How to Reset Vizio Sound Bar With or Without the Remote?

December 1, 2023

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Are you experiencing issues with your Vizio sound bar? If yes, then this article is for you. Here let’s figure out how to reset the Vizio sound bar, as it will solve any ongoing issues with the device.

If you’re having trouble with your Vizio sound bar, the first thing to do is to try resetting it. This can often solve issues that arise when using a Vizio sound bar. You must be close enough to the device to reset it properly.

It’s best to plug it into an outlet while doing this. But not necessary as long as you have access to power while using the device.

Is There a Reset Button on the Vizio Sound Bar?

No, there isn’t a reset button on the Vizio sound bar. The only way to reset it is by using the remote or the “Bluetooth” and “Volume Down” buttons together on the sound bar.

If you can’t get to either of these things, contact Vizio customer service. And they can help you with your problem.

Besides, if you want to fix the Vizio remote not working, let’s know the causes, and then fix the issue of stopping your remote from working properly.

How to Reset the Vizio Sound Bar to Factory Settings?

There are several methods for how to reset the Vizio sound bar. If you have lost your remote, the buttons on the back of the sound bar will allow you to reset it without difficulty. You can also use the manual method if necessary.

Follow these steps to reset your Vizio sound bar:

Step 1. Turn ON the Sound Bar

For the first step of how to reset the Vizio sound bar, you will have to turn ON the sound bar. Press the power button on the remote or your sound bar.

Please wait for it to turn on, and then press another button to confirm that you have turned ON your system.

Step 2. Press & Hold the “Bluetooth” and “Volume Down” Buttons for 5 Seconds

You’ll need to simultaneously press & hold the “Bluetooth” and “Volume Down” buttons. Hold them down for five seconds, and then release them when you’ve reached 5 seconds.

Press & Hold the "Bluetooth" and "Volume Down" Buttons for 5 Seconds

Step 3. Release the Buttons and Then Wait Until the LEDs Blink Thrice

After you have pressed the buttons, release them and wait for three blinks. The LEDs will blink fast and then slowly. If no lights blink, repeat step 2.

If the LEDs blink fast, the TV is not in standby mode. Press & hold down the reset button on your set until the LED blinks thrice.

Release the Buttons and Then Wait Until the LEDs Blink Thrice

Step 4. Check if the Vizio Sound Bar is Working Perfectly

After following the steps mentioned above on how to reset the Vizio sound bar, you need to check whether it works correctly or not. If it is not working, try to reset it again, as we have instructed you earlier in this article.

Suppose your Vizio sound bar still doesn’t work after performing several resets. Then the problem might be related to its power source. Or the cables used for connecting it to the television set.

So please check if there are any loose connections on both ends of your Vizio sound bar and TV. If everything seems fine, but still no signs of life are coming from your device, call customer care to help you.

Also, it can be frustrating if you face the Vizio TV no sound issue! Don’t worry; here are several ways to troubleshoot your Vizio TV sound not working issues.

How to Reset the Vizio Sound Bar with the Remote?

Reset the Vizio Sound Bar with the Remote

You can also reset your Vizio sound bar using the remote. So, do you want to know how to reset the Vizio sound bar using the remote? If so, then read the steps mentioned below:

Step 1. Get the Remote and Press the “Setup” Button

The first step to resetting your Vizio sound bar is to find its setup button and press it using the remote control. To reset the sound bar using the remote control, press and hold the “Setup” button for three seconds.

Once you do this, you should see an orange light on both devices turn green. When you press the setup button on your remote, a series of lights will flash on both the sound bar and its subwoofer.

Step 2. Navigate to “Reset Audio” or “Reset All”

After following the first step of how to reset the Vizio sound bar using the remote, you will now need to navigate to “Reset Audio” or “Reset All.”

Step 3. Select “Reset All” and “OK”

The third step involves selecting “Reset All” and “OK.” Then press the “Bluetooth” and “Volume Down” buttons. Do this for five seconds to reset your Vizio sound bar.

