Why Disney+ Isn’t Working on Your Vizio Smart TV?

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Written by Jason Lin

Disney Plus Not Working On Vizio Smart Tv

Living in the era of cord-cutting comes with its fair share of streaming headaches. With so many streaming platforms available, app issues are bound to happen despite best efforts. As one of the most popular streaming services with over 137 million global subscribers, even Disney+ encounters problems occasionally.

If you’re a Vizio smart TV owner struggling to access Disney+ movies and shows, this comprehensive troubleshooting guide is here to help get things running smoothly again.

Common Reasons Why Disney+ Doesn’t Work on Vizio Smart TVs

Before jumping into solutions, it helps to understand potential reasons why Disney+ has technical difficulties on Vizio sets. The streaming service not functioning properly usually boils down to one of these factors:

  • Outdated app or firmware
  • Internet connectivity problems
  • Account login issues
  • Incompatible or defective hardware
  • Disney+ server outages

Fortunately, most Disney+ problems on Vizio smart TVs stem from software or network-related issues. These tend to be easier fixes than replacing hardware components.

Arm yourself with tips in this guide to get the magical streaming experience back up and running.

12 Fixes for Disney+ Not Working on Vizio Smart TV

1. Check Disney+ System Status

Before troubleshooting your Vizio TV setup, it helps to verify Disney+ servers are actually up and running properly. The streaming service occasionally experiences performance issues or temporary outages due to high traffic loads.

Visiting Downdetector shows the current Disney+ status and user-reported problems in real-time. If you notice a spike in outage reports, try again later when systems return to normal operations.

Check Disney Plus Server Status

2. Confirm Your Internet Connection Works

Streaming problems overwhelmingly trace back to internet connectivity issues. Using Disney+ requires a minimum download speed of 5 Mbps for HD content according to the company’s recommended speeds page.

However, faster speeds of at least 25 Mbps enables the best streaming performance based on the Netflix ISP Speed Index.

Test your network connection speed using a computer, smartphone or smart TV browser:

  • Run Speedtest to measure download and upload rates.
  • Confirm speeds reach at least 25 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up.
  • If below the threshold, try disconnecting other devices using your network or move closer to the router.
  • Contact your ISP if speeds fail expectations throughout your home.

3. Reboot Your Vizio Smart TV

Power cycling any smart TV remains one of the simplest first steps for rebooting software and clearing up minor glitches. This often resolves common problems like getting stuck on the loading screen.

Follow these proper power cycling procedures for Vizio TV models:

  • Locate the power button on the back or bottom of the TV frame.
  • Press and hold the power button until the TV screen goes completely off.
  • Unplug the TV power cable from the electrical outlet.
  • Wait 1 minute minimum to allow components to discharge.
  • Plug the power cable firmly back into the socket.
  • Press the power button once on the TV to restart the device.
Unplug The TV

Allow a minute or two for the TV to reboot and load the smart TV interface after powering back on. With any luck, this clears up Disney+ difficulties.

4. Reset Vizio TV To Factory Default Settings

If a basic reboot doesn’t work, restoring factory default settings often resolves stubborn software-related issues. This process erases custom settings entered and clears any problematic cached data.

Warning: Back up content and note app login information beforehand since factory resets wipe that data!

Follow these steps carefully to factory reset your Vizio Smart TV:

  1. From the TV menu, open System > Reset & Admin
  2. Select ‘Reset TV to Factory Defaults‘ from options
  3. When prompted, input the TV PIN code
    • The default code is usually 0000 or 1234
  4. Choose the reset option again to confirm
  5. Wait for TV to erase data and restart
Reset Vizio Tv To Factory Default Settings

Upon restarting, run through the initial first-time setup process for the TV. Download a fresh Disney+ app from the SmartCast store and reenter login details.

5. Update Vizio TV Firmware

Vizio periodically rolls out software patches and firmware updates adding new features or addressing bugs. Running outdated firmware often hinders app performance or causes freezing issues.

Updating to the latest firmware version improves compatibility across onboard apps including Disney+.

Here are the steps for manually checking, downloading and installing updates:

  1. From the settings menu, navigate: Menu > System > System Update
  2. Select ‘Check for Updates’ and press OK
  3. If an update appears, choose ‘Download Update
  4. When the TV prompts, press OK to install firmware
  5. Allow 5-10 minutes for installation then reboot
Update Vizio Tv Firmware

Vizio sets also support automatic updates for simplicity. Enable this under Menu > System > System Update > Auto Update. The TV checks for and installs updates around 3 AM based on your device time settings.

