Why Does My TCL Roku TV Keep Restarting? How to Finally Fix it

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Written by Jason Lin

Tcl Roku Tv Keep Restarting

Has your TCL Roku TV started unexpectedly restarting itself? As annoying as it sounds, random reboots are quite a common issue that many TCL Roku TV owners face.

Don’t worry though – in most cases, you can easily fix the restart loop at home without needing to call customer service or a repair technician.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn:

  • The 5 most common reasons for TCL Roku TV restart issues and how to diagnose them
  • 7 proven methods to get your TCL Roku TV to stop restarting, step-by-step
  • When you need to replace internal components or contact TCL support

After troubleshooting over a dozen TCL TVs with reboot loops, I’ve put together this definitive guide to help you stop your TCL Roku TV from restarting over and over.

Why Is My TCL Roku TV Restarting?

Before jumping into the fixes, it’s important to understand the likely underlying causes. This way, you can systematically rule out issues and solve the restart problem faster.

Here are the 5 most common triggers based on my experience:

1. Software Glitches

Like any smart device, Roku TVs can experience small software hiccups that disrupt normal functioning. These manifest as random reboots, even if there are no hardware problems.

Resetting or rebooting the TV usually resolves transient software issues.

2. Overheating Components

Excessive heat build-up causes TCL Roku TVs to reset as a protective mechanism. Chips and other components overheating is especially common in older TVs as internal fans accumulate dust.

Checking for hot spots around internal components helps diagnose overheating issues.

3. Power Fluctuations

Faulty wall outlets, damaged power cables, and loose connections can trigger unexpected TV restarts. Power fluctuations reset the TV as a self-preservation response.

4. Faulty Capacitors

Bulging or leaking capacitors are unable to hold a stable charge, resulting in random shutdowns and reboots. This typically happens in TVs over 2-3 years old.

Visual inspection of capacitors guides diagnosis. Learn more about potential causes behind your TCL TV screen flickering.

5. External Device Conflicts

Devices connected to your TCL Roku TV like streaming sticks, consoles, Blu-Ray players etc can sometimes cause CEC control issues making the TV restart itself.

With the common culprits in mind, let’s look at the step-by-step fixes…

How to Stop TCL Roku TV From Restarting?

Follow these proven methods to troubleshoot what’s making your TCL Roku TV restart and resolve the issue:

1. Soft Reset Your TCL Roku TV

As mentioned earlier, transient software glitches are a common reason behind random Roku TV restarts.

Thankfully, nine out of ten times a basic reboot or power cycle can nip such software issues in the bud and prevent your TCL TV from restarting again and again.

Here is how to soft reset your TCL Roku TV. If issues persist, also refer to recommended steps for when a TCL TV won’t turn on.

  • Unplug the TV from the power socket and wait 60 seconds
  • With the TV unplugged, long press the power button on the TV itself for 10 seconds to discharge residual power
  • Leave the TV disconnected for 5 minutes before plugging back in
  • Turn on your TCL Roku TV with the remote or power button
Unplug The TV

Allow a few minutes for the reboot process to fully complete. This power cycles your TV to clear any non-permanent data causing software issues.

2. Check Power Cord and Socket Connection

Before looking at complex solutions, it’s worth examining basics like your power cables and wall socket condition.

  • Inspect the power cord carefully for any visible damage or wear and tear. Exchange it if needed
  • Check that all pinned connections in the cord, TV socket, and extension cords / power strips are fully plugged in
  • Connect your TCL TV’s power cord to different wall sockets to rule out faults in a specific output
  • Try connecting high-wattage appliances like vacuum cleaners to the suspect outlets to confirm supply
  • Consider getting an electrician to check output voltage at outlets in case fluctuations are causing random restarts

As you troubleshoot connections, also check that no components are overheating by feeling around the TV body and power inlet.

3. Factory Reset Your Roku TV

If a soft restart doesn’t help, the next logical step is a factory reset. This reverts system software and settings to default out-of-the-box condition.

On TCL Roku TVs factory reset can be initiated in two ways:

Via Remote Control

  • Navigate to Settings > System > Advanced System Settings
  • Choose the Factory Reset option
  • Input displayed factory reset PIN
  • Confirm reset of all data and settings
Roku Perform A Factory Reset

Once factory reset completes, setup your Roku TV from scratch. This wipes any problematic data that could be triggering restart issues.

