Samsung TV Plus Review: Ultimate Guide to the Free Streaming Service

March 10, 2024

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Samsung TV Plus lets you watch live TV, movies and more on your Samsung device for free. Learn how it works and see if it’s worth using in this review.


Samsung TV Plus is a free, ad-supported streaming television service for compatible Samsung devices. It offers over 200 live TV channels spanning categories like news, sports, movies and more. There’s also an on-demand library with movies and shows to watch whenever you want.

As a free service included with Samsung products, it provides an easy way to access streaming content. But how exactly does it work, and what can you watch? This comprehensive review will cover everything you need to know.

What is Samsung TV Plus?

Samsung Tv Plus

Samsung TV Plus is Samsung’s take on free ad-supported streaming television (FAST). It launched in 2015 and now offers live and on-demand programming you can access at no charge.

  • Completely free to use
  • No credit card or signup required
  • Supported by ads during programming
  • Streams live channels 24/7
  • Also provides on-demand movies and shows
  • Comes pre-installed on new Samsung TVs and phones

Unlike subscription services like Netflix or Hulu, Samsung TV Plus is free in exchange for airing advertisements periodically. It’s Samsung’s attempt to compete with other ad-supported platforms.

The service has grown to over 1,200 hours of programming. You can watch live channels and view content whenever you want. It may appeal to cord-cutters seeking free TV.

How Does Samsung TV Plus Work?

Samsung TV Plus functions much like services such as Pluto TV, Roku Channel or Tubi in providing free, ad-supported movies and TV.

It works by:

  • Having partnerships with various content providers
  • Curating programming like live streams and on-demand libraries
  • Monetizing the content through advertisements
  • Using an internet connection and streaming the content to devices
  • Requiring a compatible Samsung device to watch

Supported devices can browse and play programming on-demand or via live channels. The service is monetized through periodic commercials.

An internet connection streams the content from Samsung partners. But Samsung TV Plus comes pre-installed, so accessing it is simple if you have a supported device.

Supported Devices

Because it’s Samsung’s proprietary service, device support is limited mainly to Samsung products only. These include:

  • Samsung Smart TVs (2016 models and newer)
  • Select Samsung phones and tablets
  • Samsung Family Hub refrigerators (US and Korea)
  • Web browsers at (US only)

With one of those devices, you can simply open the pre-loaded app or visit an URL to start watching. Support does not extend beyond Samsung hardware.

While Samsung TV Plus is not natively available on Roku devices, you can cast Samsung TV Plus to a Roku player from a phone or tablet using screen mirroring. But it doesn’t directly integrate with Roku hardware.

Availability By Country

Samsung TV Plus is available in these 24 regions as of October 2022:

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • South Korea
  • Germany
  • France

The full list also includes:

  • Austria
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • India
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Mexico
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Thailand

Live channel listings can vary significantly across different countries. On-demand libraries also differ by region. The US service currently offers the most content.

Content Lineup

Within Samsung TV Plus, you can access over 200 free live TV channels spanning categories like news, sports, entertainment and more.

There’s also a catalog of on-demand movies and shows you can watch whenever you want. Here’s a closer look at what you’ll find.

Live TV Channels

Samsung Tv Plus Live Tv Channels 1

The live streaming lineup includes recognizable brands and networks. Offerings span categories like these:


  • CBS News
  • Cheddar
  • NBC News Now
  • Bloomberg TV


  • Stadium
  • CBS Sports HQ
  • Pac-12 Insider


  • Buzzr
  • Revry
  • USA Today News
  • FailArmy


  • Nick
  • PBS Kids
  • Moonbug Kids
  • Kid Genius Plus


  • Bon Appétit
  • America’s Funniest Home Videos
  • Kitchen Nightmares
  • Docubox

You can essentially flip through channels endlessly like cable TV. Listings are also viewable if you prefer to see what’s on now or coming up later.

On-Demand Movies and Shows

In addition to live channels, there’s a catalog of movies and shows available on-demand:

You’ll find popular older movies in genres like action, drama and comedy. There are also shows you can binge on-demand, such as:

  • MacGyver
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • 21 Jump Street
  • The Dick Van Dyke Show

Offerings change regularly, so shows and movies you see one day may be gone the next. On-demand content also helps cushion when live channels air commercials.

