The Ultimate Guide to the 10 Best Samsung TV Remote Apps

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Written by Jason Lin

Best Remote Control App For Samsung Tv

Searching for the perfect Samsung TV remote app to control your smart TV? With over a dozen options to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the right fit.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ve thoroughly tested and reviewed the top 10 Samsung TV remote apps in 2024 based on features, reliability, and ease of use. Whether you want voice control, automation, or just a simple virtual remote, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s dive in to discover the best Samsung TV remote app for your needs!

What Exactly is a Samsung TV Remote App?

A Samsung TV remote app allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control for your Samsung smart TV. These apps connect to your TV via Wi-Fi, without needing any extra hardware or cables.

Once connected, the app provides a virtual remote on your phone with all the standard controls – volume, channel toggle, input source, etc. Advanced apps even offer extra features like:

  • Voice search and commands
  • Keyboard for easy text input
  • Screen mirroring to share content from your phone
  • Smart home device control
  • Macro/scene automation

Using a remote app brings convenience and additional functionality compared to your normal IR remote. No more digging in the couch cushions when you misplace that pesky controller!

Core Benefits of Samsung TV Remote Apps

Here are some of the standout benefits that make remote apps worth trying out:

  • Convenience – Always have a remote in your pocket ready to go
  • Text Entry – Type easily with on-screen keyboard
  • Navigation – Intuitive touch gestures to navigate TV menus
  • Voice Control – Hands-free way to operate your TV
  • Share Content – Mirror phone photos/videos right onto your TV

Now let’s check out the top Samsung TV remote apps available and see how they stack up!

1. ControlMeister – Best Overall Remote App


ControlMeister stands out as the best overall smart remote for Samsung TVs. It’s highly customizable, reliable, and packed with advanced features.

Key Features

  • Customizable remote interface
  • Macros to automate tasks
  • Robust device compatibility
  • Apps shortcut buttons
  • Trackpad for easy navigation


  • Tailored remote control interface
  • Streamlined automation capabilities
  • Works with many Samsung TV models

With over 2,500 5-star ratings, users rave about ControlMeister’s easy setup, automation options, and lag-free performance. For the ultimate smart remote experience on your Samsung TV, ControlMeister is hard to beat.

2. Peel Smart Remote – Excellent for Voice Commands

Peel Smart Remote

Peel Smart Remote shines for its industry-leading voice recognition capabilities. It’s accurate, fast, and makes operating your TV a hands-free breeze.

Key Features

  • Powerful voice control
  • Universal search across apps
  • TV listings and recommendations


  • Cutting-edge voice recognition technology
  • Find content easily across different apps/sources
  • Discover new shows with personalized recommendations

Peel Smart can control 9,000+ consumer electronic devices, far beyond just Samsung TVs. But its robust voice features paired with Samsung integration makes it a top-tier choice.

3. Sure Universal Smart TV Remote – For Controlling All Devices

Sure Universal Smart Tv Remote

As a universal remote app, Sure can control just about any TV brand along with AV receivers, DVD players, cable boxes and more.

Key Features

  • Single smart remote for all devices
  • Both IR and WiFi control
  • Automatically detects devices
  • Over 250,000 device codes


  • One centralized remote for convenience
  • Massive device compatibility
  • Mix of infrared and WiFi expands control

For those that want one elegant smart remote to rule all their home theater devices – not just their Samsung TV Sure Universal is a game changer.

4. SmartThings – Excellent for Samsung Smart Home Ecosystem

Smartthings 1

Samsung SmartThings stands out for its deep integration with Samsung smart devices and automation capabilities.

Key Features

  • Connects with Samsung appliances, lights, cameras, etc
  • Create scenes and automation routines
  • Get notifications from home devices
  • Voice assistant compatibility


  • Ties into the Samsung smart ecosystem
  • Unified smart home control
  • Automate different devices and scenarios
  • Compatible with Bixby, Alexa, Google Assistant

For those invested in Samsung’s infrastructure of smart fridges, robot vacuums, smart locks and more – SmartThings really makes them work together for next-level home automation. The Samsung TV integration is just icing on the cake.

Broadlink Smart Remote

BroadLink is a popular alternative to SmartThings, acting as a control hub for a wide variety of smart home devices beyond just Samsung TVs.

Key Features

  • Connects to smart locks, lights, sensors, etc
  • Create custom scenarios
  • Alexa and Google Home support
  • IFTTT applets for advanced automation


  • Centralized smart home control
  • Automation based on triggers
  • Compatible with non-Samsung devices
  • Flexible connection to different gadgets

As a universal smart home remote, BroadLink specializes in connectivity to third-party products. It brings Samsung TVs into a broader ecosystem of home devices beyond Samsung’s catalog.

6. ActionTiles – Best for a Customized Interface


ActionTiles stands out for providing unique remote control interfaces that can be customized with different layouts, buttons, and themes based on your preference.

Key Features

  • Build custom control interfaces
  • Fully configurable buttons
  • Choose from different themes
  • Favorites section for common tasks
  • Frequent device quick access


  • Personalized remote screen for your usage
  • Reorder/resize buttons
  • Themes match your decor
  • Custom shortcuts for common tasks

For those that want to tailor their Samsung TV viewing experience exactly to their taste, ActionTiles capabilities make it possible. This customization does come at a price though – $47.88 per year is required to unlock the interface modding features.

