The Complete Guide to Pairing a Vizio Soundbar with an LG TV

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Written by Jason Lin

Connect Vizio Soundbar To Lg Tv

Connecting your Vizio soundbar to an LG TV is straightforward for most models using either an HDMI or optical cable. Optimizing the setup ensures you get immersive audio to match the brilliant LG picture quality.

This comprehensive guide provides beginner-friendly instructions for seamlessly integrating Vizio soundbars with LG smart TVs. Learn how to connect soundbars via HDMI ARC or optical cables, adjust audio settings for the best sound quality, and resolve common troubleshooting problems between LG televisions and Vizio sound systems.

Why Add a Vizio Soundbar to an LG TV?

LG manufactures innovative, cutting-edge 4K and 8K UHD televisions for stunning visuals. However, even high-end LG OLED and NanoCell TVs still rely on small built-in speakers which limit sound performance.

Adding a Vizio soundbar significantly enhances audio quality with dedicated woofers and tweeters for deeper bass, clearer dialogue, and a wider, more immersive soundstage.

Key benefits of connecting a Vizio soundbar to an LG television include:

  • Enhanced clarity and detail – Hear every line of dialogue crisply without straining
  • Thunderous bass – Feel the action from blockbuster soundtracks and effects
  • Surround sound experience – Get drawn into movies and sports with 3D audio
  • Compact, clutter-free setup – Avoid complicated receivers and speaker wires
  • Easy installation – Connect in minutes with a single cable
  • Universal compatibility – Works seamlessly with the latest webOS LG smart TVs
  • Value pricing – Quality sound upgrade at budget-friendly prices

Vizio makes it simple to boost your LG television’s built-in sound through various soundbar models ranging from 2.0 channel designs with crystal clear audio to 5.1 channel systems with wireless surrounds for a complete home theater configuration.

Do LG TVs Work With Vizio Soundbars?

Absolutely – Vizio soundbars are completely compatible with LG smart televisions, making these a popular audio upgrade for enhancing both TV shows and movies.

The key is connecting the devices properly to transmit sound. Modern LG television models include dedicated ports just for pairing soundbars, streamlining the integration process.

You have two main options for hooking up a Vizio soundbar to an LG TV:

HDMI ARC – The HDMI Audio Return Channel allows digital audio to be sent over the same HDMI cable used for video. This method provides higher resolution sound and convenient control features.

Hdmi Arc

Optical Audio – Optical cables, also called SPDIF or TOSLINK, offer an all-digital signal to transmit sound as well. This is the simplest connection option if HDMI ARC is not available.

Optical Audio

As long as you choose the appropriate connection method for your specific models, setup is quick and seamless between LG and Vizio.

In some cases, you may need to adjust TV settings to route audio output to the soundbar correctly. But overall the process is straightforward even for beginners.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Connecting a Vizio Soundbar to an LG TV

Follow these simple steps to hook up a Vizio soundbar to an LG television using the optimal connection type for your models:

Pre-Setup Guidelines

  • Ensure home theater components are powered off during initial connection
  • Use high-speed HDMI cables for 4K HDR and above
  • Optical/SPDIF cables work for all
  • Position soundbar centrally below TV
  • Place external subwoofer on solid surface away from walls

Connecting Via HDMI ARC

1. Locate HDMI ARC or HDMI (ARC) port on rear of LG TV

2. Connect HDMI cable from LG HDMI ARC port to HDMI ARC port on Vizio soundbar

Lg Tv Hdmi Arc
HDMI ARC connection between LG TV and Vizio soundbar

3. Turn on LG TV first, then Vizio soundbar

4. In LG TV Settings > Sound > Additional Settings:

  • Set Sound Out to HDMI ARC
Lg Tv Sound Out Hdmi Arc
  • Turn on SIMPLINK
Lg Tv Auto Power Sync Or Simplink

5. In Vizio soundbar audio settings, select the HDMI ARC input

Your LG webOS TV will now transmit sound to the Vizio soundbar over HDMI, creating a seamless audio-visual experience.

Connecting Via Optical/SPDIF Cable

1. Locate OPTICAL DIGITAL AUDIO OUT port on rear of LG TV

2. Connect optical cable from LG Optical port to OPTICAL IN on Vizio soundbar

Lg Tv Optical Audio
Optical digital audio connection between LG TV and Vizio soundbar

3. Power on LG TV then Vizio soundbar

4. In LG TV Settings > Sound:

  • Set Sound Out to Optical
Lg Tv Sound Out Optical
  • Adjust Audio Out to PCM
Lg Tv Digital Sound Output Pcm

5. In Vizio soundbar audio settings, choose Optical input

This optical audio connection will pass rich digital stereo sound from the LG TV to the Vizio soundbar.

Optimizing Soundbar Performance with LG webOS TVs

Once connected via HDMI ARC or optical cables, there are a few settings to check on compatible LG webOS television models for the best Vizio soundbar integration:

HDMI & ARC Settings

Under Settings > Sound > Additional Settings:

  • Sound Out: HDMI ARC
  • Auto Power Sync: On
  • Additional Audio Settings:
    • AV Sync Adjustment: Bypass
    • eARC Support: Off
    • Digital Sound Out: Auto or PCM

Expert Audio Settings

Under Settings > Sound > Additional Settings > Advanced Settings:

  • Audio Format: Auto
  • DRC (Dynamic Range Control): Off
  • DTS Audio Processing: Pass Through

All Settings > General

Ensure HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Color is enabled for the LG port connected to your Vizio soundbar.