Features and Interface

Using Samsung TV Plus is designed to feel much like cable or satellite, from the interface to channel flipping and viewing options.

Menu and Navigation

Samsung Tv Plus Menu And Navigation

The interface aims to mimic a traditional channel grid guide:

With familiar menus and navigation, you can:

  • Browse live channel guide listings
  • Flip through channels aimlessly
  • Pull up details about current/upcoming programs
  • Search using filters
  • View recently watched channels
  • See recommended programs

It aims to provide a cable-esque viewing experience while streaming free content.

Profiles and Watchlists

To personalize the experience even more, you can create profiles and use watchlists:

Profiles let each user have:

  • Separate watch history
  • Custom channel favorites
  • Tailored recommendations
Samsung Tv Plus Ability To Favorite Channels

Watchlists allow you to:

  • Save movies/shows for later
  • Get notified when available
  • Resume watching from any device

While optional, profiles and watchlists help surface preferred content.

Video and Audio Quality

In terms of playback quality, Samsung TV Plus offers:

  • Up to 1080p resolution
  • Support for 4K and HDR
  • Surround sound audio on select devices
  • Consistent standard definition quality

4K and HDR provide an enhanced viewing experience for compatible TVs. Streams hold up reliably at the minimum 480p quality too.

Samsung Tv Plus Video And Audio Quality


Since Samsung TV Plus is ad-supported, expect commercials during programming:

  • Around 2-3 minutes of ads during breaks
  • 30-second ads at the start of on-demand video
  • Additional ads sprinkled in every 20+ minutes

This is less advertising compared to regular cable. But you’ll still see the usual mix of repetitive commercials.

Pros and Cons

Before deciding if Samsung TV Plus is for you, weigh some of the notable advantages and disadvantages:


Free access

  • No signup, fees or subscription
  • Watch instantly at no cost

No credit card needed

  • Simply open the app and start streaming
  • No risk to try the service

Ad-supported business model

  • Shows air with limited commercials
  • Free content subsidized by advertisements

Good for cord-cutters

  • Offers live TV without cable
  • Provides free movies and shows
  • Familiar channel guide


Limited device support

  • Only works with Samsung devices
  • No streaming sticks or non-Samsung TVs

Fewer channels than competitors

  • Over 200+ channels but rivals offer more
  • Missing many niche offerings

Lacks sports and locals

  • No regional sports networks
  • Few local affiliate stations

Older movie selection

  • Focused on recognizable classic films
  • Lacking newer mainstream movies

While Samsung TV Plus saves money as a free option, it does have some drawbacks around content selection and availability.

How To Get Samsung TV Plus

Since Samsung TV Plus is exclusive to Samsung electronics, getting access depends on which devices you own.

New Samsung TVs

The easiest way to get Samsung TV Plus is owning a recent Samsung television.

  • Comes pre-installed on 2016+ models
  • Under Samsung Account section of menus
  • Select app icon to open
Samsung Tv Plus New Samsung Tvs

With the app already on your TV, just launch it and start watching. No download or signup necessary.

Mobile Devices

Alternatively, you can install the app on a Samsung mobile device:

  • Available for Samsung phones and tablets
  • Download from Google Play store
  • Compatible with Android 8.0+
  • Find in Entertainment or Samsung folder
Samsung Tv Plus Google Play

As long as you have an eligible Galaxy device, you can then take Samsung TV Plus on the go.

Web Browser

You can also watch from a desktop or laptop within the browser at:

  • Limited to the United States only
  • Works on any web browser
  • Requires no app install

This provides another way to access Samsung TV Plus from PCs or Macs. Mobile browsers are hit-or-miss based on pop-up support.

