Hisense TV Keeps Reverting to Home Screen? Try These Fixes

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Written by Jason Lin

Hisense Tv Keeps Going Back To Home Screen

As a tech blogger with over a decade of experience troubleshooting electronics, I’ve helped countless readers resolve quirks with their smart TVs. One frustrating issue Hisense TV owners frequently face is the screen unexpectedly reverting to the home menu. This interrupts streaming and forces you to relaunch apps.

After extensively researching user reports and drawing on my own debugging, I’ve put together this comprehensive guide. It outlines the most common causes and provides proven step-by-step solutions to stop your Hisense TV from going back to the home screen.

Common Reasons Your Hisense TV Keeps Going to the Home Screen

While Hisense offers affordable, well-equipped smart TVs, they can still encounter glitches like any internet-connected device. Here are the typical triggers behind home screen reverts:

1. Weak or Unstable Internet Connection

  • Hisense TVs require a steady Wi-Fi signal to run streaming apps smoothly
  • Intermittent, slow internet causes streams to buffer and drop
  • This abruptly closes apps, reverting to the home screen

2. Outdated or Buggy Firmware

  • Manufacturers regularly release patches to fix software flaws
  • Skipping firmware updates leaves your TV open to crashes
  • Unfixed code defects can manifest as unstable operation

3. Overloaded Cache Memory

  • Like phones, Hisense TVs store temp files to launch apps quickly
  • Over time, this cache becomes bloated and corrupted
  • Excess cached data bogs down the processor causing lag and reverts

4. Disruptive Electronic Interference

  • Baby monitors, cordless phones, microwaves near your TV interfere with Wi-Fi
  • Interference weakens wireless signals, interrupting streaming
  • Position electronics at least 10 feet away to avoid dropouts

5. Glitchy Apps

  • Third-party app compatibility issues with Hisense software are another culprit
  • Buggy apps may freeze or crash, dumping you on the home screen
  • Keep apps updated and uninstall problematic ones if issues persist

6. Rare Hardware Faults

  • In uncommon cases, recurring reverts are signs of failing hardware
  • Bad connections, overheating, or dying components require service
  • Flashing LEDs or failure to turn on indicate hardware faults needing repair

Step-by-Step Troubleshooting to Stop Home Screen Reverts

To fix a Hisense TV that keeps returning to the home menu, work through these troubleshooting steps in order:

1. Check Wi-Fi Signal Strength & Stability

  • Go to Settings > Network to view wireless signal strength
  • Aim for at least 3 bars; 1-2 bars indicate a weak link
  • Reboot your router by unplugging for 30 seconds
  • Relocate it closer to the TV or connect an ethernet cable

2. Update Hisense TV Firmware

  • Press Menu and go to Settings > Support > System Update
  • Check for and install any available firmware upgrades
  • Patches often resolve bugs causing crashes and instability
Hisense Tv Check Firmware Upgrade

3. Clear Cache and App Data

  • Head to Settings > Apps to access application management tools
  • Select each app and choose “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data
  • This erases corrupted temporary files causing performance issues
Android Tv Clear Cache

4. Adjust System Timeout Settings

  • Some TVs have a setting to close inactive apps to free up memory
  • An aggressive timeout may prematurely dump you to the home page
  • Under System Settings, disable or lengthen the timeout to avoid interruptions
Hisense Tv Timer Settings

5. Factory Reset as Last Resort

  • If crashes persist, backup your TV’s settings to a USB drive
  • Go to Device Preferences and initiate a factory data reset
  • This wipes all configs and data for a clean slate
  • Reconfigure your apps and settings after as if new
Tcl Android Tv Reset

6. Contact Support for Hardware Issues

  • If issues continue after exhausting the above fixes, contact Hisense support
  • Random reverts paired with LED blinks or refusal to power on indicate hardware faults
  • A certified technician can properly diagnose and service the TV

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: What’s the most likely reason for Hisense TVs reverting to the home screen?
    A: In most cases, an unstable internet connection is the primary culprit. Slow or intermittent Wi-Fi will disrupt streams and close apps.
  2. Q: Will a factory reset delete everything on my Hisense TV?
    A: Yes, a factory data reset erases all your customizations, including network settings, app logins and preferences. The TV reverts to its original state.
  3. Q: How do I backup my Hisense TV’s data before a reset?
    A: Insert a USB drive into your TV’s port. Navigate to Settings > Device Preferences > Backup & Restore. Choose “Back up data” to save settings.
  4. Q: Why does clearing the cache fix home screen reverts?
    A: Over time, your TV’s cache accumulates leftover temporary data. This can slow down and destabilize the system. Periodically clearing it out often resolves odd behavior.
  5. Q: What indicates my Hisense TV’s Wi-Fi signal is too weak?
    A: On your TV, go to Settings > Network to view signal strength. If it shows only 1-2 bars, or frequently disconnects, the Wi-Fi is struggling to maintain a strong link.

Key Takeaways

  • Unexpected home screen reverts are often caused by poor internet, outdated software, bloated cache, and app glitches
  • Stabilizing your Wi-Fi, updating firmware, and clearing cache data resolves most cases
  • Adjust app timeout settings to prevent premature app closures
  • As a last resort, backup your preferences and do a factory reset
  • Contact professional support if crashes persist alongside other failures, indicating hardware faults


While it’s alarming to have your Hisense TV repeatedly interrupt streaming by reverting to the home screen, a bit of troubleshooting usually resolves it. In my experience, simply rebooting your router and TV, then ensuring the latest updates are installed, fixes the vast majority of cases.

By working through the steps in this guide, you can methodically eliminate potential causes until your Hisense TV resumes normal operation. If all else fails, contacting Hisense’s support team or pursuing warranty service may be necessary for suspected hardware failures.

I hope these tips and insights, sourced from my years debugging electronics and aggregated user reports, help you quickly resolve home screen reverts on your Hisense TV. If you have further questions or tips to share, please leave them in the comments below.

Jason Lin
Tech enthusiast with 10+ years of experience, providing guides, reviews, and tips on Smart TVs, streaming devices, and TV apps.

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