How to Turn on Your Vizio TV Without a Remote: The Ultimate Guide

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Written by Jason Lin

How To Turn On Vizio Tv Without Remote

Losing or damaging your TV remote can be very frustrating, especially when you want to enjoy your favorite shows or movies. Fortunately, most Vizio TVs provide alternative ways to turn on the power without needing the original remote control.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through several easy methods to switch on your Vizio TV even if you can’t find the remote or the batteries are dead. As an electronics expert with over a decade of experience, I’ve helped countless people troubleshoot their devices, so you can trust my insider tips.

Why You Might Need to Turn on Your TV Without the Remote

There are a couple main reasons why you could find yourself unable to use your regular Vizio TV remote:

Lost or Damaged Remote

It’s all too common for remotes to get misplaced around the house or even damaged from being dropped or sat on. If you’ve searched everywhere and the remote is nowhere to be found, you’ll need another way to power on your TV. If your Vizio remote is not working, there are several troubleshooting steps you can try before resorting to alternative control methods.

Dead Remote Batteries

Even if you have the remote handy, it won’t do you any good if the batteries are dead. While replacing the batteries is usually the quickest solution, you may not have spares on hand. In that case, you’ll appreciate knowing alternative methods to turn on your Vizio TV without the remote.

Locating the Hidden Power Button on Your Vizio TV

You may be surprised to learn that all Vizio TVs actually come with a set of manual buttons, including Power, located directly on the TV unit itself. The challenge is these buttons are purposely designed to blend in with the frame for a sleeker look. But once you know where to find the power button, you can always turn on your TV even without a functioning remote.

Typical Button Locations

While the exact location varies between models, there are a few common spots Vizio tends to place the manual buttons:

  • On the back of the TV
  • Lower right-hand corner of the frame
  • Lower left-hand corner of the frame
  • Along the bottom edge of the frame

Buttons Found on Different Models

Depending on your specific Vizio TV model, you will likely find a few additional manual buttons next to the Power button. These often include:

  • Volume Up/Down
  • Channel Up/Down
  • Input/Source
  • Menu

If you’re unsure where the buttons are located on your particular TV model, consult the user manual or Vizio’s online support materials for guidance. The company provides comprehensive documentation for every TV model they produce.

Using the Vizio SmartCast Mobile App

Perhaps the most convenient way to control your Vizio TV without the original remote is by downloading the free SmartCast app to your mobile device. Available for both iOS and Android, this handy app turns your phone or tablet into a fully functional touchscreen remote for your TV.

Downloading the App

The Vizio SmartCast app can be easily downloaded from either the Apple App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android. Simply search for “Vizio SmartCast” in the appropriate app store for your device and tap “Install”. The app is completely free.

Pairing the App with Your TV

Once you have the SmartCast app installed, launch it and follow these steps to pair it with your TV:

How To Turn On Vizio Tv Without Remote Using Smartcast App
  1. Ensure your mobile device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your TV.
  2. In the app, tap the “Devices” button at the top right corner.
  3. Tap “Add Device” and hold your phone or tablet near your TV.
  4. Wait a few seconds for the app to detect and connect with your TV.

After your devices are paired, you can instantly begin controlling your TV right from the app. You’re now ready to turn your TV on or off, change channels, adjust volume, switch inputs and more.

Controlling Your TV with the App

The Vizio SmartCast app provides a user-friendly touch interface for controlling all your TV’s major functions. Tapping the “Control” tab at the bottom reveals a full TV remote with all the buttons you’re used to, including Power, Volume, Channel, Input, Menu, etc.

To switch your TV on when it’s off, simply tap the Power button in the app. You can even turn your TV on automatically by casting content to it from within the SmartCast app. The TV will power up and start playing the content right away. This can come in handy if your Vizio TV won’t turn on at all using the remote or manual buttons.

Other convenient features of the SmartCast app include browsing trending content, searching for specific shows or movies, and launching your favorite streaming apps like Netflix or Hulu. You get full access to your TV’s SmartCast platform directly from your mobile device.

