How to Fix Skyworth TV WiFi Not Working or Connecting

January 15, 2024

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Connecting your Skyworth TV to your home WiFi can unlock a world of entertainment options and smart capabilities. However, many users report frustrating issues getting or maintaining a WiFi connection. If your Skyworth TV won’t connect to WiFi or frequently drops the signal, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

As a consumer technology writer with over a decade of experience covering home electronics and networking, I’ve helped countless readers troubleshoot and resolve WiFi connectivity problems. In this comprehensive guide, I’ll draw on my extensive background to walk you through every potential cause and solution to get your Skyworth TV back online.

Common Skyworth TV WiFi Connectivity Issues

Issues connecting your Skyworth TV to WiFi most often stem from problems with the wireless router or internet connection itself. Before troubleshooting television factors, confirm your router is working by connecting other devices like a Samsung TV or LG TV.

  • TV won’t connect to WiFi at all
  • Connects but no internet access
  • Frequent lag, buffering or drops signal
  • Shows connected but unable to cast or use apps
  • Suddenly disconnected and won’t reconnect

These connectivity problems typically stem from outdated firmware, changes to router settings made by your internet provider, interference from other devices, or distance from the wireless access point.

The good news? While frustrating, WiFi issues are usually easy to resolve once you identify the cause – which this guide will help you do.

Quick Fixes to Try First

Before diving deep into troubleshooting, attempt these simple quick fixes:

  • Restart your Skyworth TV and router – Power cycle by unplugging for 60 seconds to reset.
  • Check status lights on router – Ensure it’s powered on and working correctly.
  • Delete and re-add WiFi network on the TV. Double check password.
  • Move router closer to TV temporarily to test signal strength.
  • Toggle airplane mode on and off on the TV to force a fresh WiFi connection.
Unplug The TV

Taking just a few minutes to test these basic steps can get your TV back online quickly without advanced troubleshooting.

Now let’s look at the top reasons your Skyworth television may be having WiFi difficulties.

Troubleshooting Tips

The following troubleshooting tips will help you identify and resolve the root cause of your Skyworth TV’s WiFi connectivity problems:

Check Functionality of WiFi Router

Issues connecting your Skyworth TV to WiFi most often stem from problems with the wireless router or internet connection itself.

Confirm your router is working correctly by connecting another device like a laptop, phone or tablet. Browse the internet and test video streaming.

If other devices connect fine, investigate TV-specific factors. If the router itself isn’t working right, you’ll want to address that first before troubleshooting your television.

Consider rebooting just your router and modem by unplugging them for 1 full minute. In some cases, this alone can resolve WiFi difficulties.

While you have the router unplugged, also inspect status lights on the front. Refer to manufacturer guides to decode error indications. Lights can reveal hardware failures, firmware bugs or configuration problems.

Restart The Router

Reset Network Settings on Skyworth TV

Even if the router checks out, try refreshing your television’s network settings entirely by resetting to factory defaults.

On Skyworth TVs, head to:

Settings > Network > Advanced Settings

Select the Clear Network Settings option.

This will delete any saved WiFi network profiles and customizations to force a clean slate. Next, set up WiFi from scratch on the TV.

Resetting network settings essentially reboots networking functions without impacting other preferences or installed apps. It often resolves quirky connectivity bugs.

Update Firmware on Both TV and Router

Failing to maintain updated firmware is a prime suspect for ongoing WiFi headaches.

Check TV firmware version in the About menu under Settings. Compare it to the newest update available for your model at

Follow prompts to download and install latest firmware via USB stick. This can improve WiFi drivers and wireless chipset functionality.

Skyworth Tv Update Firmware Via Usb Stick

Likewise, check your router firmware. Log into admin console and force a manual firmware check. If out of date, download from manufacturer website and update.

Firmware updates frequently address connectivity issues and wireless broadcasting problems. Keeping both TV and router up to date prevents problems.

Adjust WiFi Channel Setting on Router

Outdated firmware often isn’t the culprit – interference is. Too many WiFi signals in your area on the same channel can hamper performance.

Access your router admin panel and navigate to wireless settings. Scan to view all nearby wireless networks and the channels they use.

Shift your router onto the least crowded channel to reduce interference. Also consider the 5 GHz band over the more traffic-prone 2.4 GHz channels.

After adjusting channel, reconnect your Skyworth TV to WiFi and check if reliability improves. Toggling between a few different channels may be required.

Change Router Placement and Adjust Antennas

Upgrade Your Wi Fi Router

Here’s a simple physical adjustment that could significantly boost your WiFi signal.

Reposition your router closer to the location of the Skyworth TV, minimizing obstructions like walls or ceilings between them.

Also experiment with directional WiFi antennas on router (if equipped) to point toward the television. Extend outward for best reception.

Improving line-of-sight between devices strengthens signal penetration for faster, more reliable WiFi to your entertainment center.

