Best Vizio TV Remote App for Android – Control Your TV with Ease

January 12, 2024

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Are you wondering to find the best Vizio TV remote app for your Android device? If so, you have landed in the correct place.

We have composed this article explaining the most powerful and user-friendly Vizio remote control apps. So, keep reading and pick the best out of the rest.

Vizio remote control app


Vizio is manufactured high-end TV sets for a reasonable price. The latest TV sets they manufacture are compatible with Android devices as well. As a result, you can control Visio TV sets remotely using Android devices.

To make it happen, you should download a Vizio remote app on your Android device. When it comes to Vizio remote control apps, there are plenty of options you can select from. So, choosing the best Vizio TV remote can be a challenging task.

In that case, you will need some assistance, which may be why you are reading this article.

The Functionality of a Vizio TV Remote

In simplest terms, a Vizio TV remote app can control the functions of a TV using an Android device.

Thanks to this technology, you can control your Vizio TV even if your original remote control is not available. That means Vizio remote app can replace your regular remote controller.

Besides, if your Vizio SmartCast not working and you wish to fix it, you can follow the guide here with every practical solution to address this issue easily.

List of Best Vizio Remote Control Apps

As we have mentioned before, you are here because you want to learn about the best Vizio remote app. The app you choose must create a virtual remote control on your Android device.

As a result, you can gain access to your Vizio TV without hassle. In general, you expect pretty much all the functions in the app, just like the original one. For instance, you expect that you can launch any app on the TV using the app installed.

However, with most apps, you can only experience some basic features, such as volume control. Those apps cannot open apps on the TV. So, having such a remote controller can be useless at times.

Nevertheless, some advanced Vizio TV remote apps can perform all the functions you want.

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01. Remote Control for Vizio TV

This is one of the most impressive Vizio TV remote apps developed for Android devices.

This app’s interface is very similar to Vizio’s original remote controllers that were manufactured in 2013-2014. A selection of shortcuts is placed at the top of its screen to make things easier.

However, this app can give perfect control even if using a relatively new Vizio TV set. The appearance of the controls and the shortcuts have changed over the past years.

But the button layout on most modern remotes has not changed drastically. So, this app will not be a problem regardless of the TV version.

Remote Control for Vizio TV

Frankly, this app doesn’t offer a wide array of fancy features. Instead, it comes with pretty much the most essential features. This app makes noise when you select a button.

However, we don’t appreciate such a feature because of the pretty weird noise it produces. If you feel the same, you can simply leave the option unchecked. Otherwise, you will annoy the ones around you by making sounds whenever you press a key.

In addition to that, this app allows you to switch to the ‘always-on’ screen mode. But, once again, we strongly recommend you avoid always-on mode. That is because it can cause your screen to burn if you leave it on for a long time.

Also, your phone’s battery will drain terribly faster if you have this option switched on. So, consider those scenarios before using the option.

Remote Control for Vizio TV

Its Benefit:

A good benefit associated with this app is that developers upgrade it constantly to match the latest Android devices. Although we are not too sure about the future updates they offer, we hope for the best. Their continuous support for the users is impressive.

Honestly, we don’t like the name ‘Remote Control for Vizio TV’ because it is too clunky for a name. This is a great app if you are looking for a simplified app as a remote controller for Vizio.

We also believe this app would be much better if it had some additional features. For instance, we prefer to change the shortcuts located at the top of the screen. All in all, this app can be considered a decent option for your Android device.

02. VizRemote

This is another app that comes with the appearance and feel of a classic Vizio remote control device. Although this app is relatively older compared to the previous option, it functions without any hassle so far.

In fact, the appearance of the VizRemote interface is similar to devices from the 2011-2012 era. The difference is that it doesn’t have any shortcuts.

Nevertheless, it comprises pretty much all the buttons that should be available on the original remote. The best thing about it is that it can easily open any app on the TV set.