Via Hardware Reset Button

Alternatively, locate the tiny RESET pinhole button behind your TCL Roku TV panel:

  • Power off and unplug TV
  • Use a pin to long press the hardware reset button for 25-30 seconds
  • With reset button still depressed, reconnect power cable
  • Release reset button after 10 seconds when screen lights up
  • Factory reset automatically initiates
Roku Tv Hardware Reset Button

Wait patiently as the TV reboots a couple of times when hardware reset finishes.

4. Disable CEC Control

The Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) feature lets HDMI devices control Roku TV power states and input switching.

While convenient, CEC can sometimes cause conflicts and make TCL Roku TV restart or randomly power cycle.

Disabling CEC is straightforward. You can also try these steps if your TCL Roku TV is not connecting to WiFi.

  • Access Settings > System > Control other devices (CEC)
Roku Tv Disable Cec Control
  • Turn off options like System audio control, one-touch play
  • Toggle ARC to Off for connected audio devices
Roku Tv Disable Cec Control 2

With CEC disabled, devices lose ability to directly turn TV on or off. This prevents unwanted restarts via external gadgets.

5. Unpair Devices

Similar to CEC, paired wireless devices like home theater systems, smartphones, and Bluetooth headphones can end up sending spurious signals.

  • Go into Roku TV Settings > Remotes & devices
  • Select Disconnect or Forget to remove existing paired gadgets
  • Re-pair selectively later to identify problematic accessories
Roku Tv Unpair Devices

Like with HDMI devices, this eliminates possible signal conflicts turning TV on and off.

6. Check for Overheating Issues

As noted earlier, overheating is a prime suspect behind random Roku TV restarts. Internals reaching unsafe temperatures trip the auto shutdown mechanism.

When powered on, check the following physical signs of overheating:

  • Warm or hot spots on the TV back panel
  • Noticeable heat when touching vents
  • Internal fans louder than usual

If temperatures seem higher than normal, improve ventilation and prevent dust buildup:

  • Ensure adequate clearance around the TCL Roku TV
  • Use pressurized air to clean dust blocking ventilation cuts
  • Consider an external cooling fan as required
  • Reduce backlight brightness to lower power burden

Also replace faulty or noisy fans that can no longer cool internal components effectively.

7. Inspect and Replace Capacitors

With several years of use, electrolytic capacitors on the power board start to wear out. Their capacity to hold stable voltage drops, causing random glitches and shutdowns.

Bulging tops or leaked electrolyte fluid visible on the base are clear signs of a bad capacitor.

Replacing damaged capacitors requires:

  • Noting down faulty unit’s voltage rating and microfarad capacity
  • Desoldering using a soldering iron
  • Obtaining a matching replacement capacitor
  • Soldering new component properly using insulating tape
Inspect And Replace Capacitors

I recommend getting assistance from a professional repair technician if you are uncomfortable working with a exposed PCB.

When Should You Contact TCL Support?

Despite best troubleshooting efforts, TCL Roku TVs can still end up with elusive hardware failures causing constant restarts.

Get in touch with TCL customer support if you face reboot issues even after trying all restart fixes discussed above. See how TCL compares to Samsung and LG TVs when evaluating your options.

  • Trying all restart fixes discussed above
  • Ruling out overheating or power problems
  • Replacing damaged capacitors or internal fans
  • Attempting factory reset numerous times

TCL support experts can diagnose deeper faults with mainboard components or software corruption.

Within the 1 year limited warranty period, TCL also offers free repair or replacement of faulty Roku TV units. Dedicated customer service numbers and chat support ensure quick resolution of tricky device failures.

Key Takeaways

  • Random TCL Roku TV restarts have diverse causes like software glitches, overheating, power issues or device connect conflicts
  • Start troubleshooting by soft resetting and factory resetting the Roku TV before tackling hardware faults
  • Check wall power outlets, cables along with TV ventilation and internals to identify restart triggers
  • Disable CEC control of devices connected via HDMI to prevent unwanted power cycling
  • Replace damaged capacitors on the power supply board causing erratic voltage drops
  • Contact TCL support when all DIY troubleshooting steps fail to resolve constant restarting

With some trial and error testing, you should be able to diagnose what is making your TCL Roku TV restart unexpectedly and fix it using one of the methods described.

Jason Lin
Tech enthusiast with 10+ years of experience, providing guides, reviews, and tips on Smart TVs, streaming devices, and TV apps.

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