Use a WiFi analyzer app on your phone to map signal strength changes from different router placements and antenna angles.

Disable Energy Saving Mode on Skyworth TV

Here’s an easy one to check that sometimes slips through the cracks.

Navigate to:

Settings > Device Preferences > Power

Look for Energy Saving options and switch mode to Off or Standard (not Low Power).

Android Tv Energy Saving

This setting can actually sever WiFi connectivity after a period of inactivity. Disabling ensures network card and wireless adapter stay active for continual internet through your router.

Factory Reset Skyworth TV

If you just can’t get your Skyworth television to reliably connect no matter what you try, a full factory reset restores all original software and drivers as a last resort. Be aware – some users report Skyworth TVs turning back on automatically after powering down when issues persist.

Back up settings and apps first via external USB flash drive. Reactivation will be required.

Then head to:

Settings > Device Preferences > Storage & Reset

Select Factory Data Reset and confirm on next screen. Unit will reboot fresh automatically. Finally, walk through first-time setup again.

Android Tv Factory Data Reset

This wipe will delete all your data, preferences, profiles and reinstall the TV OS from scratch. Often fixes stubborn wireless issues but understandably not ideal.

Advanced Troubleshooting Tips

For those still experiencing Skyworth TV WiFi problems after trying easier fixes, here are some advanced troubleshooting techniques:

Log Into Your Router Admin Panel

Your router admin console offers in-depth wireless settings unavailable elsewhere.

Navigate here on a computer browser to tweak configurations: or

Consult router documents for specific default gateway IP if needed.

Once logged into your router backend, check settings like:

  • Wireless mode (B/G/N)
  • Channel width (20 vs 40 MHz)
  • Transmission output power
  • WiFi authentication (WPA, WPA2)
  • Blacklisted MAC addresses

Adjusting these detailed configurations can resolve difficult wireless connectivity problems with clingy devices like smart TVs.

Factory reset router as last resort.

Verify Signal Strength with WiFi Analyzer App

Unsure if the WiFi issue lies with the router or television? Analyze the signal strength right from the Skyworth TV.

Download a WiFi analyzer app directly on newer Skyworth models running Android TV operating systems.

Wifi Analyzer

Older Roku-based Skyworth OS lacks Google Play Store so instead use a WiFi analyzer on your smartphone.

Walk around location mapping signal bars. Then pinpoint router placement and antennas for strongest reception.

This helps determine if upgrading routers or mesh WiFi systems may be necessary.

Clone Router MAC Address

Here’s an advanced troubleshooting technique to try if your Skyworth TV connects initially but then drops or can’t re-establish the WiFi connection.

A smartphone or computer connected to the same network likely doesn’t face this issue. The difference? Their MAC hardware address.

Every network device has a unique MAC address hardcoded into its wireless adapter. For security, routers sometimes lock onto one trusted device address after first connection.

You can clone your phone’s working MAC address onto the Skyworth TV with these steps:

  1. Check smartphone MAC address from WiFi settings connected to your router SSID.
  2. Open Skyworth TV network settings and locate current MAC address.
  3. Manually enter smartphone’s address onto Skyworth TV network card.
  4. Disconnect and reconnect Skyworth TV WiFi.

Now mimicking your phone’s wireless signature often keeps the router and IP lease locked so connectivity persists.

Connect Skyworth TV Via Ethernet

Still struggling to nail down the root WiFi culprit? Eliminate router completely as the problem variable.

Connect your Skyworth television directly to modem using an Ethernet cable instead of wirelessly through the router.

Connect Your Tv Via Ethernet

If internet connectivity and streaming check out fine over hardwired Ethernet connection, blame router adjustments or interference.

If no change, investigate TV hardware like network card drivers, antenna connections or WiFi adapters. Or contact your internet service provider regarding modem configurations.

Either way Ethernet tests determine if WiFi components specifically cause the streaming and broadcast difficulties on your Skyworth.

Setting Up WiFi Connection from Scratch

After tackling common fixes, let’s walk through setting up a fresh WiFi network on your Skyworth TV. Follow these best practices installing your wireless connection from scratch:

Delete Previous WiFi Network Profiles

If your Skyworth television connects but intermittently drops signal, an outdated network profile may be to blame.

Go to Network in TV settings and delete your problematic WiFi network info.

Also click Forget on any others shown as disconnected.

Android Tv Forget Network

This forces your television to freshly handshake with router on next connection instead of relying on a faulty cached credential.

Enter Correct WiFi Password

When re-adding your home WiFi network, double and triple check the password entered.

Incorporate complex passwords whenever possible too – random letters with numbers and special characters are harder to crack.

An incorrect or outdated WiFi password can cause frustrating intermittent connectivity even when signal strength shows as full bars.