However, the usability of the app is not as good as the Remote Control for Vizio. It lacks shortcuts. Also, the overall design has a pretty outdated appearance compared to the modern-day Vizio sets.

If you have got used to using a pretty older Vizio set, however, you may find it convenient. Interestingly, it has a 3D setting that is built into the interface despite its older appearance. It allows you to toggle 3D on the set, so you don’t want to go to ‘Settings.’

In fact, 3D is not available on most new TV sets. Over time, the 3D feature has become obsolete feature. Nevertheless, if you are a fan of those 3D movies on the older Vizio sets, this option is useful.


Its Main Features:

Just like with the Remote Control for the Vizio app, this app doesn’t come with various fancy features too. Instead, it comes with simplified features that can make the operation pretty convenient.

The purpose of this remote controller app is very straightforward; it tries to replicate the original remote controller.

Besides, it comes with an alert setting that was available in the previous option. You can also find the option to disable or enable the haptic feedback that happens during button presses.

Once again, we should tell you that this is not our favorite feature. The disturbing sound it creates can annoy the ones around you, especially during a silent night. In addition to that, it has the ‘always on’ feature.

As we believe, this option is not that good because it can eventually cause screen damage. Moreover, it can cause serious draining on your battery.

When it comes to the availability of software updates, VizRemote comes with an updated version. As of this writing, it supports Android 7.0 (Nougat). It is true that we consider the remote control for Vizio as a better option than VixRemote.

However, if you are using an older TV with an old-fashioned remote controller, VizRemote is a very decent option. Both options we have mentioned so far may lack some advanced features.

However, if you are looking for a remote that can trigger the function of 3D. Therefore, we can still consider VizRemote as one of the top picks.

03. Vizio SmartCast

This is a pretty different software compared to the other options on this list. We call it a different software because it is developed by Vizio itself to control its SmartCast platform.

Well, if you are not totally aware of SmartCast, here’s a glimpse of it. In 2016, Vizio carried out a major revamp, changing the television platform completely. This revamp process changed the TV apps as well as the controlling options of the TV set.

As a part of this revamping, they shipped all their TV sets with 6″ Android tablets. They got rid of the physical remote controller. However, the tablets were not as impressive as you would expect. They had a quad-core processor manufactured by an unknown company.

In addition to that, the display was 720p. However, they had the IR blaster and a pre-installed remote app that works with your TV set. It was perfectly compatible with the SmartCast platform of Vizio.

Its Impressive Concept:

Despite the mediocre display and performance of the tablet, the SmartCast feature is a very impressive concept. It eliminated the requirement of having built-in apps on Netflix, Hulu, etc.

Instead of those apps, SmartCast utilizes Google’s Cast System. That means the app can cast videos into your TV set through any smart device that has web access.

In the year 2017, Vizio reintroduced the physical remote controller back. However, Vizio introduced a new feature to the built-in app hub. You can select the apps from the TV through that new app hub.

However, unfortunately, Vizio users didn’t embrace the cast feature very well as the developers expected. As a result, they had a series of new apps on the Cast system itself. But the ability to select the video from the device or television itself was not waived off.

Having considered all the aspects, it can be said that Vizio is responding to the demands of its customers. In addition, it is a sign of their eagerness to be innovative always.

Vizio SmartCast

If you have a Vizio app that was bought a few years back, you better check the SmartCast app. It is true that it doesn’t function as the standard remote replacement apps (which are listed in this article).

However, the Cast function doesn’t require your phone to have an IR blaster to function properly. With the assistance of the app, you can gain control of audio and video displays on the TV. It is considered a decent choice in terms of an alternative to a tablet or Vizio TV remote.

In addition, it is obviously maddening when your Apple TV remote app is not working. Let’s figure out its possible reasons and the best solutions to fix it here easily.

Its Extra Features:

Compared to the first two options we have mentioned in this article, the SmartCast app has some extra features. These features are compatible with the devices where Cast is enabled.

With this app, you can expect a universal search function. It allows you to search for various movies on multiple platforms. In addition, to make things more exciting, they have also added a voice search facility.