Lg Tv Hdmi Uhd Deep Color

Picture Settings

Turn off Energy Saving picture modes which can affect audio sync. Use Standard or calibrated picture modes.

Lg Tv Picture Mode Settings

Channel Tuning & Settings

Select digital audio languages available over HDMI and Optical connections:

  • Primary Audio Language
  • Secondary Audio Language
Lg Tv Primary Audio Language

Finally, experiment with various sound modes on the Vizio soundbar when watching movies, TV shows, sports, and gaming. The best setting ultimately comes down to personal preference based on room acoustics and audio mix quality.

How to Troubleshoot LG & Vizio Connectivity Issues

If you’ve followed the instructions but still have no sound or intermittent cut outs between your LG TV and Vizio soundbar, try these tips:

Perform Hardware Checks

  • Inspect all connections between ports
  • Substitute HDMI/optical cables to rule out defects
  • Reseat connections at both ends securely
  • Verify correct arc-enabled ports are used
  • Test soundbar with different audio source

Reset Devices

  • Power cycle TV, soundbar, router (if app controlled)
  • Factory reset the soundbar
  • Soft reset the LG webOS TV

Check Audio Settings

  • Toggle TV audio output between Internal > HDMI ARC > Optical
  • Disable SIMPLINK and retry automatic detection
  • Change digital audio format support (PCM, Bitstream, Pass Through)
  • Turn off HDMI CEC Control if issues occur when using devices connected to other HDMI ports
  • Rule out HDMI handshake issues by reconnecting input cables

Adjust Placement

  • Position devices closer together if relying on Bluetooth
  • Clear line of sight between IR remote and soundbar sensor
  • Place away from bright light sources that could interfere with infrared signals

Update Firmware

  • Check manufacturer websites for latest TV and soundbar firmware
  • Install updates via Wi-Fi, USB, mobile app for bug fixes

Factory Reset and Re-Pair

  • Ultimately, factory reset both LG TV and Vizio model
  • Delete any saved pairing connections and re-establish from scratch

Thoroughly trying each troubleshooting step often resolves connectivity problems between Vizio and LG home theater equipment.

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FAQs About Using Vizio Soundbars with LG TVs

Still have some questions about pairing Vizio sound systems with LG televisions? Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions:

What is the best way to connect a Vizio soundbar to an LG TV?

For full integration including 4K HDR passthrough and convenient volume/power control of both devices, use the HDMI ARC ports. This carries digital video and audio over a single cable. If HDMI ARC connections are not available, default to an optical/SPDIF audio cable for TV sound transmission to the soundbar.

Do you need HDMI for Vizio soundbar to work with LG?

No, Vizio soundbars will function when connected to an LG TV using either HDMI or optical cables. However for the latest models, HDMI ARC delivers higher resolution audio and metadata for the full Dolby Atmos/DTS:X decoding by the soundbar.

Should audio output be Bitstream or PCM from LG TV?

We suggest leaving Audio Format/Digital Sound Out on Auto first, which outputs Dolby and DTS bitstreams when supported by the content and connected audio device. Alternately trying PCM mode can resolve sync issues in some cases but is limited to basic stereo.

Why is there a delay between LG TV and Vizio soundbar?

A/V sync problems typically arise from outdated firmware or incompatible settings between components. Beyond factory resetting and updating to the latest firmware on both TV and soundbar, turning SIMPLINK On often minimizes lag by better coordinating devices over HDMI connections.

Do you need a subwoofer with a Vizio soundbar for an LG TV?

While premium Vizio soundbars include a built-in sub for powerful bass, many compact models can pair wirelessly with a separate external active subwoofer for added low frequency effects. This brings a fuller soundstage to movies and music. Place the wireless sub centrally below or beside the entertainment center.

Can any Vizio soundbar connect to an LG TV via Bluetooth?

Vizio produces various soundbar models ranging from older wired systems to the latest offerings with integrated Bluetooth. Bluetooth support enables conveneint wireless pairing with LG smart TVs. Just remember bluetooth connections can introduce slight A/V delay. Optical or HDMI wired configurations provide synced sound.

Review all connection options for both your LG television and Vizio soundbar. As long as the devices include common ports such as HDMI ARC, optical audio, or Bluetooth, they can interface successfully.

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Key Takeaways on Connecting Vizio Soundbars to LG Televisions

  • Vizio soundbars seamlessly integrate with LG TVs to add louder, clearer audio well-suited to music, movies, sports and gaming
  • Connect LG televisions and Vizio sound systems via user-friendly HDMI ARC or optical/SPDIF cables
  • HDMI ARC supports the highest resolution audio pass-through from the LG TV to soundbar
  • Optical/SPDIF cables provide reliable all-digital stereo sound transmission
  • Bluetooth also enables wireless pairing between smart LG sets and newer Vizio soundbars
  • Remember to change Sound Out and other audio settings on webOS televisions for proper Vizio integration
  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues by checking hardware, cables, configurations, placement and updating firmware
  • Adding a well-matched Vizio soundbar brings your LG viewing experience to life with deeper bass, crisper dialogue and a wider soundstage

We hope this guide covers everything required to successfully hook up a Vizio soundbar with an LG smart TV for premium home theater audio. Let us know if you have any other questions in the comments!

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