TCL vs Skyworth TVs: Which Brand is Better in 2024?

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Written by Jason Lin

Tcl Vs Skyworth Tvs

Searching for a new TV but undecided between TCL or Skyworth? As two of the most popular brands worldwide, both offer quality televisions packed with features at affordable prices.

This comprehensive buyer’s guide compares TCL and Skyworth side-by-side across price, picture quality, smart features, screen sizes, sound, warranties and more to help you decide which brand best fits your viewing needs and budget.

Introduction to TCL Televisions

Tcl Logo

Founded in 1981 in China, TCL has grown into one of the world’s top 3 largest TV manufacturers. They offer a extensive lineup of feature-packed 4K and 8K UHD TVs spanning a wide range of sizes and prices.

Key Strengths:

  • Budget-friendly pricing
  • Solid overall picture quality with good color and contrast
  • User-friendly Roku smart TV platform
  • Wide variety of screen sizes
  • Excellent warranties

TCL TVs consistently earn strong reviews as a top value pick for shoppers wanting good performance without the premium price tag. They target first-time buyers and mainstream consumers focused more on affordability versus top-tier performance.

Introduction to Skyworth Televisions

Skyworth Logo

Established in 1988 in China, Skyworth ranks among the top 5 global TV producers. While not as mainstream as TCL in the U.S., their televisions offer comparable quality and features for the money.

Key Strengths:

  • Value-focused pricing
  • Very good display quality for price point
  • WebOS smart platform on higher-end models
  • Models available up to 86” in size
  • Strong warranties

Skyworth aims to compete with value leaders like TCL by emphasizing display performance, smart capabilities and streamlined design at budget-friendly prices. They appeal most to shoppers wanting good all-around quality without paying premium pricing.

Side-by-Side Comparison of Key Features and Specs

Pricing and Overall Value

Both TCL and Skyworth TVs are similarly positioned as solid bang-for-your-buck options in the budget TV market. Across all sizes, their pricing aligns closely with just a slight advantage towards TCL on average.

TCL tends to run periodic discounts and sales more frequently compared to Skyworth as well. For shoppers focused strictly on getting the lowest price possible, TCL will usually come out ahead.

Pricing and Value Comparison

  • TCL TVs are competitively priced, routinely discounted and typically beat Skyworth on overall value.
  • Both brands offer better-than-expected performance for below average prices.
  • Skyworth competes closely with TCL on pricing but does not discount as aggressively.

Picture Quality

Tcl Vs Skyworth Picture Quality

Both TCL and Skyworth TVs deliver very good 4K picture quality for their affordable price points thanks to technical innovations like Quantum Dot technology on higher-end models.

TCL’s mini-LED backlighting allows their newer 6 and 8 series models to achieve elite-level contrast and brightness that outperforms any Skyworth model currently available. Most buyers will be very satisfied with the vibrant, accurate display performance from either brand however.

Display Quality Comparison

  • Excellent contrast and color from Quantum Dot technology (select models)
  • TCL 8-Series mini-LED backlighting beats any current Skyworth TV
  • Most buyers will find display quality perfectly suitable from both
  • TCL models overall achieve a slight edge in technical evaluations

That said, some TCL models have been more prone to issues like screen flickering and freezing requiring a manual reboot.

Smart TV Experience

TCL uses the user-friendly, content-packed Roku TV platform on all models while Skyworth employs a mix of proprietary systems and webOS.

Both TCL Roku TV and Skyworth webOS provide an excellent smart TV streaming experience overall but Roku still stands as one of the most intuitive and app-robust platforms available.

Smart TV Platform Comparison

  • TCL Roku TV offers better app support and easier navigation
  • Skyworth webOS provides robust streaming capabilities (select models)
  • Roku TV still holds an advantage for sheer usability and content options
  • Voice controls available on both to easily search for content

One common annoyance with TCL Roku TVs can be frequent restarting though fixes are available.

Screen Size Availability

Shoppers wanting a larger display will appreciate the expansive size range from both TCL and Skyworth, which span from compact 32” sets up to extra-large 85” models. Skyworth holds a slight advantage here with models extending to 86”.

Screen Size Range Comparison

  • Sizes available from 32” to 85” (TCL) or 86” (Skyworth)
  • Plenty of mid-size and large display options
  • Skyworth wins for shoppers wanting the absolute largest TV
  • Great affordability even on 65” and 75” sizes

Sound Quality

Tcl Vs Skyworth Sound Quality

With exceptionally thin form factors demanded by buyers today, neither TCL or Skyworth TVs can deliver high-fidelity built-in audio. Plan on adding a sound bar for serious home theater sound.

That said, TCL integrates slightly more advanced audio components and tuning that provide a bit richer, more dynamic sound quality compared to Skyworth. Don’t expect thunderous bass or immersive surround sound from any slim LED TV however.

Audio Quality Comparison

  • Lacking bass and surround sound from thin form factor
  • TCL TVs incorporate more premium audio elements
  • Skyworth TV speakers get the job done for casual viewing
  • Add a sound bar for noticeable audio enhancement


Both TCL and Skyworth provide outstanding standard 1-year warranties compared to the industry average. Register your TV during initial setup to receive coverage.

For extended peace of mind, TCL offers several affordable extended protection plans to guarantee your investment for up to 4 years total coverage. This perk gives them the edge for risk-averse buyers wanting a warranty safety net.

Warranty Comparison

  • Excellent standard 1-year warranties from both brands
  • TCL provides optional extended coverage up to 4 years total
  • Skyworth standard 1-year warranty meets industry norms
  • Protect your purchase with a protection plan from TCL

Just don’t expect either warranty to cover problems like Skyworth TVs turning on randomly or TCL sets displaying a black screen since these typically require a manual reset instead.

Customer Support

TCL pulls ahead again for customer support with their stellar Roku TV user forums providing crowdsourced troubleshooting advice from other owners. Skyworth assistance is still perfectly adequate however via email, phone and online resources.

Customer Support Comparison

  • TCL Roku TV user forums provide valuable crowdsourced help
  • Skyworth offers decent email, phone and online self-help
  • TCL community support stands out as more useful
  • Submit support tickets directly to either company as needed

Which Brand is Better for Most Buyers?

Between these two value-focused Chinese TV manufacturers, TCL comes out ahead in this evaluation based on advantages in pricing, display quality, smart features, audio, warranties and customer support.

Skyworth TVs can certainly still compete on performance and offer larger display sizes however. Ultimately most buyers would be happy with either brand but TCL tends to beat Skyworth on paper in terms of overall value and capabilities.

Both companies cater to shoppers wanting good specs and features without paying for prestige branding. Just don’t expect best-in-class performance at these wallet-friendly price points.

The Bottom Line – Which TV Brand is Best?

For shoppers focused strictly on value, TCL emerges as the superior choice over Skyworth if choosing between the two brands.

TCL TV advantages:

  • Better prices with frequent sales and discounts
  • Slightly better technical evaluations for display and audio
  • More intuitive and content-rich Roku smart platform
  • Optional extended warranty coverage for added peace of mind
  • Helpful TCL Roku TV online user forums for support

Skyworth TV strengths:

  • Nearly identical pricing and performance to TCL
  • Models available up to massive 86-inch size
  • Solid picture quality with accurate color
  • Robust webOS smart interface (select models)
  • Industry-standard 1 year manufacturer warranty

Both companies produce very capable televisions covering a wide range of screen sizes at agreeable prices. If you prioritize getting the maximum bang for your buck however, this TCL vs Skyworth TV comparison finds TCL to be the best option for most buyers. Their combination of value, display technology advantages and thoughtful user experiences propels the TCL brand overall.

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