

Method 5: Check for Backlight Failure

With most Vizio TV problems, the power indicator still lights normally but the screen stays black.

But backlight issues specifically cause blinking/flashing behavior as failing LEDs struggle to illuminate the display.

Here’s how to test for and resolve backlight failure:

  1. Power on the blinking TV and turn off room lights.
  2. Shine a bright light directly at the screen to check for very faint images, indicating the backlight works partially.
  3. If the picture appears under bright light, replacement backlights cost around $50-150. Repair guides for most models are readily available.

Check for other common problems like Vizio TV flickering or blue tint.

Method 6: Replace Capacitors

Bulging or leaking capacitors prevent stable power delivery, resulting in blinking lights or failure to turn on.

Luckily, capacitor replacement is straightforward – no soldering required in most cases:

  1. Open the rear TV panel and visually inspect capacitors on boards for any signs of damage. Look for corrosion or a rounded top.
  2. Order a replacement kit for a few dollars with capacitors matching your particular model.
  3. Refer to online repair guides to safely replace all capacitors exhibiting signs of failure. This restores power stability.
Inspect And Replace Capacitors

Method 7: Replace Power Supply

With older Vizio models especially, the internal power supply itself may fail after years of use. Symptoms include blinking/pulsing lights unable to fully power on.

The solution requires installing a new replacement power supply unit:

  1. Match your TV model to a compatible replacement part – most cost $25-$100.
  2. Use online video guides to carefully remove the old unit and install the new power supply.
  3. Power the TV on to confirm normal, stable functionality is restored.

Method 8: Contact Vizio Support

Still having issues getting your Vizio TV to power on without blinking? Connect directly with Vizio’s U.S.-based customer support specialists:

Phone: (844) 254-8087

Hours: M-F 8am – 11pm CST | Sat-Sun 9am – 8pm CST

Live Chat & SMS: Available on Vizio’s Support page

Vizio’s experts can help diagnose remaining issues with your exact model and explore warranty coverage and repair options.

Key Takeaways on Fixing Vizio TV Power Issues

  • Vizio TVs frequently develop power issues marked by blinking/flashing indicators that fail to turn fully on.
  • Most blinking light problems stem from capacitors, backlights or the internal power supply needing replacement.
  • Start troubleshooting Vizio issues by resetting the device and checking electrical connections.
  • Component-level repairs require matching replacement parts to your Vizio TV model but are very achievable.
  • Vizio representatives can identify remaining issues and assist further based on warranty eligibility.

With multiple cost-effective troubleshooting tips above, hopefully your Vizio Smart TV will be running like normal soon! Let us know in the comments if you need any assistance getting that pesky blinking issue fully resolved.

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