Turning on Your TV with a Gaming Console

If you frequently use a gaming console with your Vizio TV, you can take advantage of a feature called “device link” or “device control” to power both on simultaneously. The exact steps vary a bit between different gaming systems. Let’s look at a couple popular options.

Using a PS4

To set up your PS4 to automatically turn on your Vizio TV when powered on, and switch the TV to the correct input, follow these steps:

Enable Hdmi Device Link
  1. Connect the PS4 to your TV with an HDMI cable.
  2. On the PS4, navigate to Settings > System.
  3. Check the box for “Enable HDMI Device Link“.

Now, powering on your PS4 will also switch on your Vizio TV and swap to the PS4 input channel. Conversely, switching the input to your PS4 will automatically boot up the console if it’s powered down. Keep in mind you may need to enable Game Mode on your Vizio TV for the best gaming experience.

Using a Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch has a similar feature, but the setup process is a little different:

Match Tv Power State
  1. Place the Switch in its dock, which should be connected to the TV via HDMI.
  2. From the Switch Home screen, navigate to System Settings > TV Settings.
  3. Scroll down to “Match TV Power State” and turn this setting On.

With this enabled, putting the Switch into Sleep Mode will also power off your TV. Waking the Switch from Sleep will power the TV back on and switch to the correct input for the Switch. Very handy!

Limitations with Xbox One

Unfortunately, Microsoft’s Xbox One lacks the HDMI-CEC capability described above for automatically controlling your TV’s power state. Some limited control is possible using the Xbox’s IR blaster and Kinect accessory, but this only works for adjusting volume and TV settings – not for turning the TV on or off. Despite user requests, the Xbox One still does not support full HDMI-CEC functionality.

Enabling HDMI-CEC for Connected Devices

While we’ve focused on game consoles so far, the HDMI-CEC feature is also supported by many other media devices you might connect to your TV – such as cable boxes, satellite receivers, streaming devices, etc.

What is HDMI-CEC?

HDMI-CEC stands for “Consumer Electronics Control” and it’s a feature of the HDMI standard that allows different devices connected through HDMI cables to communicate and control one another. With CEC enabled, you could use your cable box remote to adjust TV volume, or press a button on the TV remote to switch on your Blu-ray player.

Turning On Your TV Through a Connected Device

To turn on your Vizio TV through a connected HDMI device:

  1. Ensure the device is connected to your TV via HDMI.
  2. Turn on the connected device.
  3. In most cases, your TV should automatically detect the signal and power on, switching to the proper input.

To check that CEC is enabled on your Vizio TV:

  1. Press the Menu button on your Vizio remote.
  2. Navigate to System > CEC.
  3. Ensure CEC is enabled.
  4. You may also see options to enable specific CEC functions, like auto power off or one-touch play. Enable those that you wish to use.

With CEC active, turning on any connected device should also switch on your TV and jump to that device’s input channel. It’s a very convenient feature when it works properly.

Employing Smart Speakers and Voice Assistants

Yet another option for controlling your Vizio TV without its original remote is using a smart speaker like Amazon Echo, Google Home or Apple HomePod. With voice commands, you can switch your TV on or off, change channels, adjust volume, switch inputs and more. Some key things to be aware of:

Connecting a Smart Speaker to Your TV

In order to use a smart speaker for voice control of your TV, a few things need to happen:

  1. Your TV and smart speaker need to be on the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. You’ll need to add your Vizio TV in the smart speaker’s mobile app.
  3. Follow the in-app instructions to link/pair your TV with the smart speaker.
  4. Ensure any required skills for Vizio SmartCast are enabled.

Each smart speaker brand (Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.) has a slightly different setup process, so refer to your product’s support materials for specific guidance. But in general, expect to spend a few minutes in the speaker’s mobile app enabling the integration with your Vizio TV.

Using Voice Commands

Once your TV and smart speaker are connected, you can begin controlling your TV with voice commands like:

  • “Turn on the [room name] TV”
  • “Switch the TV to HDMI 1”
  • “Set TV volume to 30%”
  • “Play Friends on Netflix on TV”

Again, the specific phrasing may vary between the different voice assistant platforms, but all of them support a range of TV controls. And conveniently, you can turn your TV on or off entirely hands-free by combining a smart speaker with the power of Vizio’s SmartCast platform.

