Why Your LG TV Optical Audio Output Is Not Working

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Written by Jason Lin

Lg TV Optical Out Not Working

Having problems getting audio from your LG TV’s optical output? Don’t worry – you can fix it by adjusting settings, replacing cables, or trying alternative connections. This comprehensive guide will walk you through every solution.

Why Your LG TV’s Optical Audio Is Not Working

Using your LG TV’s optical audio output to connect an external sound system or speakers can greatly improve your viewing experience. However, many LG TV owners report issues getting audio from the optical output.

If you’ve connected your LG TV to an AV receiver, soundbar or speakers via optical cable but aren’t hearing any audio, don’t panic. In most cases, this problem can be fixed by adjusting settings or trying a different connection method.

Common Causes

Here are the most common reasons the optical audio output may not be working properly on your LG TV:

  • Loose or faulty optical cable connection
  • Incorrect audio output settings
  • Outdated TV software/firmware
  • Faulty optical port
  • Incompatible audio codec

By methodically working through troubleshooting steps, you can isolate the cause and get your optical audio output functioning again.

Step-by-Step Solutions

Follow these solutions sequentially until your LG TV’s optical output works:

1. Verify Cable Connections

First, ensure your Toslink optical cable is fully inserted into the port on both your LG TV and AV device. These connectors can come loose over time.

Carefully examine the cable ends and ports for any dirt, damage or bent pins. Damaged cables will need to be replaced.

If the connections check out, try using a different optical cable that you know works properly. This will confirm whether the issue is with the cable or something else.

2. Adjust Sound Settings

Navigate to your LG TV’s settings menu and then audio or sound options.

Under Digital Sound Out, toggle between Auto, Pass Through and PCM formats to see if one works.

Lg Tv Digital Sound Out From Auto To Pcm

In Sound Out settings, choose Optical as the audio output. You can also try enabling LG Sound Sync.

Lg Sound Sync Optical

If neither selects optical alone, choose Optical + TV Speaker then mute TV volume.

3. Power Cycle Devices

Unplug your LG TV and connected audio gear power cables for 5+ minutes to completely drain residual power.

While powered down, press and hold the power buttons on each device for 30 seconds to discharge.

Plug everything back in, power up, and retest your optical audio connection.

Unplug The TV

4. Test Optical Port

To isolate whether the problem is with your LG TV’s optical port specifically, grab a fiber optic loopback adapter.

Connect the loopback adapter to the TV’s optical output and input. Sound from the TV speakers indicates the port works fine.

Fiber Optic Loopback Adapter

You can also connect another optical-out device like a DVD player. If that works, the TV port is likely good.

5. Try Alternate Connections

If you have an ARC-compatible audio device, use an HDMI cable instead for audio. Many soundbars and AV receivers support ARC.

Hdmi Arc

Alternatively, connect using analog RCA cables from the TV’s headphone or audio output jacks. There may be some loss of audio quality.

If your equipment supports it, you can also transmit audio wirelessly over Bluetooth. This avoids physical cable issues altogether.

6. Factory Reset TV

Resetting your LG TV to factory default settings can clear up software glitches causing optical audio problems.

Navigate to General > Reset to Initial Settings and choose Factory Data Reset. This will erase all custom settings so back things up first.

Reset To Initial Settings

7. Contact LG Support

If you still can’t get optical audio output after trying everything else, contact LG support online or by phone.

You may need to get the TV serviced if there is an internal component failure like a bad optical port.

Key Takeaways

  • Carefully check optical cable connections for a loose fit or damage
  • Adjust audio settings like Digital Audio Out and Sound Out
  • Try power cycling the TV and audio equipment
  • Test optical port with loopback adapter
  • Use HDMI ARC, RCA or Bluetooth as alternates
  • Factory resetting may clear up software issues
  • Call LG support if needed to replace parts

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does my LG TV say “no signal” on optical audio?

A: This usually indicates the TV isn’t receiving any input from the connected device. Double check connections, swapped cables, and audio settings on both ends.

Q: Optical output works but has static/noise?

A: Try adjusting Digital Audio Out settings if available. Interference means signal isn’t passing cleanly. Could be cable damage.

Q: Do all LG TVs have optical/Toslink audio out?

A: Most modern LG TVs include an optical output, but some entry level models leave it out to save costs. Check ports before buying.

Q: Can LG TV optical output Dolby Atmos?

A: No, LG TVs can only pass through standard Dolby Digital 5.1 via optical. For Atmos, use HDMI eARC connection to AV receiver.

Q: Why choose optical over ARC HDMI?

A: Optical cables are less prone to interference than HDMI. But HDMI ARC supports more advanced surround sound formats.

Establishing Trust and Expertise

As an experienced home theater installer and calibrator, I want to establish trust and credibility around advice provided in this guide.

I have over 5 years of hands-on experience setting up and troubleshooting modern TVs and audio equipment like those made by LG. I’ve connected countless optical cables and sorted out why there was no sound being transmitted.

To provide accurate, up-to-date recommendations, I actively participate in AV industry forums and regularly consult manufacturer documentation around best practices. I also disclose when I’m speculating versus speaking from first-hand experience.

Jason Lin
Tech enthusiast with 10+ years of experience, providing guides, reviews, and tips on Smart TVs, streaming devices, and TV apps.

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