Sharp TV Remote Codes That Work

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Sharp Tv Remote Codes

Do you wonder how to configure your newly bought universal remote for Sharp TV? If yes, you may need to know the Sharp TV universal remote codes as well.

That said, this article explains how to configure a universal remote successfully using the respective remote codes.

What is a Universal Remote?

What is a Universal Remote

Universal remote controls can be used to operate multiple different brands of home entertainment equipment. These gadgets have traditionally been limited to use in the context of televisions, home theaters, etc. They also work with other forms of entertainment infrastructure.

One of the secondary uses for universal remotes is to replace a group of individual remote controls with one. Over the past few years, the capabilities of universal remotes have expanded.

They can now control home automation in addition to home entertainment systems. Apart from that, voice instructions have been a focus of recent development.

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What Are the Most Basic Features of a Universal Remote Control?

Let’s learn about the basic features associated with universal remote controls available in the market. Please note that these features can vary depending on the manufacturer and the model.

You may go ahead and check if your universal remote has these functions or even advanced features.

  • Power on/off button
  • Channel up button
  • Channel down button
  • A mute/unmute button
  • Buttons for functions like Play, Rewind, Pause, Record, and Fast Forward
  • A compartment that can accommodate batteries (usually one or two). In most cases, you will need 2X AA batteries.
  • The menu button that can access the active device’s main menu.  
  • Buttons for Info and Guide. These buttons can control all the basic aspects of Satellite and Cable TV services.
  • A dedicated number pad so you can enter any number, including Sharp TV remote codes.

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Sharp TV Universal Remote Codes 

Sharp TV Universal Remote Codes 

There are many different brands of universal remotes, as you may already know. Every product comes with a unique set of remote codes, and Sharp is no exception.

That said, below are the codes you will need to configure a universal remote for Sharp TV. Please note that these codes come in 3-digit, 4-digit, and 5-digit formats.

SNNumber of digitsCodes
13002, 013, 014, 111, 502, 509, 712, 812, 813, 913, 918
240039, 0093, 0165, 0386, 1004, 1009, 1011, 1025, 1064, 1077, 1078, 1081, 1097, 1099, 1153, 1157, 1274, 1298, 1311, 1312, 1362, 1375, 1378
3510178, 10019, 10748, 11314, 11660, 11710, 11780, 12049, 10171, 11204, 11326, 11517, 11564, 11641, 11963, 12002, 12183, 10463, 11463, 10748, 11314, 11660, 10171, 11204, 11326, 11517, 11641, 11780, 11785, 11892, 11963, 12002

However, before you can enter the universal code for the remote, you’ll need to program the TV. Because of this, you can find all the information you require about Sharp TV universal remote codes here.

You also pick up some tips for handling the universal remote for Sharp TV. Proceed reading for further explanation.

There are different universal remote codes associated with different TV models. Mentioned below are those options for your reference.

TV BrandUniversal remote code
RCA1004, 1006, 1012, 1026, 1029, 1095, 1111, 1112, 1113, 1122, 1171, 1173, 1196, 1261, 1265, 1357, 1372, 1423, 1437, 1443, 1447
One for all0266, 0226, 0123, 0122, 0095, 0079, 0063, 0020, 0009, 0006, 0004
GE0266, 0226, 0123, 0122, 0095, 0079, 0063, 0020, 0009, 0006, 0004
Philips0002, 0111, 0202, 0224, 0228, 0502, 0509, 0603, 0813, 0907
Comcast Xfinity11801, 11756, 11407, 10854, 10851, 10491, 10398, 10165, 10153, 10093, 10036, 10032
Sky2704, 1687, 0815
Magnavox0058, 0034, 0040, 0028
Dish Network026, 091, 105, 106, 107, 108, 128, 129
DIRECTTV10851, 10818, 10689, 10688, 10093

So, those are the codes you can use to program a specific TV brand.

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Programming Your Universal Remote with a Sharp TV

Now that you know Sharp TV universal remote codes, let’s learn how to program them. Below are the steps you will have to follow to get this job done.

  1. First, you should switch on the respective Sharp TV that should be programmed.
  2. Then, you should pick the universal remote and hit the TV button to proceed.
  3. Then, press the Setup button on your remote and hold it until you see a flashing light. This means your remote has entered the learning mode.
  4. With the above list of codes, you can find the correct type of code that matches your brand.
  5. Now, you should point the remote towards the TV unit. Then, press the button dedicated to Power.
  6. You should wait for some time (about a couple of seconds), so the TV will turn off.
  7. Check if the universal remote functions as expected and if you can control the TV with it.
  8. If that doesn’t work, repeat the steps with a different keycode with a universal remote for Sharp TV.

Please note that it is possible to program the TV simply by using the code search option. Also, in some cases, you may not need Sharp TV remote codes.

How to Use Code Search and Program a Sharp TV?

Let’s assume that it’s difficult to find accurate Sharp TV universal remote codes. In that case, what can you do to configure a remote? There’s nothing to worry about it, as this section explains what to do under such conditions.

  1. First, you should switch on the TV.
  2. Then, you should perform a long press on the Setup button found in the universal remote.
  3. After that, use 991 as the universal code for the remote.
  4. Now, you should press the “Power” button on the universal remote.
  5. After that, hit the button labeled “Channel Up” so the Sharp TV will be turned off.

When the TV is switched off, check if the respective universal remote is working properly.

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How to Program a Universal Remote for Your Sharp TV Without Codes?

The feature called auto search is another option to use a universal remote with a Sharp TV. The Sharp television, for instance, will cycle through the possible remote codes so that the right one is identified.

Mentioned below are the steps: 

  1. First, you should switch on the respective Sharp TV to proceed.
  2. Once you have done that, find the universal remote that should be paired with the TV. After that, press the OK/SEL and DVD/TV/CBL buttons together and hold them for about three seconds.
  3. Then, you will see an LED light flashing. This is an indication that the remote has entered the programmable mode.
  4. Now, you should point the universal remote towards the Sharp TV.
  5. After that, you should press the channel up and channel down buttons on the remote.
  6. Make sure that you continue pressing those buttons, so the Sharp TV is switched off.
  7. When the TV is completely switched off, you should press the button labeled “ON” on your remote.
  8. When the TV is switched on, you should see if it interacts with the universal remote.

And that’s what you can do if you don’t have Sharp TV universal remote codes.

Pairing your universal remote with a Sharp TV is a handy move. In the absence of your original remote, you can use a universal remote and operate your sharp TV. Also, such a method becomes handy if your original remote is broken.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Are there different remote codes for different Sharp TV models?

Yes, each Sharp TV model may have its own unique set of remote codes. It is important to find the correct codes specific to your TV model.

Q2: Can I use universal remote codes for my Sharp TV?

Yes, universal remote codes can be used to control a Sharp TV. However, it is recommended to use the specific remote codes for better compatibility.

Q3: How often are remote codes updated?

Remote codes may be updated by the manufacturer as new TV models are released. It is advisable to check for updates periodically.

Q4: What if I lost the original remote control for my Sharp TV?

If you have lost the original remote control, you can still program a universal remote using the correct remote codes.

Q5: Where can I find the user manual for my Sharp TV?

The user manual for your Sharp TV can be found on the Sharp website or by contacting their customer support.


As you may already know, Sharp TV units can be operated well using universal remotes. However, for this method to work, you need to know Sharp TV remote codes. There are different types of codes you can use (consisting of 3, 4, or 5 digits).

After finding the correct code and following the steps correctly, the TV will be controllable easily. If you have more doubts about using a universal remote, please let us know.

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