Release the buttons, then wait until all the LEDs blink thrice (an entire three-blink cycle). If you are using another remote or mobile device, you may need to press a button on it. It’s necessary to do this for it to sync with your Vizio sound bar again.

How to Reset the Vizio Sound Bar without the Remote?

Reset the Vizio Soundbar without the Remote

This method works best if there isn’t an issue with your Vizio wireless sound bar’s remote.

First, please make sure that all devices connected via Bluetooth have been disconnected before proceeding. Now let’s follow up on the steps of how to reset the Vizio sound bar without the remote.

Step 1. Turn OFF and Remove Your Sound Bar from Its Power Source

First, turn off the sound bar on its power button until it turns off. Unplug any other accessories that may be connected to it. Such as a subwoofer or additional speakers.

You should wait 10 seconds before proceeding to the next step so that any stored electric charge in your system has time to dissipate safely. You must press & hold the setup button until the LED blinks twice.

Step 2. Unplug All the Connections from the Sound Bar

Then, for the next step of how to reset the Vizio sound bar without a remote, carefully unplug all the connections from the sound bar.

All cables should be disconnected from your sound bar. This includes any HDMI, optical, or analog audio cables you use. Do not forget to unplug them!

Step 3. Let the Sound Bar Be for About 10 Seconds

After you press the reset button, allow the sound bar for about 10 seconds. This will allow the sound bar to reset itself. You can now plug all the connections back into your sound bar. And start enjoying great audio again.

Step 4. Plug All the Connections Back into Your Sound Bar

Plug the power cord into a wall outlet and connect it to the back of your sound bar. And then, connect an HDMI cable to your TV and plug the other end of the cable into input one on your Vizio sound bar.

Do not try to connect any other type of multimedia connection to this device except for one that is specifically designed for audio output from video sources.

Why and When Should You Reset Your Vizio Sound Bar?

Vizio sound bars are one of the best-selling devices in the market. They are powerful, easy to use, and look great. However, there are times when you need to reset your Vizio sound bar.

You already know how to reset the Vizio sound bar. But do you know when you should reset your Vizio sound bar? If not, then here are some reasons why you need to reset your Vizio sound bar:

  • Vizio Sound Bar is not turning on
  • The sound bar is not working with the TV
  • Sound is distorted or not coming from all speakers
  • No sound from one speaker or two speakers has no sound
  • The remote control is not working properly
  • When you cannot connect your sound bar to Bluetooth devices
  • If the settings of your Vizio Sound Bar are not working as expected, then it’s time for a reset
  • When it starts acting up after being installed in a new location or room in your home.

When you reset your Vizio sound bar, it will be easier for you to get rid of all the settings that have been entered. You can then start creating a new setting using the remote control. Do this to ensure that you do not miss out on any of the important features of your sound bar.

You might request to press the power button for 10 seconds to get back into factory settings. Where everything has been deleted and data erased from the memo.

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Q1: Can I reset my Vizio sound bar to fix audio distortion?

Yes, resetting the sound bar can help resolve audio distortion issues caused by software glitches.

Q2: Will resetting my Vizio sound bar erase all my customized settings?

Yes, a reset will restore the sound bar to its default settings, erasing any custom configurations.

Q3: Can I use a universal remote to reset my Vizio sound bar?

Yes, as long as the universal remote is compatible with Vizio sound bars, you can use it to reset the device.

Q4: How often should I reset my Vizio sound bar?

You only need to reset your sound bar when you encounter specific issues. It is not necessary to reset it regularly.

Q5: Are there any precautions I should take before resetting my sound bar?

Ensure that you have disconnected any external devices and that the sound bar is connected to a stable power source.


That’s it! Now, you know how to reset the Vizio sound bar. A Vizio sound bar can significantly enhance your home entertainment system.

However, it may not work as you want it to if there are some issues with the settings. Thus, to fix and eliminate all problems related to your Vizio sound bar, we recommend that you reset it by following our article.