10 Ways to Fix ‘Vizio TV No Sound’ Issue

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Vizio Tv No Sound

Having no sound on your Vizio TV? It’s a common problem that can be fixed in many ways. In this article, we’ll offer some solutions for fixing the problem of Vizio TV with no sound. So, read on.


Vizio television sets are some of the best on the market. They offer great picture quality and excellent sound. But in some cases, you may run into trouble with volume control and experience Vizio TV no sound issues. If your Vizio TV’s volume isn’t working as expected, it can be frustrating!

Luckily for you, here are some ways to troubleshoot Vizio TV sound not working issues at home you can try.

This article will cover how to fix the volume not working on a Vizio TV by checking common issues like loose wires or remote problems. You should try conducting the troubleshooting tips before opting for expensive repair work.

Ways to Fix the Vizio TV No Sound Error

Here are several ways by which you can fix the issue of the Vizio TV volume not working. And now, you are going to learn about a few of such ways.

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● Check to See if the Remote Control is Working.

Check to make sure that the remote control is working. If you can’t get the volume up and down, check the batteries in your remote control. Be sure you are pointing the remote control directly at your TV.

This is because sometimes this can cause problems controlling it from long distances. You may also want to consider replacing them if they have been used for a prolonged period without being replaced. Or if they have been exposed to extreme cold or heat.

Check Remote Control

Also, if you want to fix the Vizio remote not working, let’s know the causes, and then fix the problem that stops your remote from working properly.

● Make Sure That the TV Volume Settings Are Not on Mute.

Try to fix it by going to your TV’s settings and turning off the mute function. If this doesn’t work, try resetting your remote control. If that doesn’t work, you may have an issue with your remote, or it may be broken.

To fix this issue, press Mute on your Vizio remote control and make sure that it isn’t on mute. Then check whether the volume is set correctly in your Vizio TV settings menu. Also, please check if there is a lock on one of the buttons.

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● Check the Volume Control Lock

The Volume Control Lock may be enabled if you’re experiencing Vizio TV Sound not working problems. This feature can be found under Settings > System > Advanced > Volume Control Lock.

If you find that this setting is turned on, try turning it off and then restarting your device. If this doesn’t help, try resetting your TV by unplugging it from its power source for 30 seconds before plugging it back in again.

The Volume Control Lock is under Settings > System > Advanced > Volume Control Lock. You can toggle this lock-off if you wish to control sound levels directly from within apps or other inputs without going into a separate menu to adjust volume levels.

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● Make Sure That the Software on Vizio TV is Up-to-Date.

To check that your Vizio TV is up-to-date and has the most current version of its software, press the Menu button on your remote.

Then select System > Device Info. You are good to go if a recent date appears in Software Version! Otherwise, you’ll need to update the firmware manually.

● Check That the HDMI Cable is Functioning Correctly.

Another method to fix the Vizio TV volume not working involves ensuring that the HDMI cable is functioning correctly.

Check for any damage in the cable or at its ends and replace it if there is any. If it’s not damaged, check that the wires’ ends are fitted correctly into their ports on both devices.

Next, test whether each port works individually with another device, such as a laptop or gaming console.

If this does not work, try switching your HDMI port for another one. But be aware that some devices require specific ports. So check first before changing yours!

Check HDMI Cable

● Check if SAP or MTS is Enabled on Your TV.

If you see the SAP or MTS message on your TV screen, there is a problem with the HDMI protocol. The SAP and MTS features of the HDMI protocol are enabled by default, but they can be disabled if necessary.

To check this setting: turn off your Vizio TV. Then unplug its power cord from an electrical outlet or wall outlet. Then reconnect it to power once again. Unplug all connected devices except one HDMI cable connecting to your Vizio TV.

And then plug in only one HDMI cable at a time. Do this until you find which port works best for watching movies or shows over tablets/phones etc.

Check if SAP or MTS is Enabled on Your TV

● Check if the Volume on the Satellite Box is Above Zero.

If your Vizio TV Sound is not working, you should check the volume on your satellite box. Make sure it’s not muted or set at zero.

If it is, try to reset it. You can contact your cable provider for help with this problem if that doesn’t work.

● Check That No Headphones Are Plugged into Your TV’s Headphone Jack Port.

You will have to check to see if headphones are plugged into the port on your TV’s headphone jack. If they are, unplug them. If they’re not plugged in, check that the sound is not muted. Unmute it by using your remote or pressing a button on a universal remote (if you have one).

If that doesn’t work, check your volume control lock. This setting can prevent accidental changes to your volume level. For example, if you’re watching something with headphones and don’t want those around you to hear what’s happening on screen!

● Try Unplugging Everything

Unplugging the TV and letting it sit for a few minutes can often work to reset and fix the Vizio TV volume not working issue. This will help reset your Vizio TV to factory settings and clear any problems causing this issue.

If you have multiple devices plugged into your Vizio TV, try unplugging everything except the power cord and see if the volume still doesn’t work. If it does, you’ll need to look at other potential causes of this problem.

Unplugging Everything

● Factory Reset Vizio TV

In this section, we’ll discuss how to perform a factory reset of your Vizio TV. This will run through the setup process again and may fix any software issues causing the Vizio TV no sound problem.

First, ensure your TV is turned off (if it’s already on, press and hold the power button until it shuts off). Then press & hold down the power button for 10 seconds.

Next, press the power button once more to turn your Vizio TV back on. Then enter a password promptly if you haven’t previously set one up for your Vizio SmartCast™ device. The default password for all Vizio SmartCast™ devices is “0-0-0-0“.

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Q: Why is there no sound coming from my Vizio TV?

A: The lack of sound on your Vizio TV can be caused by various factors, such as incorrect settings, faulty connections, outdated firmware, or hardware malfunctions.

Q: How can I fix the ‘Vizio TV no sound’ problem without professional help?

A: Start by checking the volume and mute settings, verifying the audio input source, and restarting your TV and external devices. You can also try updating the TV’s firmware, resetting the audio settings, or adjusting the audio output format.

Q: Why is my Vizio TV’s sound intermittent?

A: Intermittent sound on your Vizio TV can be due to loose or faulty audio cables, intermittent software glitches, or compatibility issues with external audio devices.

Q: How do I perform a factory reset on my Vizio TV?

A: To perform a factory reset on your Vizio TV, access the TV’s menu, navigate to the settings section, and look for options like ‘Reset to Factory Defaults’ or ‘Restore Default Settings.’ Follow the on-screen instructions to initiate the reset.

Q: What should I do if none of the troubleshooting methods work?

A: If none of the troubleshooting methods mentioned in this article work, it is recommended to contact Vizio support or seek professional repair services for further assistance.


There are many reasons a Vizio TV wouldn’t have audio; that is why your Vizio TV sound is not working. The most common cause of no sound is the cable being disconnected from the TV or not plugged in correctly.

Suppose your Vizio TV has power but no sound when turning on or changing channels. In that case, there could be several issues.

This includes bad connections at home, cable damage/loss/disconnection, or a damaged speaker inside the device itself.

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