How to Cast/Mirror Android to Apple TV

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Written by Jason Lin

Cast Android To Apple Tv

Want to experience media content on a bigger screen but don’t know how? Cast/Mirror Android to Apple TV and enjoy them on a bigger screen.

know More About Apple TV & AirPlay

When it comes to streaming media files from mobile platforms to the TV, Apple TV can be of assistance. If you want to show off your images to your friends or show them to a group of individuals, a TV screen is the best option.

You may use it to increase the screen size of your device and avoid having to settle for a smartphone with a modest screen size.

We have been able to remotely watch films and recordings from our iPhones and iPads to Apple TV for a long while, permitting us to partake in a bigger screen view.

All because of AirPlay, a technology that works impeccably with Apple gadgets and permits iPhone proprietors to effectively transfer video between their smartphones and Apple TV.

Be that as it may, there is one disadvantage to this strategy: AirPlay, sadly, is solely accessible for Apple gadgets. Consequently, Android clients are in a tight spot with it. Trying to AirPlay/Cast Android to Apple TV will often fail altogether.

That being said, there are still techniques to reflect Android to Apple TV. Thus, we have ordered a rundown of straightforward procedures for real-timing your beloved video to your Apple TV.

Mirror Android to Apple TV with the Help of an HDMI/USB Cable

Several tangible solutions to this conundrum of mirroring Android to Apple TV exist. If you do not want to mess with settings, the easiest way to connect your smartphone or tablet to a TV is to use an HDMI cable, assuming your device allows HDMI streaming.

Connect one end to the HDMI connection on your TV and the other to the charging port on your phone, then adjust the Source on your TV to display the HDMI input.

But, before that, let us go through the most important stages for apps that employ USB or HDMI cords to mirror/airplay your Android devices to your Apple TV.

Mirror Android to Apple TV with the Help of an HDMI/USB Cable
  • Download the application.
  • After downloading the software to your computer, you must run it. Then, ensure that your Apple TV and the app are linked to the same connection.
  • Next, grab the  USB/HDMI cord and attach it to your computer and TV.
  • Because the cable may fail to connect automatically, you can cast your smartphone’s screen to your computer. The “Phone Screen Mirroring” option will display the screen of your Android phone on your computer.
  • Once you successfully set up a mirrored connection between your Television and your desktop, you will notice that the screen of your PC, which is reflecting your smartphone, will show on the Apple TV. This is how you airplay Android to Apple TV with ease!

Mirror Android to Apple TV Using Apps

There are third-party apps that can easily mirror, stream, and play movies and videos from Android to Apple TV.

We have collected a list of the top four Android to Apple TV mirroring applications so you can project your Android screen to Apple TV.

PS: if you are experiencing the AirPlay not showing error, here are the top solutions for you.

1. Cast Android to Apple TV by AllCast

Cast Android to Apple TV Using AllCast

AirPlay is supported by several apps, the first of which is the AllCast app. This utility connects to Apple TV and other AirPlay-enabled equipment, such as Chromecast. It also supports Amazon FireTV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Roku, and other DLNA-enabled devices.

It enables the transmission of pictures, movies, and audio from your Android smartphone to your television. Its trial edition, however, restricts you to a 5-minute viewing time on your media assets.

However, if you join a paid subscription, you can stream anything without restriction. You must purchase this one to use all of its capabilities.

Here’s how to use the AllCast app to cast/airplay Android to Apple TV.

  • Download the application on your smartphone and pair your Apple TV and Android phone to the same WiFi network.
  • Open the application on your smartphone, navigate to the cast option within a video player application, and then choose the name of your own Apple TV from the names provided.
Use the AllCast app to cast/airplay Android to Apple TV
  • The video should then start playing on your Apple TV.

Besides, are you interested in learning how to connect Apple TV to WiFi without a remote? Here is the step-by-step guide to setting up Apple TV without a remote.

2. Cast Android to Apple TV via Mirroring360

Cast Android to Apple TV Using Mirroring360

Mirroring360 is yet another useful tool for casting from Android to Apple TV. This tool can mirror your iOS or Android smartphone to a computer screen or, more likely, an Apple TV. You may also use this application to record and create a video game if you are a big player.

To discover how to show Android on Apple TV, simply follow these instructions to AirPlay Android to Apple TV.

  • Mirroring360 Sender needs to be downloaded and installed on your Android phone.
  • Link your Android device to the same WiFi network as your Apple TV.
  • When you launch the Mirroring 360 Sender application, the mirroring receivers in the same local Wireless router will be discovered immediately. To begin reflecting your Android smartphone to your Apple TV, click the name of your Apple TV and then press Start Now.

3. Cast Android to Apple TV by Cast to TV

Cast to TV

You can broadcast content from Android to your TV using digital media players if you have Cast to TV downloaded on your tablet or smartphone. It is compatible with Apple TV, Roku, Xbox, and others.

Furthermore, this immediately detects your video, photographs, and audio on your smartphone and your SD card for fast access.

