How to Get Stremio on Your LG Smart TV: The Complete Guide

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Written by Jason Lin

Stremio On Lg Tv

Stremio is an ingenious media center that brings all your favorite streaming services together in one place. With add-ons, you can access Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, and much more from a single app.

Unfortunately, LG’s webOS platform does not have an official Stremio app yet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Stremio on your LG Smart TV!

This comprehensive guide will teach you multiple methods to watch Stremio on an LG TV, either by screen mirroring or using the web-based player.

Methods to Access Stremio on LG Smart TV

There are a few different ways you can get Stremio running on an LG TV, depending on your setup:

  • Use the Stremio web app in the LG browser
  • Cast Stremio from an Android mobile device
  • Screen mirror Stremio from a Windows PC
  • Screen mirror Stremio from a Mac

The following sections will cover each method in detail, with simple step-by-step instructions.

Use Stremio Web App in LG Browser

The easiest way to use Stremio on your LG Smart TV is by visiting the Stremio web app:

  1. Open the web browser app on your LG TV
  2. Navigate to
  3. Click on the profile icon in the top right and select “Log in/Sign up
  4. Enter your Stremio account credentials if you have an existing account or create a new account
  5. Once logged in, you’ll have access to all your configured add-ons
  6. Browse through add-on catalogs and play any title directly on your LG TV!

The major limitation here is lack of external add-on support compared to native apps. But the web app still lets you conveniently access media from standard add-ons.

Cast Stremio from an Android Device

If you want to mirror the full native Android app interface and all add-ons, you can cast Stremio to your LG TV:


  • Android mobile device
  • Stremio app installed
  • LG TV and Android device connected to same WiFi network


  1. Connect phone and LG TV to the same WiFi
  2. Launch Stremio app on your Android device
  3. Swipe down notification shade and tap Cast button
  4. Select your LG TV from the target device list
Cast Lg Tv
  1. Accept the screen mirroring prompt on your TV
  2. Stremio on Android will now be displayed on your LG TV
  3. Browse add-ons and play any title!

Casting gives you the full Stremio experience while allowing hands-free control from your phone even when mirrored.

Screen Mirror Stremio from a Windows PC

Much like Android, you can also mirror the Stremio desktop app from a Windows 10 PC to your LG Smart TV.


  • Windows 10 PC
  • Stremio app installed
  • LG TV and PC connected to same WiFi


  1. Download and install Stremio for Windows
  2. Connect PC and LG TV to the same WiFi network
  3. Press Windows + K to open the Connect prompt
  4. Select your LG TV name
Mirror My Pc Screen To Lg Tv
  1. Accept screen mirroring on your TV
  2. Stremio on your Windows PC will mirror to the LG TV
  3. Log in to Stremio and start watching!

This gives you the most powerful Stremio experience with support for all advanced add-ons and customization.

Screen Mirror Stremio from a Mac

Here are the steps to follow for wirelessly mirroring Stremio from a Mac to LG webOS TV:


  • Mac computer (Intel-based for best performance)
  • Stremio app installed
  • LG TV updated to webOS 5.0 or later


  1. Get Stremio app for Mac from official website
  2. Connect both Mac and LG TV to same WiFi network
  3. Open Control Center on Mac and select Screen Mirroring
Mirror Stremio From Mac To Roku
  1. Choose your LG TV from list of available devices
  2. Allow mirroring access on LG TV prompt
  3. Open Stremio app on your Mac
  4. Log into your account
  5. Browse impressive add-on catalogs right on TV!

Similar to Windows mirroring, this gives you the complete Stremio app streamed to your LG TV for the ultimate watching experience.

Tips for Using Stremio on LG Smart TVs

Now that you know how to access Stremio on an LG TV, here are some useful tips:

  • For best performance, use 5Ghz WiFi for minimal lag
  • Configure Stremio settings like preferred audio and subtitles
  • Install must-have add-ons like Netflix, YouTube, Torrentio
  • Enable Real-Debrid integration for high-quality torrent streams
  • Use mobile devices or laptop for easier text input
  • Create a free Trakt account to sync watched history
  • Cast Stremio from Android for standalone phone control
  • Mirror Stremio from PC for maximum add-on capability
  • Use Stremio web-app for quick access from LG browser

FAQs about Stremio & LG webOS TVs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Does LG Content Store have an official Stremio app?

No, there is currently no native Stremio application available for LG TVs. You have to sideload or remotely access it for now.

What are the best Stremio add-ons to improve LG TV streaming?

Some top add-ons for LG TV Stremio include Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Plex, Torrentio, Twitch, Crunchyroll and more popular services.

Real-Debrid integration also unlocks high-quality torrent streams.

Learn about the best Stremio alternatives that also consolidate streaming services.

Why choose Stremio over LG Channels or Plex?

Stremio consolidates different streaming sources into one place unlike LG Channels. And it provides much better global content aggregation compared to Plex media server’s local libraries.

See a detailed Stremio vs Plex comparison on features and use cases.

Does Stremio work in all regions on an LG TV?

Yes, Stremio has no regional limitations itself. Only installed add-ons may have geo-restrictions based on their own policies.

Can you get Stremio on older LG TV models?

If your LG TV has webOS 3.5 or later, which covers 2016 models onwards, you should be able to access Stremio through one of the streaming methods covered.

Stremio also works great on Roku devices and Fire TV Stick.


Although LG Smart TVs don’t natively support it yet, you can absolutely enjoy Stremio on your webOS television using simple solutions like casting or screen mirroring.

It’s a fantastic way to consolidate all your preferred streaming platforms into one place for endless on-demand entertainment.

For cord-cutters, Stremio provides similar consolidated streaming to Kodi.

So install top add-ons, enable Real-Debrid, create Trakt syncing, and dive deep into the many wonders of Stremio – right from the big screen comfort of your LG Smart TV!

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