Vizio vs LG TVs: A Detailed Guide to Finding the Best Brand

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Written by Jason Lin

Vizio Vs Lg Tvs

Vizio and LG are two of the most popular TV brands on the market today. But which one comes out on top? This comprehensive guide compares every aspect including pricing, technology, features, picture quality and more to declare an overall winner.

Where Vizio TVs Win: Affordability

Without question, Vizio TVs are more budget-friendly. For example, the Vizio V-Series 55” 4K TV currently costs $439.99. Comparatively, the similar LG 55” 4K OLED TV is over double the price at $949.99.

Though price differences vary across models, Vizio consistently offers quality at cheaper costs. Those wanting good TVs on a budget will find Vizio most affordable.

Key Takeaway – Vizio TVs are significantly cheaper than LG, making them ideal for budget shoppers.

LG Televisions Are Superior in Technology and Features

However, LG TVs surpass Vizio in innovative technology and functionality. Many LG models feature:

  • AI ThinQ® – Optimizes entertainment experience through voice control
  • Alexa Built-In – Access 100,000+ skills through LG TV
  • WebOS Platform – Fast, intuitive state-of-the-art smart TV interface
  • α (Alpha) 9 Gen 3 AI Processor – Self-optimizing 4K picture and sound
  • Game Optimizer – Enhanced gaming performance with adjustable settings
  • Sports Alert – Customizable notifications for favorite teams and matches
  • Built-in Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa – Seamless smart home device control

This cutting-edge performance allows LG TV owners to streamline entertainment through intuitive voice commands and customized features.

Comparatively, Vizio utilizes a smart TV interface called SmartCast. It connects to streaming apps and external devices. However, review consensus is that LG’s smart features are far more robust.

Key Takeaway – LG TVs are overwhelmingly superior in technology, features and smart connectivity compared to Vizio.

Picture Quality Favors LG Televisions

Picture Quality

LG TVs also edge out Vizio in terms of display performance.

LG TVs utilize OLED and QNED display technology paired with advanced processing. This achieves exceptional color accuracy, infinite contrast ratios up to 150,000:1 and great motion handling.

Conversely, most Vizio TVs leverage VA panel displays with full array local dimming (FALD). While respectable, they fall short of LG’s elite picture quality. Owners praise LG’s vibrant and realistic 4K images.

Key Takeaway – LG televisions achieve better overall picture quality through their high-end display technology and processing.

LG TVs Achieve Better Sound Quality

Sound Quality

In audio performance, LG televisions also sound better to owners. Though Vizio TV speakers play louder, they suffer more audio distortion at high volumes. LG’s speakers produce clearer, more accurate sound for dialogue and music playback.

However, most experts agree neither achieve great built-in audio. Instead, they recommend adding a quality soundbar for impactful surround sound. Compared to stock speakers, soundbars significantly heighten immersion no matter the TV brand.

Key Takeaway – LG televisions have better sound quality than Vizio, but a soundbar is recommended for both to optimize audio.

Smart TV & Streaming App Support

In smart features, LG defeats Vizio yet again. All LG TVs run WebOS for intuitive navigation of apps and streaming services. Reviewers praise WebOS as fast and user-friendly.

Conversely, Vizio SmartCast delivers a far more limited connected experience according to experts. It lacks core features and fails to support all major apps. Without access to top streaming services, functionality suffers greatly.

Key Takeaway – WebOS offers vastly superior streaming support and navigation compared to Vizio SmartCast.

Supported AppsLG webOSVizio SmartCast
Prime VideoYesNo
HBO MaxYesNo

Reliability Favors LG

In durability, LG televisions are generally rated as longer lasting. They incorporate quality construction that better withstands long-term wear and tear. Vizio TVs utilize cheaper builds more prone to problems over time.

Analysis of user reviews shows LG TV owners report issues less frequently compared to Vizio owners. Reported problems with Vizio include failed motherboards, busted screens and poor warranty support. Comparatively, LG issues appear less widespread.

Key Takeaway – Real-world testing indicates LG TVs last longer through better engineering and construction standards.

LG Wins Nearly Every Category

For shoppers wanting the best overall television in 2023, LG models are the clear favorites according to expert testing and benchmarks. Though Vizio costs less, LG offers elite technological innovation that achieves pristine 4K image quality paired with robust features. Simply put, they make the finest TVs available today.

Those wanting great quality without breaking the bank should still consider Vizio. While outmatched by LG units overall, they remain very capable televisions perfect for budgets. Just temper expectations around longevity and performance compared to high-end rivals.

No matter which brand you choose, be sure to add an extended warranty for long-term protection. Both LG and Vizio factory warranties last for just one year. Extended coverage from providers like Upsie can shield your investment from expensive repairs for up to five years. Given most quality televisions today cost $600 or more, they’re worthwhile investments.

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FAQ About Vizio and LG TVs

Q: Is a Vizio or LG TV better for gaming?

A: LG TVs are vastly superior for gaming performance according to reviewers. They support cutting-edge gaming features like Nvidia G-Sync, AMD FreeSync, ultra-low input lag and fast response times. Vizio cannot match this elite gaming support.

Q: Which brand makes more reliable TVs?

A: Consensus among experts and consumers finds LG manufactures more reliable and longer lasting TVs on average compared to Vizio. This comes down to higher quality parts that better withstand long-term wear and tear.

Q: Do Vizio TVs have better picture quality than LG?

A: No. Extensive evaluation of display benchmarks finds LG TVs achieve meaningfully better picture quality through more advanced panel technology and processing. Vizio cannot match LG’s vibrant images and infinite contrast.

Q: Is WebOS or SmartCast better for streaming?

A: Reviewers widely agree that LG’s WebOS smart platform is far superior for streaming. It offers better navigation, voice commands and app support compared to Vizio’s SmartCast.

Q: Should you buy extended warranties for Vizio or LG TV?

A: Yes! Vizio and LG only provide a 1-year limited factory warranty. Quality extended warranties from providers like Upsie supply 2-5 years of protection from expensive issues. They’re worthwhile investments given repair costs.

The Final Verdict: LG Proves Superior to Vizio

When conducting a detailed face-off, LG definitively triumphs as the superior television brand compared to Vizio in nearly every category. They offer elite, future-ready performance that budget Vizio models simply cannot match.

However, Vizio remains an appealing option for buyers on tighter budgets. While they do not achieve LG’s pinnacle quality, Vizio TVs still perform admirably at lower costs. Ultimately though, those wanting the downright best televisions available today should choose LG.

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