Why Won’t My TCL Roku TV Turn On? 13 Fixes to Try

January 11, 2024

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Have you grabbed the remote to power on your TCL Roku TV, only to be met with a black, unresponsive screen? Don’t panic. As frustrating as it is when your television won’t turn on, the issue likely stems from an easy fix like a depleted remote or a loose cable connection.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through over 10 troubleshooting tips to get your TCL Roku TV working again. We’ll start with quick checks before moving on to resets and factory restores. Armed with these fixes, you can determine whether the problem lies with your remote, cables, outlet, or if your TV requires professional servicing.

Check TCL TV Status Light for Signs of Life

Before diving into intensive troubleshooting, check for the standby status light on your TCL television. There should be a small white or red LED light towards the bottom middle of the TV’s frame or bezel.

When powered on, the light should be off on most TCL models. If the status light is on, your television could be stuck in standby mode rather than experiencing a full power failure.

Try pressing buttons on your Roku remote to see if the status light blinks. If so, the TV is receiving the signals but not powering on fully. Move on to other troubleshooting tips below.

Inspect All Connections and Cables

Issues like a faulty HDMI cable or loose power cord are easy to fix. Verify the following connections on your TCL Roku television:

  • Power cord fully inserted into wall outlet and TV port
  • HDMI cables plugged securely into devices and TV
  • Other device connection cables (soundbar, Blu-ray player)
Lg Tv Check All Cable Connections

While inspecting cables, check for damage like frayed wires or bent pins. Faulty cables can prevent power and signal transfer to your TV.

A loose HDMI cable can also cause a blank TCL TV screen on certain input channels. Inspect cable connections carefully and make sure your devices like Blu-ray players have power. For help getting internet-connected devices back online, see my article on Fixing TCL Roku TV wifi connection problems.

Try Roku Remote Power Button

Before fully resetting your TV, make sure your Roku remote is working properly. Aim the remote directly at your TCL television and press the power button.

If unresponsive, try replacing remote batteries or repairing the remote connection next.

Replace Roku Remote Batteries

Remove old batteries and insert fresh ones. Re-pair remote if this gets buttons working again.

Roku Remote Batteries

Repair Remote Connection

Go to Settings > Remotes & Devices > Pair new device to sync your Roku remote to the TV.

Roku Pairing Remote

Switch Power Outlets

Try connecting your TCL Roku TV and other equipment to another nearby outlet you know works properly. Use an extension cord if needed. If TV powers on from new outlet, you likely have an issue with the previous one.

If pressing buttons on your Roku remote results in the status light blinking, but your TV doesn’t power on fully, you may be dealing with a software hang or input issue. Try a factory reset, or check for solutions in my guides on TCL TV black screen troubleshooting and TCL TV flickering issues.

Power Cycle the Roku TV

Power cycling (soft reset) flushes memory caches and clears up temporary software glitches.

To power cycle your TCL Roku TV:

  1. Unplug TV power cord
  2. Press and hold television’s power button 20 seconds
  3. Wait 1-2 minutes minimum
  4. Reconnect power cord
  5. Power on
Unplug The TV

If power cycling and resets don’t resuscitate your dormant TCL Roku TV, it likely requires professional service or parts replacement. Common culprits include bad capacitors and faulty power supply boards.

Before seeking repairs, you can reference my troubleshooting guides for Samsung TVs, Sharp TVs and Sony TVs that face similar no power issues.

Factory Reset TCL Roku TV

Resetting your TV restores factory default settings, which should solve any system-level bugs stalling start up. You’ll have to redo channel scans and wifi network connections afterwards.

Both Roku TV systems and the Android platform offer factory reset options, though instructions differ slightly:

Roku TV System Reset

Use a straightened paperclip or pin to press and hold the recessed reset button on the TV’s rear panel for 15 seconds. Alternately, you can reset using your Roku remote if TV functions enough to show menus:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select System > Advanced System Settings > Factory Reset
Roku Perform A Factory Reset

Android TV Factory Reset

  1. Choose Settings
  2. Select Device Preferences > Storage & Reset
  3. Highlight Factory Data Reset
  4. Select Reset Apps & Data
Android Tv Factory Data Reset

Contact TCL Support

If you have already tried the troubleshooting tips above without success, reach out to TCL customer service online or via phone:

Online Submit a support ticket through TCL’s contact page.

Phone Call (877) 300-8837. Support specialists available to help troubleshoot further or set up repair services if needed.

When Should I Take My TCL TV to a Repair Shop?

While many start up issues can resolve through troubleshooting adjustments on your own, some problems do require professional repair or replacement services. Contact an authorized TCL technician or service provider if you experience any of the following:

  • No status light – Points to complete power failure
  • Blinking codes on LED light – Signals hardware issues
  • Damaged ports or cables
  • Cracked screen or chassis
  • Image distortion or overheating
  • Still unresponsive after resets

Repairs like replacing faulty capacitors run $100-150 on average. Keep TV age and initial cost in mind when deciding whether to repair or buy new.


When their TCL television or Roku TV suddenly stops powering on, most people reasonably worry about expensive repairs or having to unexpectedly purchase a pricey new set. Luckily, many common start up issues stem from quick fixes like loose cables or discharged remote batteries.

Walk through the 13 troubleshooting tips above to revive your dormant TCL Roku TV. Getting the TV to power back on likely saves you from pre-mature replacement costs. However, if your set shows no life after resets and cable checks, be prepared to seek professional repair assistance.

Were the troubleshooting steps able to successfully wake your TCL television? Or did you end up needing to replace internal hardware like the power supply before seeing results? Share your experiences reviving unresponsive TCL Roku TVs below.