6. Update or Reinstall Disney+ App

Like your Vizio TV, keeping apps up-to-date minimizes playback problems and compatibility issues accessing content.

Following Vizio firmware updates above, double check your Disney+ app version matches the latest from developers. Additionally, be sure to change language settings appropriately and troubleshoot any error codes that may arise:

  1. Highlight the Disney+ app icon on the Vizio SmartCast home screen
  2. Press the asterisk * button on the remote to show info
  3. Note the current Disney+ app version number
  4. Visit the SmartCast store and view the app
  5. If newer version available, select Update or Uninstall/Reinstall

Allow a few minutes for changes to fully take effect on the backend before launching Disney+. Fingers crossed for smooth streaming!

7. Restart Your Home Internet Connection

Assuming TV and app troubleshooting fails to fix Disney+ streaming problems, turn attention towards your home network equipment.

Power cycling your modem and router essentially works the same magic as rebooting the TV by clearing any software hiccups.

Follow these proper restart procedures for home internet equipment:

Reset Cable Modem

  • Locate power button on modem and press to turn off
  • Unplug the modem power cord and keep detached for 1 minute
  • Firmly reconnect power cable to boot modem back up
  • Wait 2 minutes for modem to fully come back online

Reset Router

  • Find router power switch or button to power down
  • Unplug router power adapter for at least 30 seconds
  • Plug power adapter firmly back into router
  • Allow 1 minute for router to finish reboot process
Restart The Router

With modem and router restarted, try loading Disney+ on your Vizio TV once again.

8. Switch DNS Server Settings

Freezing, buffering or errors connecting to Disney+ could also relate to Domain Name System (DNS) server communication issues. Vizio smart TVs rely on DNS servers to translate DisneyPlus.com into the proper server IP address.

Changing the DNS server settings forces your devices to route through alternate pathways:

On Vizio Smart TV

  1. Access network settings menu
  2. Select custom or manual DNS address entry
  3. Enter public DNS server IP such as:
    • (Google DNS)
    • (Cloudflare DNS)
  4. Save settings and reconnect TV to Wi-Fi

On Windows PC

  1. Open Control Panel > Network & Internet > Network Connections
  2. Right click Wi-Fi network > Properties
  3. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 > Properties
  4. Change from ‘Obtain DNS server address automatically’ to ‘Use the following DNS server addresses
  5. Enter public DNS server IPs separated by comma
  6. Click OK to save and reconnect
Use The Following Dns Server Addresses

On Mac

  1. Click Apple icon > System Preferences > Network
  2. Choose Wi-Fi and click Advanced
  3. Switch to DNS tab
  4. Delete any listed entries and add:
  5. Click OK and Apply to save
Switch Dns Server Settings Mac

Once alternate DNS takes effect, stubborn Disney+ technical problems often disappear on the Vizio TV.

Disney+ and other streaming apps mainly require a solid internet feed for smooth playback. However, device connectivity also plays an important role conveying data from smart TVs to external displays.

HDMI Device Link technology allows connected gadgets like Vizio TVs and sound bars to communicate directly and share control signals. Enabling Device Link potentially fixes several problems:

  • Eliminates sync delays between video and audio
  • Prevents volume control issues
  • Resolves HDMI-CEC functionality for input switching

Turn on Vizio HDMI Device Link through:

Menu > System > CEC

Vizio Tv Cec

Additionally, check that the correct HDMI input connects your Vizio TV media player to an external display or audio system. Swapping HDMI ports sometimes resolves interface complications.

10. Adjust Apps Settings

Almost like digital feng shui, properly managing Vizio Smart TV app settings promotes harmony across installed streaming platforms.

While Disney+ works perfectly fine for some owners right away, tweaking configurations boosts compatibility:

Apps Settings To Adjust

  • Permission Manager
    • Ensure Disney+ has access to necessary data like storage, microphone etc.
  • Reset App Settings
    • Clears app-specific configs to defaults
  • Manage Storage
    • Frees up storage space eliminating buffering or crashing

Reset and manage app settings through: Menu > Apps > Configure Apps

Taking time to tidy up apps eliminates possible conflicts and glitches interfering with streaming performance.

