Why Does My Hisense TV Keep Going Back to the Home Screen?

January 14, 2024

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Purchasing a Hisense TV brings good value; however, technical issues can still crop up. A common frustration users face sees their Hisense television abruptly and repeatedly revert back to the home screen while browsing menus or streaming content. This comprehensive troubleshooting guide explores the possible reasons behind this glitch and actionable solutions to restore normal functioning.

Why Your Hisense TV Persistently Reverts to Home Screen

Hisense produces affordable, quality televisions packed with features. However, being internet-connected smart devices, they can experience technical quirks just like laptops or phones.

A frequent annoyance that crops up sees the TV suddenly and unwantedly revert from streaming content back to the home screen. This abrupt reset can result from the following factors:

Weak Internet Connectivity

Like other smart platforms, Hisense TVs rely on steady internet access for smooth functioning of apps and services. Slow, intermittent Wi-Fi hampered by range limits or interference can disrupt streams leading to abrupt app closure and home screen dumps.

Outdated or Defective Firmware

Problems introduced through flawed updates or unfixed bugs in the core television software can also manifest as the pesky home screen revert behavior. Failing to install the latest Hisense firmware leaves systems open to potential stability issues.

Excessive System Cache

Hisense TVs utilize a storage cache to enable quick loading of frequently used applications and menus. However, a bloated cache overloaded with unnecessary temporary files will cause performance lagging.

Erroneous Timeout Durations

Platform timeouts that force close open applications after a prescribed duration may be errorously set too low. Overeagerly enforced timeouts can prematurely dump users back to the home screen against their wishes.

Nearby Electronic Interference

Devices like wireless speakers, microwaves and baby monitors placed in your Hisense TV’s proximity can interfere with and degrade the wireless signal reception leading to streaming interruptions.

Problematic Applications

Glitchy third-party applications incompatible with the Hisense smart TV platform can also trigger crashes forcing users back to the home screen.

Hardware Faults

In rare cases, the random home screen reverts may symptomatic of larger hardware component failures which require professional service and repairs. Accompanying issues like TV refusal to turn on reinforce a hardware diagnosis.

Fixes and Solutions For Home Screen Revert Problem

Begin troubleshooting a Hisense TV that keeps reverting to the home screen by trying these simple quick fixes first:

Check Wi-Fi Signal Strength

Verify TV has strong, interference free Wi-Fi access. Temporarily disable potential sources of electronic interference like wireless speakers and observe changes. Move router closer or connect TV via ethernet cable.

Update Hisense Firmware

Install latest firmware update from Settings menu or manually using USB stick from Hisense website to resolve any bugs. Updates add optimizations and improve system stability.

Hisense Tv Check Firmware Upgrade

Reset Router; Toggle Interferers

Power cycle router by unplugging from electrical outlet for one minute to refresh connections. Switch off electronics like baby monitors and microwaves when streaming TV to check for signal interference.

Restart The Router

Clear System Cache and App Data

Remove built up temporary data causing lag and crashes by going to Settings > Apps > Clear Cache/Data. Wiping excess files may fix home screen revert problem.

Android Tv Clear Cache

Adjust Timeout Settings

Erroneous timeouts misconfigured to aggressively force close apps can cause inadvertent reverts. Disable or extend timeouts under System Settings > Timer Settings menu.

Hisense Tv Timer Settings

Factory Reset as Last Resort

If problems persist, backup settings to USB stick and perform full factory reset under Device Preferences menu to eliminate software gremlins. You will have to reconfigure Wi-Fi and settings post wipe.

Tcl Android Tv Reset

Contact Support for Hardware Issues

Seeking professional Hisense service is recommended if above software troubleshooting does not resolve random home screen reverts. Accompanying problems like flashing indicator lights or refusal to power on indicate hardware faults needing inspection by a repair technician.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most common trigger causing home screen reverts?

The predominant culprit is usually struggling Wi-Fi connectivity. Slow and unstable internet access disrupts media streaming. Apps abruptly close when losses in transmission occur, forcing the TV to revert to the home screen unexpectedly.

Will factory resetting delete all my data and settings?

Yes, a full factory reset erases all user data including stored passwords, preferences and installed apps. It restores the TV to original out-of-box conditions requiring full reconfiguration of settings afterwards.

How can I backup my settings before performing factory reset?

To retain Wi-Fi codes and preferences for easy reentry post-reset, insert a USB thumb drive and navigate to Settings > Backup and Restore. Choose the backup to USB option before initiating the reset procedure.

Why does clearing system cache and app data help?

Cached temporary files allowing quicker launch times accumulate over time, eventually causing performance lagging. Wiping this data removes corrupted fragments that may be interrupting normal Television operations.


While home screen reverts prove frustrating, basic software troubleshooting as described usually resolves Hisense TV issues without requiring technical expertise or special tools. Stabilizing network connectivity combined with firmware updates and cache clearing typically fixes unstable smart TV behavior. Seeking professional service remains necessary though for hardware related faults.

We hope these fixes help restore proper functioning so you can continue enjoying your affordably-priced Hisense television free of annoying technical glitches!