In addition to movies, you can use this search function to find TV shows and other stuff. Besides, you can see that the voice search feature is a built-in feature. As per this feature, you can simply say the movie’s name instead of typing it.

In fact, this has become a very attractive feature for most users. In addition, you can use it to create collections of movies to watch later. Other than movies, it can be used to create lists of TV shows, etc. It works with pretty much any platform depending on your requirements.

vizio tv remote app - Vizio

One obvious downside associated with SmartCast is that it is not for every user. This feature is available with devices that were manufactured in 2016 or later. So, before the installation process, you must be sure that the respective device supports SmartCast.

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04. Peel Remote Universal Smart TV

This app has a specialty. That is because Peel Remote is not designed exclusively for Vizio.

Instead, Peel Remote works as a universal transmitter (smart remote) with various characteristics. These characteristics include drawbacks and benefits.

For instance, Peel is compatible with a large range of devices. It supports Vizio, LG, Sony, Samsung DirectTV DVRs, and many more. It also supports Roku and Apple TV as well.

So, if you want a universal replacement, you can find Peel Remote is a perfect choice. The biggest drawback of this app is that it is compatible only with Xiaomi’s devices.

Just like SmartCast, Peel has a range of search and guide functions. You cannot find such functions on standard remote controllers. You can use it to browse what is available on TV won a given moment.

In addition to that, you can choose a tab and head toward the channel. The app allows you to configure the favorites within the app. As a result, you can use Peel as a reminder to notify what’s airing at what time.

In addition to movies, Peel can notify you about live sporting events. This can be a very handy feature, especially during playoff season, and minimize the chances of missing a game.

Its Disadvantages

Indeed, Peel is not the perfect app. Just like with most of the apps that are offered for free, it has some ads as well. This app can see plenty of popup ads and annoying notifications.

So, we sincerely say that we don’t like a such annoyance, and that’s another notable drawback associated with Peel. To make things worse, Peel ads lock screen overlays with the latest updates. You should purchase the app to get rid of the ads and lock screen overlays.

Peel Mi Remote

All in all, Peel Remote is a pretty bloated app. It comprises some of the annoying software features like lock screen overlays in addition to constant notifications.

If you can tolerate these problems, Peel may not be bad for a Vizio remote app. It gives control over all the devices through a single platform.

On top of that, you should remember that Peel can cause some general troubles. For instance, there can be difficulties in opening the settings menu and using streaming applications.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Are Vizio TV remote apps compatible with all Vizio TV models?

A1: Vizio TV remote apps are designed to be compatible with a wide range of Vizio TV models. However, it’s recommended to check the app’s compatibility list or consult the app developer for specific model support.

Q2: Can I use multiple Vizio TV remote apps on my Android device?

A2: Yes, you can install and use multiple Vizio TV remote apps on your Android device. This allows you to explore different features and functionalities offered by different apps.

Q3: Do Vizio TV remote apps require an internet connection?

A3: Most Vizio TV remote apps require your Android device and Vizio TV to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. However, some apps also offer IR blaster compatibility for direct infrared control.

Q4: Can I use a Vizio TV remote app on multiple Vizio TVs in my home?

A4: Yes, many Vizio TV remote apps support multiple Vizio TVs, allowing you to control different TVs from a single app. Make sure the TVs are connected to the same Wi-Fi network for seamless control.

Q5: Are Vizio TV remote apps secure?

A5: Vizio TV remote apps are generally secure to use. However, it’s advisable to download apps from trusted sources like the Google Play Store and ensure that the app has positive user reviews and a good reputation.


In conclusion, using a Vizio TV remote app for Android offers a convenient and feature-rich alternative to traditional physical remote controls. With the ability to control your TV using your Android device, you can enhance your TV viewing experience and enjoy seamless access to a wide range of functions. Choose the Vizio TV remote app that best suits your needs and take control of your entertainment with ease.