I recommend writing down the current password from your router admin console and entering manually rather than copying/pasting.

Use WPS Push Button Method

Manually re-entering long, complex WiFi passwords repeatedly is annoying. Many routers offer WPS shortcuts instead.

WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) allows devices to connect by pressing a dedicated push button on router rather than typing passwords.

Once initiated, a secured wireless connection handshake automatically establishes.

To use on Skyworth TVs:

  1. Navigate to Add New Network
  2. Select Connect via WPS
  3. Press corresponding WPS button on router within 2 minutes. Enjoy!

This is by far the fastest, most convenient way to set up WiFi when available.

Additional Skyworth-Specific Connectivity Tips

Skyworth televisions integrate network management uniquely across models. Here are some tailored troubleshooting techniques:

Enable Hidden ‘Connect via WPS’ Option

Many Skyworth TV settings lack any clear menu path to initiate a WPS push button connection. However the option hides in plain sight:

Navigate to:

Settings > Remotes & Accessories > Other Accessories

Here you’ll find special Connect via WPS instructions to link router.

Connect Via Wps

Toggle Airplane Mode On and Off

Alongside power cycling the TV, try quickly enabling and disabling Airplane mode found in network settings.

Flip airplane switch off and on about 10 seconds apart. This forces network controller to renew IP and rediscover nearby WiFi networks.

Prevent Future Skyworth TV WiFi Problems

While we focused on troubleshooting existing WiFi connectivity problems so far, let’s shift to proactive measures preventing issues going forward:

Optimize Router Settings for Streaming

Adjust key settings in router admin panel tailored to live streaming:

QoS Prioritization: Makes TV top priority
NAT Filtering: Open ports for services
Firmware: Update to latest

5 GHz band: Reduce interference
Channel Width: Set to 40 MHz
2.4 GHz Channel: Only use 1, 6 or 11

Consult router manuals for details. Optimizations provide fast, reliable wireless to bandwidth-hungry smart TVs.

Set Static IP Address on Skyworth TV

While most WiFi devices work fine receiving dynamic IP addresses automatically, consider assigning a fixed static IP address to your high-traffic Skyworth TV.

Navigate to advanced network settings on the television and manually specify:

  • Static IP address
  • Subnet mask
  • Gateway
  • DNS server

Keeping the same IP lease allocated helps maintain steady connectivity. Refer to router admin panel for gateway, subnet and DNS details.

Upgrade Home Network Infrastructure

If your Skyworth TV suffers frequent buffering and connectivity drops across apps, the root problem may lie beyond device settings and firmware.

Older routers can’t handle 4K streaming traffic. Interference from neighbors impacts speeds. Distance and obstructions weaken signal strength.

Evaluate whether upgrading internet service plans, extending home network coverage or changing equipment makes sense.

Mesh WiFi systems improve wireless streaming coverage for large spaces. Newer tri-band gaming routers prioritize traffic more reliably.

Don’t overlook infrastructure investments to unlock full capabilities of upgraded gear like smart QLED televisions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s recap answers to common questions about resolving Skyworth TV wireless issues:

Q: Why does my Skyworth TV WiFi say connected but the internet doesn’t work?

A: This points to router problems, not the television. Restart your router + modem and double check cabling if TV connects but can’t actually browse internet or load apps. Cannot cast despite WiFi bars.

Q: How do I get my Skyworth TV model number?

A: Navigate to Settings > Support > Device Information menu to locate model and serial numbers. Have handy for firmware download pages and troubleshooting lookup.

Q: Does resetting Skyworth TV delete everything?

A: Factory reset erases all apps, accounts and settings. Back up what you want to keep on a USB drive first. Network reset alone only deletes WiFi passwords storing rest of system preferences.

Q: Why does my Skyworth TV keep disconnecting from WiFi?

A: Constant drops suggest router issues like outdated firmware, interference on band or weak signal strength. Try changing WiFi channels, repositioning router closer to TV and disabling conflicting devices like microwaves.

Q: How do I use WPS to connect Skyworth TV to WiFi?

A: Head to Settings > Remotes & Accessories > Other Accessories then select Connect Via WPS option. Press corresponding router WPS button to link within 2 minutes. Enter WiFi password if prompted after.

Q: Can I connect Skyworth TV to WiFi without remote?

A: Yes! Use Skyworth TV companion app on your smartphone, available for both iOS and Android. Provides touchscreen remote capability plus wireless network management.

I hope this guide covered everything you need to get your Skyworth television back on WiFi! Let’s recap key recommendations:

  • Start troubleshooting router first before TV
  • Factory reset router and TV to reinstall fresh firmware
  • Switch to Ethernet connection to test streaming
  • Consider mesh WiFi upgrades for large spaces
  • Move router closer and optimize placement
  • Leverage WPS for easy WiFi set up

Please let me know if you have any other Skyworth-specific questions.