Samsung TV Plus vs Other Services

How does Samsung TV Plus compare to other free, ad-supported streaming options? Here’s how it stacks up to key rivals:

Samsung TV Plus vs Pluto TV

Samsung TV PlusPluto TV
DevicesSamsung onlyMost platforms
On-demandMovies & showsMovies & shows
Stream qualityUp to 4KUp to 1080p
AdsPeriodic commercialsPeriodic commercials
  • Pluto TV is on more devices but has 4x the channel offerings
  • Both provide free on-demand libraries and live channels
  • Pluto lacks 4K but has stronger overall content

Samsung TV Plus vs Roku Channel

Samsung TV PlusThe Roku Channel
DevicesSamsung onlyRoku devices
On-demandMovies & showsMovies & shows
Stream qualityUp to 4KUp to 1080p
AdsPeriodic commercialsPeriodic commercials
  • Both tied to their brand’s devices only
  • Similar numbers of live channels
  • Samsung has edge for 4K and HDR

Samsung TV Plus vs Amazon Freevee

Samsung TV PlusAmazon Freevee
DevicesSamsung onlyMost platforms
Channels200+ live channelsOn-demand only
On-demandMovies & showsMovies & shows
Stream qualityUp to 4KUp to 1080p
AdsPeriodic commercialsPeriodic ads
  • Amazon lacks any live channels
  • Both provide free on-demand libraries
  • Samsung also offers live sports and news

Samsung TV Plus vs Tubi

Samsung TV PlusTubi
DevicesSamsung onlyMost platforms
Channels200+ live channelsOn-demand only
On-demandMovies & showsMovies & shows
Stream qualityUp to 4KUp to 1080p
AdsPeriodic commercialsPeriodic ads
  • Another major on-demand option
  • Samsung provides 200+ live channels
  • Tubi has more movie variety in on-demand

Across the board, Samsung TV Plus holds its own with major competitors in the free streaming space. Just keep the device limitation in mind, as rivals work across platforms.

Tips and Tricks

Take advantage of Samsung TV Plus even more with these helpful tips:

Using Profiles

Create personal profiles so that you and family members each get:

  • Independent watch history and recommendations
  • Ability to set favorite channels
  • Customized homepages for each viewer

This prevents your suggestions from being overloaded by other household members.

Managing Watchlists

Use the watchlist feature to:

  • Save movies or shows for later
  • Get notifications when they are live
  • Resume watching on another device

With multi-device syncing, you won’t lose your spot when switching TVs.

Controlling Ads

While unavoidable, you can minimize ads by:

  • Flipping channels when commercial breaks start
  • Using on-demand content to bypass long ad blocks
  • Paying attention to live program runtimes to predict ads

Channel surfing during ads remains an effective way to skip commercials.

Casting to Non-Samsung Devices

You can cast Samsung TV Plus to:

Samsung Tv Plus Casting

Mirroring to external devices expands access beyond Samsung hardware.

Key Takeaways

  • Samsung TV Plus offers over 200 free live channels spanning news, movies, sports and more
  • There’s also an on-demand library with movies and shows to watch anytime
  • It’s ad-supported so expect brief commercials during programming
  • Exclusive to Samsung devices like smart TVs, phones and tablets
  • Provides an easy way to watch free content if you already own eligible Samsung products
  • Worth trying since it’s free and requires no signup


Do I need to sign up for Samsung TV Plus?

No signup or account creation is needed. Just install the app or open it if it came preloaded on your device.

What devices support Samsung TV Plus?

Samsung smart TVs from 2016 or newer support it along with Galaxy phones/tablets. A limited web browser version at also exists.

Can I download shows to watch offline?

Downloading content for offline viewing is not possible currently. You need an active internet connection for it to stream programming.

Does Samsung TV Plus offer 4K streaming?

Select programming and devices allow for 4K resolution and HDR playback. This depends on your TV capabilities and channel availability.

Does Samsung TV Plus ever stop working or have issues?

Yes, some users have reported problems with Samsung TV Plus no longer functioning after software updates or other issues. Trying rebooting the device or reinstalling the app if you experience crashes or freezing.


As a free ad-supported service, Samsung TV Plus brings years of movies, shows and live channels to compatible Samsung products. While limited exclusively to Samsung hardware, it provides a quality option for free content across news, entertainment, lifestyle and kids programming.

If you already own a supporting device, the app is pre-installed and ready to use instantly. For cord cutters with a Samsung TV, it’s certainly worth test driving at no cost or commitment. Just dive in to see if the content offering suits your interests.