How to Fix Sharp TV With No Sound Through HDMI: Complete Guide

February 12, 2024

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Have you noticed lately that your Sharp TV has no audio when you’re trying to use an HDMI connection? Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many Sharp TV owners run into this frustrating issue.

The good news is that with some basic troubleshooting, you can probably get your Sharp TV HDMI audio working again. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through every potential fix to try when your Sharp TV has no sound through HDMI.

Common Reasons for No Sharp TV Sound Through HDMI

Before jumping into the step-by-step troubleshooting, let’s first look at the most common culprits behind Sharp TV HDMI audio problems:

  • Loose HDMI cable connection – If the HDMI cable connecting your Sharp TV and audio device (soundbar, AV receiver, etc.) works itself slightly loose, it can cut out the audio transmission.
  • Outdated TV firmware – Like all smart devices these days, Sharp TVs rely on firmware (low-level software) to function properly. If your firmware is out-of-date, it can lead to HDMI compatibility issues.
  • Incorrect audio output setting – Modern TVs have a slew of audio output options, allowing you to toggle between internal speakers, external audio gear, and more. If the output is incorrectly set, no sound will come through HDMI.
  • Faulty HDMI ports – The actual HDMI ports on both your Sharp TV and connected devices can sporadically fail, again leading to no audio.
  • HDMI ARC issues – ARC (audio return channel) allows audio to be sent both ways through an HDMI cable. Turning this setting off can silence HDMI audio.
  • Conflicting device resolutions – If your Sharp TV and audio device don’t share a common resolution, it can create HDMI handshake issues that block sound.

Keeping these potential culprits in mind, let’s walk through the top troubleshooting tips…

Step-by-Step Sharp TV HDMI Audio Troubleshooting

Follow these steps in order when your Sharp Aquos, Sharp Roku TV, or other Sharp television has no sound through HDMI connections:

1. Confirm Devices Are Powered On

This may seem silly, but before doing anything else, simply confirm your Sharp TV, sound system, streaming device, etc. are all powered on. If your soundbar or AV receiver is off, for example, HDMI audio can’t transmit.

2. Check Physical Cable Connections

Loose HDMI cables are perhaps the most common cause of Sharp TV audio problems. Here’s how to check:

  • Inspect along the entire HDMI cable for any visible damage or crimping. A damaged HDMI cable can cut out sound.
  • Ensure the HDMI cable is firmly inserted into ports on BOTH the Sharp TV and connected audio device. It only takes a slight wiggle for sound to cut out.
  • Try using different HDMI ports on your devices. For example, if you’re using HDMI 1 on your Sharp TV, switch to HDMI 2.
  • Attempt using a different HDMI cable altogether. This will confirm if the issue is a damaged cable rather than problems with the TV or devices themselves.
Tcl Tv Hdmi

If different Sharp TV HDMI ports result in a black screen, check out this advice on solving Sharp Roku TV black screen issues.

3. Adjust Your Sharp TV’s Audio Outputs

Sharp TVs have settings that allow you to toggle between speakers for audio output. Navigate to Audio Output settings and:

  • Confirm audio output is set to external speakers rather than Sharp TV speakers themselves. The settings verbiage varies between models but generally falls under options like “Audio System” or “HDMI ARC.”
  • Attempt toggling Digital Audio Output from Auto to PCM. This resolves many HDMI audio handshake issues.
  • If using HDMI ARC, confirm ARC is enabled on BOTH the Sharp TV and connected audio device (soundbar, AV receiver, etc.)
Hdmi Arc

Navigating audio output options can be tricky. See this guide on troubleshooting Vizio TV sound problems for more details.

4. Perform Sharp TV Hardware Factory Reset

Resetting your Sharp TV hardware can clear out any corrupted settings that may be blocking HDMI audio. If your TV won’t power on at all, see this guide to Sharp TVs that won’t turn on before attempting a reset.

Power off your Sharp TV via remote, then unplug the TV power cable. Wait 1 full minute before plugging back in to drain residual electricity. This completes a hard reset.

Next, access your TV menu using remote buttons and navigate to Settings > Device Preferences > Factory Reset. This will erase all custom settings and restore defaults.

Android Tv Factory Reset

If you need to setup a universal remote for your Sharp TV, this list of Sharp TV remote codes will help you get started.

5. Update Your Sharp TV Firmware

Outdated firmware is a common source of HDMI compatibility problems. Updating to latest firmware can resolve multiple issues.

Access Sharp TV menu, navigate to Settings > About > System Update. Initiate automatic scan for latest firmware. Download and install any available updates.

Sharp Tv System Update

6. Adjust Connected Device Sound Settings

Issues can also stem from connected devices themselves.

If using cable/satellite box or streaming device, dive into their Audio Settings menus. Toggle digital audio formats, surround settings, and volume limits. This resolves many HDMI handshake problems.

7. Swap Out Faulty Cables and Ports

If you still have no Sharp HDMI audio after the above steps, the issue may be damaged cables or ports. Try:

  • Use different HDMI input ports on both the Sharp TV and connected device.
  • Attempt new HDMI cables of varying quality.
  • Inspect all ports for broken/bent pins.
Hdmi Cable

At this point if your Sharp TV still has no HDMI audio, there is likely an internal hardware problem requiring professional TV repair services. Software resets can only go so far.

FAQs: Troubleshooting Sharp TV No Sound Through HDMI

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about fixing Sharp TV HDMI audio problems:

Q: Why does my Sharp TV play video but not audio through the same HDMI cable?

A: This is a classic symptom of HDMI handshake failures. The TV displays video as this requires less bandwidth than audio. Try adjusting audio output settings, updating TV firmware, using different cables/ports to establish a full audio/video connection.

Q: My Sharp TV HDMI sound works for a while then cuts out later. Why?

A: Intermittent sound is usually caused by loose cable connections, failing HDMI ports overheating, or incompatible device resolutions that work short-term but still cause conflicts.

Q: I get video but my Sharp Roku TV has no sound through HDMI. Any ideas?

A: Sharp Roku TVs can be particularly sensitive to HDMI compatibility issues. Beyond the troubleshooting tips listed here, you can try adjusting advanced Roku audio settings like Dolby Digital modes which influence HDMI audio capability.

Q: How can I get audio through HDMI from my cable box to the Sharp TV speakers themselves?

A: Most cable/satellite boxes require you to manually change the HDMI audio output from “Bitstream” to “PCM”. This allows TV speaker transmission rather than relying on a separate sound system which is the default configuration.

Key Takeaways for Fixing Sharp TV No Sound Through HDMI

To recap, follow this prioritized checklist if your Sharp Aquos, Sharp Roku TV, or other model has no functioning sound through HDMI inputs:

  • Confirm all devices are powered on before anything else.
  • Inspect HDMI cables thoroughly and try different ports/cables to rule these out as the problem source.
  • Dig into Sharp TV audio outputs and toggle between PCM vs Bitstream, TV speakers vs external audio devices.
  • Perform both a hard and software factory reset on the Sharp TV itself.
  • Check for firmware updates from Sharp that may resolve HDMI bugs.
  • Dive into connected device sound menus – cable boxes, streamers etc. Adjust compatible digital audio formats.
  • As a last resort, HDMI ports themselves may be defective requiring professional repair or replacement.

Following these Sharp TV troubleshooting tips passionately step-by-step will help isolate and fix your no HDMI audio problem. Reach out in comments below if still struggling getting sound through HDMI cables from your Sharp television!