11. Contact Disney+ Support

After methodically trying fixes on your Vizio television and home network equipment, Disney+ issues that persist likely require professional support. Reach out to Disney+ customer service through preferred contact methods:

Call (855) 559-7459

Live Chat
Launch Disney+ chat

Tweet @disneyplus

Disney+ support troubleshoots platform-specific issues and escalates ongoing technical difficulties to developers when needed. Provide as much detail about problems experienced on your Vizio Smart TV model.

Support agents also confirm account status and billing details not interfering with video streaming. Discuss options for credit or account extensions if problems stem from Disney+ systems.

12. Setup Streaming Device Alternatively

As a last resort if unable to resolve Disney+ problems on your Vizio platform specifically, consider adding an affordable streaming gadget accessing the service.

Streaming sticks like Roku, Fire TV and Apple TV provide alternative Disney+ access with fewer software and compatibility headaches. These plug-and-play devices connect via open HDMI ports on Vizio TVs with no additional configuration needed.

Top-rated streaming gadgets playing Disney+ include:

Set up streaming sticks using the Disney+ mobile app following included instructions. Cast or stream Disney+ to your Vizio television trouble-free!

Key Takeaways on Fixing Disney+ for Vizio TV

Following the systematic troubleshooting process outlined equips Vizio Smart TV owners to confidently resolve pesky Disney+ problems. Key takeaways:

  • Verify Disney+ status before assuming app issues
  • Power cycle Vizio TV plus reset network equipment
  • Update Vizio firmware and Disney+ app
  • Adjust DNS settings and Enable HDMI Device Link
  • Contact Disney support for account-related troubleshooting
  • Setup streaming sticks like Roku as alternate access

Patience pays off when tackling streaming difficulties. Methodically trying fixes helps narrow down and pinpoint the true culprit hindering Disney+ functionality.

Within 30 minutes or less, Vizio viewers once again enjoy the magical world of Disney movies through applied troubleshooting techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions About Disney+ on Vizio

Still have questions about getting Disney+ properly working with Vizio Smart TV models? These FAQs provide helpful answers:

Does Disney+ work on Vizio Smart TVs?

Yes, Vizio TVs fully support the Disney+ app through the included SmartCast platform. Available even on lower-end HD Vizio models, Disney+ proves widely accessible across their smart TV lineup.

Why does Disney+ keep buffering on my Vizio TV?

Buffering results mainly from shaky internet connections failing to maintain steady 5+ Mbps speeds. Try disconnecting other devices using your home network. Also reboot modem/router and upgrade internet plans if issues persist throughout the house.

How can I get Disney+ on an old Vizio TV?

Disney+ remains available on Vizio Smart TVs going back to 2016 models. If running older hardware unfortunately unable to update, use Roku, Fire TV or Chromecast plugged into HDMI ports granting app access.

Does Disney+ work with Vizio SmartCast?

Yes! Vizio SmartCast smart TV OS powers the Disney+ app experience along with other popular streaming platforms. Access the app straight from the SmartCast home screen just like Netflix or Hulu.

Why does Disney+ crash on my Vizio TV?

Frequent crashing or freezing usually means apps encounter compatibility issues with the TV software environment. Update Vizio system firmware to the latest release addressing stability and performance fixes.

Does Disney+ support Vizio 4K and HDR?

Vizio 4K TVs fully support Disney+ Ultra HD and HDR content where available helping shows shine. Make sure to enable HDMI ports for Enhanced Color and enable HDR settings under the Picture menu. Calibrate color and contrast accordingly.

Final Tips for Smooth Disney+ Streaming on Vizio

Hopefully the thorough troubleshooting advice within this guide gets Disney+ functioning flawlessly on problematic Vizio Smart TV setups well before calling in expensive technician visits.

As a quick recap, remember to:

  • Maintain fast reliable home internet connectivity
  • Reboot the Vizio TV plus modem/router
  • Update the TV firmware, Disney+ app and router
  • Check Disney+ system status during widespread issues

Following those best practices makes Disney+ streaming on Vizio TVs magical for the whole family.

The streaming service brings decades of iconic animations plus Star Wars, Marvel and more to home screens through advanced smart TV engineering. Take the guesswork out of technical hiccups by applying fixes within this article.

Did the guide help successfully revive Disney+ functionality which wasn’t working on your own Vizio television model too? Share your experiences and tips in the comments below!

Jason Lin
Tech enthusiast with 10+ years of experience, providing guides, reviews, and tips on Smart TVs, streaming devices, and TV apps.

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