7. OMAIC Remote

Omaic Remote

OMAIC Remote offers comprehensive TV control features along with innovative additions like gesture recognition, sleep timer functionality, and multi-device support.

Key Features

  • Gesture recognition
  • Sleep timer
  • Control multiple devices
  • Automatic setup


  • Unique gesture control for TV
  • Set auto device shutoff
  • Manage other connected gadgets
  • Quick connection with Samsung TVs

8. SofaBaton U2 – Affordable Physical Remote Alternative

Sofabaton U2 Universal Remote

SofaBaton U2 provides an alternative take on smart control by using a physical remote that connects directly to your Samsung TV via Bluetooth. No WiFi network or smartphone required!

Key Features

  • Bluetooth remote – no WiFi needed
  • QWERTY keyboard on backside
  • Gyroscopic mouse function
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Does not depend on smartphone
  • Full keyboard for easy text input
  • Unique mouse control ability

Sometimes getting up and walking across the room is unavoidable. For those moments, the SofaBaton U1 ensures your Samsung TV remote is always within arm’s reach. Reviewers compliment its impressive 100 foot range and clever design.

9. Household Remote – Decent Budget App

Household Remote

As a no-frills kind of Samsung TV remote app, Household Remote provides the basic functions you would expect in controlling your Samsung TV.

Key Features

  • No sign up required
  • Simple UI
  • All essential control functions


  • Easy setup
  • Affordable one-time payment
  • Covers the basics

Household Remote will only set you back $2.99 for a lifetime license. If you just want a cheap way to ditch the Samsung remote without dealing with free app advertisements and bloat, it does the job admirably.

10. Unified Remote – Best for Windows Users

Unified Remote

Available across Windows, Android, and iOS – Unified Remote is one of the only quality PC-to-TV remote solutions.

Key Features

  • Cross-platform Windows/macOS/Linux support
  • Fully customizable remote interfaces
  • Taskbar app for quick access
  • IR device connection for increased range


  • Access your PC to control devices
  • Tailored remote control interface
  • Quick launcher from computer taskbar

For cord cutters using a home theater PC as their streaming hub, having remote PC access brings a ton of advantages. From launching apps to controlling the cursor, keyboard, and mouse – Unified makes your computer truly work like a smart TV.

If investing in Samsung’s infrastructure of smart fridges, robot vacuums, smart locks and more – SmartThings really makes them work together for next-level home automation. However, if your Samsung devices ever start acting buggy, Samsung TV volume stuck or Samsung TV won’t turn on are some common problems users face.

Key Factors in Choosing the Best Samsung TV Remote App

With the top options covered, let’s examine key factors to consider when selecting your ideal Samsung smart remote app:

Intended Use Case

Think about when, why, and how you plan on using the Samsung remote app:

  • Quick everyday TV volume/channel adjustments
  • Voice commands for accessible control
  • Text input for login emails/search queries
  • Advanced automation and scenes

Matching app capabilities to your intended use makes the decision process clearer. Don’t pay for complex features you realistically won’t utilize.

Device Ecosystem

If fully integrated into the Samsung smart home ecosystem, SmartThings is hard to beat. For broad third-party smart device control, BroadLink is quite compelling.

Factor what other technologies you currently have or plan to purchase to find an app that ties into that infrastructure.


Some apps allow deep customization in structuring your own personalized control interface. ActionTiles and Unified Remote excel here.

If tailoring a custom remote perfectly tuned to your needs sounds appealing, focus on these highly configurable apps.

And for those looking beyond just Samsung, take a look at this overview of top-rated Vizio TV remote apps and how they allow controlling your Vizio smart TV from mobile or desktop devices.

FAQ – Samsung TV Remote Apps

Does SmartThings require a subscription?

Nope! Unlike many apps, Samsung SmartThings is totally free without any subscription or fees.

What about using phone as TV remote without WiFi?

Your smartphone can actually transmit remote commands via infrared (IR) directly to devices, no WiFi needed. This does though require having an IR blaster built into your phone, which is rare these days.

An alternative for no WiFi control is getting a dedicated Bluetooth remote like the SofaBaton U1 covered earlier.

Can Apple Watch be used as Samsung remote?

While a bit gimmicky, Apple Watch can absolutely be utilized to at least do basic TV volume and power controls through third party apps. Give it a search on the App Store.

If you just purchased a shiny new Samsung TV but can’t seem to get the remote app working, we’ve also written a focused troubleshooting guide for common ONN TV remote not working scenarios that new users encounter.

Get Control With the Best Samsung TV Remote Apps

And there you have it – the top Samsung smart TV remote apps available to turn your smartphone into the ultimate home theater command station!

From the overall highest quality experience with ControlMeister to specialty options focused on automation, voice commands, customization – there’s an app fit for all needs.

No more losing that tiny plastic remote in the couch cushions. Let us know on social media which smart remote app ends up being your favorite to control your Samsung TV!

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