This also allows you to play files directly from your Android smartphone and even wirelessly enjoy internet-based video content on Apple TV. But, for this application to function properly, you must have a reliable and operational connection to the internet for the optimal streaming experience.

To know how to mirror/airplay Android to Apple TV, follow the instructions, and you will be up and running in no time.

  • Begin by configuring your Apple TV and Android devices to connect to the same WiFi server.
  • Then, select Cast to TV on Google Play and download it.
  • Once started, the application will look for available devices. Connect by tapping your Apple TV.
  • Once linked, choose the media to play. Next, click the cast button in the top right corner of your screen.

4. Cast Android to Apple TV by DoubleTwist AirSync

In recent months, this app has become popular among Android users wishing to broadcast entertainment over AirPlay.

This free media manager, sometimes known as a ‘triple threat,’ performs numerous tasks. In addition to serving as a streamlined music player, it also serves as a podcast manager.

The major surprise is its ability to sync one’s iTunes media library. This includes playlists, audio, video, and other picture files, and it can be done while the desktop computer (both MAC and Windows) and the Android smartphone you have been operating on are synchronized. Aside from that, customers will have to pay $5 to access the AirSync and AirPlay functionalities.

Not only that, but the purchase also enables DLNA support. This one has an equalizer, a search option for album art, and the ability to delete podcast commercials.

The appeal of Double Twist is that it can broadcast to any device that supports the AirPlay standard and is linked to the same WiFi network.

  • Download the application from the Google Play store and install it. It is critical that both devices be connected to the same network for this job to perform successfully.
  • AirPlay can be enabled in Settings by scrolling down and clicking on “AirTwist & AirPlay.”
  • For the network you are currently using, enable AirTwist and AirPlay.
  • When you select Apple TV, the video will begin to play, and the Android smartphone’s WiFi-like symbol will flash blue, suggesting that the video is streaming.
DoubleTwist AirSync

Are There Any Differences Between Apple TV and Google Chromecast

  • Apple TV and Google Chromecast provide two distinct functions. Aside from a TV and an internet connection, Apple TV provides everything you need. That is because it includes applications for Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, WatchESPN, HBO Go, and hundreds of other services. You may begin consuming content immediately if you already have a membership to one of these services.
  • Google Chromecast, on the other hand, does not have any applications installed. Instead, it acts as a channel via which a PC or smartphone with specific apps loaded may broadcast to a television. Chromecast compatibility is not available for all apps.
  • Apple creates Apple TV, whilst Google creates Chromecast. If you own an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you will enjoy the finest experience with the Apple TV. However, Windows laptops and Android smartphones may also be used with the Apple TV.
  • Chromecast is essentially platform-agnostic, which means it will work on nearly all devices and desktops. But only Android and desktop PCs can reflect their screens; iOS devices cannot.
  • Chromecast lacks both a graphical interface and an operating system. Apple TV, on the other side, comes with a proprietary operating system known as tvOS.
Differences Between Apple TV and Google Chromecast
  • Chromecast is a fairly inexpensive technology. Apple TV is an expensive item. It has a lot of storage and functions, which is why it is so expensive.

These are technologies that set out to achieve something similar yet wind up providing radically distinct experiences. There is no doubt that Google’s Chromecast delivers exceptional value.

It functions with almost every application on the market; it is a set-and-forget device that stays behind your television but can be simply carried with you if you leave on vacation. Its starter edition is one of the inexpensive broadcasting devices available.

Apple TV, on the other hand, is more of a “luxury” choice. Cheaper devices can perform much (albeit not all) of what it does, but none of them do it as well or with the same level of technological excellence.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After the conclusion, we will include a section of unique FAQs to address common queries or concerns that readers may have regarding casting Android to Apple TV. These FAQs will provide further clarity and assistance.

FAQ 1: Can I cast any Android device to Apple TV?

Answer: Yes, as long as your Android device supports casting and you have a compatible Apple TV, you can cast from your Android device to the Apple TV.

FAQ 2: Are there any limitations to casting Android to Apple TV?

Answer: While casting Android to Apple TV offers a seamless experience, some apps or content may have restrictions and may not be available for casting. Additionally, certain features like screen mirroring may vary depending on the Android device and Apple TV models.

FAQ 3: Can I cast iOS devices to Apple TV using the same methods?

Answer: No, this article specifically focuses on casting Android devices to Apple TV. For casting iOS devices, you can use the built-in AirPlay feature without the need for additional apps.

FAQ 4: Do I need an active internet connection for casting Android to Apple TV?

Answer: Yes, both your Android device and Apple TV need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for casting to work properly.

FAQ 5: Can I stream copyrighted content from my Android device to Apple TV?

Answer: It’s important to respect copyright laws and only cast or stream content that you have the legal rights to access. Pirated or unauthorized content should not be shared or cast to Apple TV.

Final Thoughts

If you enjoy streaming video, the choices provided in this article will allow you to easily project media from your Android smartphone or tablet to your Apple TV.

Finally, once you successfully screen airplay/mirror Android to Apple TV, you are just a few steps away from enjoying your entertainment on a larger screen. Simply select the technique that best suits your needs from the available alternatives.

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