In my experience, using a smart speaker to control your TV is hit or miss. When it works, it feels like magic. But too often, the TV and speaker get out of sync or voice commands fail to register. More often than not, I resort back to the manual power button or SmartCast mobile app for reliable control. Still, using a smart speaker can be a useful option to have for those times you can’t find a remote.

Frequently Asked Questions

After assisting many people with controlling their Vizio TVs without a remote, a few questions come up time and time again. Allow me to address some of the most common here:

Q: Can I use a universal remote with my Vizio TV?

A: Yes, in most cases. You’ll need to have a universal remote that supports Vizio TV codes. Vizio TV Universal Remote Codes can help you program popular universal remotes to control your Vizio TV model.

Q: My Vizio TV doesn’t have buttons. What should I do?

A: All Vizio TVs have manual buttons, but on some models they are hard to see or feel. Try running your fingers along the bottom edge or back of the TV to locate the buttons by touch. A flashlight may help you spot them.

Q: How can I adjust TV volume without my Vizio remote?

A: If your TV doesn’t have volume buttons, you can adjust volume using the Vizio SmartCast mobile app, a secondary programmable remote, or a smart speaker with voice commands. Some sound bars, like Vizio models, have volume controls on the bar itself. If Vizio sound is not working, try the steps to reset your Vizio sound bar.

Q: Why won’t my TV turn on when I power on my connected device?

A: First, make sure your device is connected to the TV via HDMI (not some other type of connection). Then check that CEC is enabled on both your TV and connected device. Not all HDMI devices support the HDMI-CEC standard.

Q: Can I set up my Vizio TV remote to control other devices?

A: Yes, certain Vizio TV remotes have programmable buttons that can be set to control basic functions of connected devices like cable boxes, sound bars or Blu-ray players. Review your remote’s user guide for instructions.

Q: Why does my Vizio TV turn on by itself?

A: There are a few possibilities. Your TV’s Sleep Timer may be enabled, a connected device like a smart speaker may be turning it on, or HDMI-CEC could be waking the TV when a linked device powers on. Review your TV and device settings to narrow down the cause. Our guide to a Vizio TV turning on by itself explains more.

Q: How do I connect an antenna to my Vizio Smart TV?

A: Some Vizio models have a coaxial port on the back for connecting an HDTV antenna. Use a coaxial cable to link the antenna to this port, then scan for channels under your TV’s Tuner settings. However, many newer Vizio Smart TVs lack a built-in tuner for antenna input. In that case, you’ll need a separate tuner box or use streaming apps to access live TV.

Q: Why am I not getting any sound from my Vizio TV?

A: Lack of audio could be caused by a few issues – incorrect audio settings on your TV, a loose cable between your TV and sound bar/receiver, a malfunctioning external audio device, or the TV being muted. Check out our article on troubleshooting a Vizio TV with no sound for step-by-step guidance.

If you’re trying to use the optical audio out jack on your Vizio TV, make sure your sound bar or audio receiver supports optical connections and that you have the necessary cable. See our guide to setting up optical audio out on a Vizio TV for more tips.

Key Takeaways

While there’s no denying that using your Vizio TV remote is the easiest way to control your TV, you have options even if the remote goes missing or breaks. Here are the core points to keep in mind:

  • All Vizio TVs have a set of basic control buttons (including Power) built into the TV frame itself. Know where to find these.
  • The free Vizio SmartCast mobile app turns your phone or tablet into a full-featured TV remote. Enable this before you lose your main remote.
  • Many HDMI-connected devices (like game consoles) can automatically turn your TV on and off, if you enable the HDMI-CEC feature.
  • Smart speakers offer a hands-free voice control option for your TV, but functionality can be hit or miss.

Whether your dog buried your remote in the back yard or the buttons have stopped working, you now know how to power on your Vizio TV and keep watching your favorite content without interruption. Hopefully this guide has given you the confidence to master your TV technology, with or without that familiar clicking remote in hand.

Jason Lin
Tech enthusiast with 10+ years of experience, providing guides, reviews, and tips on Smart TVs, streaming devices, and TV apps.

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